February 8th, 2020 3:55 PM

Dear Friends,

The acquittal of the 45th President by the US Senate of 2 Articles of Impeachment on Wednesday, was the constitutionally correct and judicial decision that restores the values of due process established by the Framers in America's founding. From the very inception of an 'impeachment inquiry' in the House, the inability for this body to exercise the tremendous responsibilities in ascertaining if High Crimes and Misdemeanors occurred in the Oval Office, were non existent. The simple evidence of a transcript released by the White House in its clarifying details of the conversation between the Chief Executive and the Ukrainian President on July 25th of last year, does not mention a 'quid pro quo' nor withdrawal of assistance that was approved by the US Government. This basic fact is all that is required, to end the ordeal that was fomented by a political party and a press unable or unwilling to interpret their overwhelming hatred for a President, a government administration, his beloved family and discerning Americans - by their insistence a crime was committed, when no evidence exists.

The Democratic Party along with the Press and leftist supporters harmed this nation by its disregard for the Constitution. When this entire 'impeachment inquiry' began, a presumed 'whistleblower' provided information in verbiage resembling a legal treatise with footnotes and dated news reports in which the President was excoriated by unsubstantiated actions in regards to implementation of policies involving the Ukraine. The 'inquiry' began by the Democrats was unfair, as the Republicans in defense of the President were prohibited to cross examine the witnesses recommended by the Democrats to testify before the House Intelligence Committee. Notwithstanding, the Republicans were prohibited in securing witnesses desirous to defend the President by their testimony. This method of jurisprudence is disconcerting, as all Americans have the right to be considered innocent before proven guilty.

 The questioning of 18 witnesses in the basement of the House Chamber without access to the public in the very beginning of an 'inquiry' to ascertain the facts, was designed to censor and limit the revelations that were disclosed. The hearsay accounts of disgruntled diplomats bewildered by an unorthodox Ukrainian policy endorsed by the President, became the rationale for the drawing of the Articles for Impeachment. This unfair rebuke of one's Constitutional rights is noteworthy, as there was only one individual that spoke to the President. In a private conversation, this Ambassador mentioned the President did not approve of a 'quid pro quo' in regards to withholding aid to the Ukraine for information of alleged corruptive activities by a former Vice President and his son. A direct reference to both men by name in the transcripts, were never mentioned.

As an Independent voter, I am convinced this entire scenario was orchestrated as a political device to rid this President from office without a crime ever being committed. The House Intelligence Committee Chairman has been excoriated by the general public for his contemptible obsession to destroy the President by all means necessary. Americans are exasperated by the continual desecration of the President, his family and supporters. A Constitutional Amendment to raise the percentage of House members as a requirement to begin an investigation or to vote for Articles of Impeachment, is a recommendation that will end the abuse that has transpired. In the future, a bipartisan approach to end a Presidency is the only acceptable process that can restore the integrity of government. Many Americans are relieved this chapter in American history has ended - in an acquittal.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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