June 3rd, 2016 8:13 AM

Dear Friends,
I ask for your forgiveness for not submitting a post of my thoughts for sometime. This is unlike me, as I've had a writer's block for the past week or so. I've also been concentrating on processing a construction loan outside of the US, which has evolved into a calamitous version of one's hell on earth. During the past 2 years, I've encountered an international mindset in which deception has become an underwriting guideline throughout various construction loan requests. I will be exposing the deceptive practices of several transactions in an upcoming TeamBlog. This Summer I will reveal the activities of those involved, as they must never have the ability to destroy the investments and the dreams of those seeking financing to better their communities. The goal to end the abuse of con artists in lending on the international stage, is a concern and a cause that demands scrutiny and justice in its aftermath. These malcontents have encountered a voice from Southern California, that will be heard around the world.

As I drive around Los Angeles, I have noticed a dramatic elevation of homelessness. In my travels I've witnessed entire families on the side of the road seeking assistance by their makeshift signs asking for either work, food or cash to feed one's children. I've also seen half naked persons exhibiting signs of mental distress walking without a sense of direction, while others are retrieving discarded food in garbage cans as their meal for the day. There is also a good number of persons living in their vehicles, and one can tell there are city blocks that accommodate this reality by accepting their plight.
This situation is just one of the many problems created by a conglomerate of policies administered by bureaucrats exhibiting maladies of incompetence, corruption, greed and mental illness that has permeated not just Los Angeles or even California. Unfortunately, the American people have been damaged by a cadre of powerful embedded individuals in all facets of society with this esoteric belief in progress. This group continues to develop an acceptance of mental disorder in all of its manifestations, by discarding logic and common sense as a healthy regimen for social order.

 It has been reported the Millennial Generation of young Americans have embraced the inept political concept of socialism as a solution to the inequities of financial disparities. As of this date, there is one candidate still in the running who considers himself a 'democratic socialist'. His misleading attempts to harm a generation, by advocating an ideology where everything imaginable can be procured by dubious enforcement, has disturbed Americans that respect the tenets of the Constitution. The solution of imposing voluminous taxes on the wealthy, redistributing income where the unemployed are given benefits by the toil of willing workers, government ownership of all financial concerns and the loss of one's personal sovereignty as its consequence, has the mark of despotism experienced by deficient regimes. The failure of our educational system to instruct this generation with past historical events and destructive ideologies, have led to oppression, tyranny and war. By not knowing the suffering and the sacrifice of those that fled their homelands to reach America, this generation will cast their votes unwittingly, by establishing an impending danger for the survival of a democratic republic. Living in California, I am keenly aware of this reality, as the middle class continues to absorb government policies and regulations contrived to destroy their lives. The departure of residents from California to other states continues without delay. While the weather and the beaches are wonderful to behold, the quality of life has declined dramatically.
Winston Churchill said it best as the graphic above illustrates.
 Must I be forced to compare the wisdom of the former British Prime Minister to an American politician that rarely worked as a private citizen in his entire life?
California has its primary on June 7th. Let's see what happens.

The upcoming campaign to choose the next President will reveal the disorders Americans are currently suffering from. While the underlying and dormant associations of America's decline will be explored, there will be massive challenges to abandon forced methods of indoctrination and interpretation of one's existence, promulgated by a prolonged method of inculcation during the past 7 years or more.
The consequences of plans devised by government, media and big business to control all aspects of American society, have been successful. We are forfeiting our basic liberties, the courage to voice one's convictions and the ability to live in a manner that extols Judeo-Christian values and its virtues. This Summer I will attempt to offer observations in regards to the presidential campaigns of both candidates, and their preconceived notions of governance. While we have not been afforded the option to choose integrity based leaders with moral and ethical convictions manifested by past presidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln or Theodore Roosevelt, I suggest for you to review the memo on our website on how we can Save America Today. This can begin a dialogue by assisting the American electorate in choosing a path where our freedoms are energized and restored. The death of this nation is inevitable, if we are unwilling to make the hard choices required to preserve the future of our children and upcoming generations. In a few short months, our destinies will be determined.

Sadly, so far this year, I have lost individuals that have had an effect on my life. A family member, a dear friend and others in the public eye have passed on to live in my memories. Everyone that we encounter in our lives, have the capacity to influence us in how we decide to pursue the moments of time in which our desires and our deepest convictions can be exercised. Those we meet on any given day are there to offer a presence we may never have known to exist. These experiences continue our education of the human condition by the understanding of synchronicity. In an upcoming post, I will mention the persons that have left us by their contributions in the life of others as well as my own.

One of the personalities that have graced my presence would be the co-founder of the Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) Jan Crouch. She was truly one of the souls I have had a deep fondness and appreciation for, throughout her many years in a television ministry that reached millions around the world. Her devotion to help the plight of poor children is well known and many of us are profoundly saddened by her passing just a few days ago. All believers can confidently testify she is with her beloved husband, and has been welcomed with open arms by our Lord and everyone in Heaven!

This Summer, I will do my best to be a reviewer of the restaurants that I frequent here in Los Angeles. I am not a professional reviewer by any means, but I need to lighten my life up a little by enjoying and sharing the eateries that have become my favorites over the years. This month marks the 35th year I've been living in Southern California, and I'm excited to comment on the various establishments that I've come across in my travels.  Be forewarned!  My reviews will have bias ingredients for you to taste and see!

I am also excited to mention that our TeamBlog has had a phenomenal readership for the month of May! Since the Blog began in 2007 - last month's figures attributed to the most hits ever documented. I am truly humbled by the news, as your response adds to a recognition that a discerning path can be accomplished by overcoming the harm and abuse of the misguided in our midst.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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