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Dear Friends,

I imagine that most readers of the TeamBlog are intelligent, honest and fairminded and do their best by embracing the basic principles as outlined in 'The Golden Rule' as a testament of their respect for others. Whether by reading passages in Scripture for inspiration or possessing attributes formed by pain and suffering, many of us contemplate the next season of our lives. Will this coming year be similar to a tormented past or will our prayers be answered as a 'prosperous' New Year unfolds? While the past 2 years has devastated Americans in many ways, the hardships and the toll it has taken should never have occurred.

Nevertheless, by grand design or by happenstance, many of us are now capable and have become accustomed in energizing divergent levels of discernment in regards to the sincerity and integrity of those we've entrusted in government, business and the media to represent our interests. This entire exercise in pain was brought about by the affects Americans have had to endure by the vicissitudes, malfeasance and incompetence of these powerful entities. For those who have had or are in direct contact with these bereft personalities, many are now better equipped to make the necessary decisions to lift one's spirits, by renovating pragmatic desires as promised in 'The American Dream'. 

While Americans of this 'elevation' have been regarded as timid and incapable of fostering dissent in a concise and collective manner by those opposing their efforts, we have witnessed a shift in temperament. The goals of prosperity, independence and the reaffirmation of values embraced by the Founding Fathers has been resurrected for those who appreciate high ideals. Unfortunately, the 'civil debates' as interpreted during this period in American history, continue to foster hidden elements of derision for those unable to grasp the resurgence of balance and integrity in public discourse.

An Example Where One's Dream Can Turn Into A Nightmare

The damage the economy has wrought on Americans has been horrific for many. One vivid example is the loss of real property in this country. One million foreclosures were processed in 2010. Economists forecast 1,200,000 foreclosures in 2011. This simple fact can be regarded as one of the numerous consequences from the neglect and subsequent failure of power in the wrong hands. It is a crime to witness the dismantling of a family unit by the loss of one's home. In order to postpone the inevitable, the government with the eager cooperation of major banks has instituted loan modification programs where failure to help those in need has become a success.

These powerful sources has elevated a culture of incompetence and cruelty on demand never known to exist until just recently. It has become common knowledge that banks are instituting a 2 tier system, whereby feign attempts to help the homeowner in modifying their mortgage loan are squandered, while at the same time the bank initiates foreclosure proceedings or schedules a sale date on the subject property. Postponements are given on the day before or on the morning of the sale date, creating an unbelievable amount of stress and strain for the homeowner. Where does one turn for help under such dire circumstances? Would filing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to save the property from foreclosure create additional obstacles in the near term? The pressure of such a predicament is truly overwhelming! The 60 - 90 or 120 days these financial institutions require to review a loan modification application is cruel and the likelihood of losing one's home through this process is unusual punishment.    

The dream to turn back the clock when America was respected and honored by its neighbors is no longer active in our imaginations. Today, cynicism has become a standard mantra for many, as confidence in America's institutions no longer offers the respect these entities once held in high esteem. In order to rid ourselves from the injury of such malcontents, it is a wise option to forego the pretty speeches of the well dressed, delightfully coffered remnants of an all too powerful belief system, where integrity is rarely practiced. In its stead, we are the only ones with the help of the Almighty to fashion our own destinies from the chronic protestations of abuse by the triumvirate factions of the current formations of American society. After all is said and done, many Americans will continue to respond to a universal dream where all its inhabitants can live in harmony. The bright light can be seen by those that know its direction.

MoneyTeam Offers To Give Thanks

We were heartbroken when we did not receive donations for our charity to help those in the path of losing their home through foreclosure this Holiday Season. We can only surmise the financial health of many here in California and beyond our borders has been a devastating one. Notwithstanding, we sense sincere thoughts and prayers were released to those in great pain during the Holidays. If you would like to donate to help those still in need, please review our 'Giving Thanks' TeamBlog for November 26th, 2010. Thank You.

Mortgage Rates Update

As you know, interest rates have gone up precipitously since the end of November. While the rates offered are competitive, many borrowers are disappointed that rates in the 3's are no longer offered for several loan programs. We encourage to review our rates every Monday as we provide weekly updates. Our goal is to 'either meet or beat any advertised conforming fixed rate loan'. Please do not hesitate to call our office if you have any questions or concerns. Our office number is 323-936-3232.

Seeking Investors

MoneyTeam is expanding its efforts in commercial lending for construction projects in the Pacific Rim. If you are a direct investor and have knowledge in commercial finance in the Asian market, we would like to hear from you. Please check our website under 'Investors Wanted' for more details.

'The Governor Has Arrived'

California has a new Governor - and its not Jerry Brown! Please check this column for various opinions on the plight of the State's finances and the common sense required - to lift us out from under the colossal mess of the decisions made by previous inhabitants of this office. It goes without saying that California is in need of a renewed thoughtful intervention in its ability to solve problems. I have taken the task to review the strengths and weaknesses of a particular issue every so often. The problems facing the State are overwhelming. While my opinion might not be embraced by those in power, it is definitely required! Please check our Valentine's Day TeamBlog coming in February as I solve our first problem of thousands yet to come!

TeamBloggers On The Rise!

Our Blog hit a milestone of sorts as we were deluged with over 3500 views of the TeamBlog in one day! I am thrilled and heartened by the response you have given. Please recommend our Blog to your family and friends as the truth in what we say and in what we believe is truly the embrace all of us need to heal this nation. Thank You!

Post Script

Please view our next TeamBlog, "Foreclosure Holiday", where options and solutions will be offered for those facing foreclosure and loan modification traumas. In a previous Blog entry, I provided a suggestion in regards to how Americans can view this problem from a different 'out of the box' perspective. If justice and compassion are elements in sound and sober decision making, our thoughts will garner agreement by independent observers. If 'it takes a village' as politicians and others have opined as a concept of togetherness, it truly takes a nation to solve the problems many are suffering today. Stay tuned. 

Thanks Again

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