May 9th, 2009 2:28 PM

Dear Friends,

This coming Sunday, the entire world will celebrate Mother's Day! This is the day when we remember our Mother and the joy she brings us by her devoted love and kindness.

For many of us, our Mothers are deceased. Even though she is not with us physically, the care and the nurturing our Mothers provided during our lives will always be remembered fondly and with deep warmth.

There is a natural spiritual bonding which can be attributed to a Mother's love for her children. There is the responsibility of guiding her son or daughter to live a life of substance and character. Honesty and integrity are truly the rewards in which children can demonstrate upon their loving parents as a testament to their unfailing love throughout their daily lives. Children can lift their spirits and those of others by the ebullience of energy and joy freely given due to a Mother's example.

In today's society, we have heard or read of Mothers that have neglected and abused their children. While there have been Mothers portrayed in disturbing and frightening fashion similar to 'Mommie Dearest', we inherently know these are rare and sad episodes of dysfunctional behavior. 

I am grateful to know a Mother's Heart is pure and her love is unconditional. Our personalities are formed during our experiences in childhood. Many of us are truly grateful we are living honorable lives with purpose due to the guidance and the moral principles practiced by our beloved parents in the home. Our home can be considered a  Sanctuary of comfort and security when a Mother's wholesome influence is recognized. This Mother's Day give your best and longest hug you can to the most wonderful woman in your life! For those unable to be with their Mothers, reflect on the splendid times you've spent and always knowing one day you will be with her once again.

Happy Mothers' Day! 

Mortgage Rates & Turnaround Times

Due to cautiously optimistic financial news in regards to lower unemployment figures and public confidence in the economy, mortgage rates have begun an upward spiral. If you are considering a loan, now could be the best time to apply. There has been an influx of activity in the mortgage market which has delayed underwriting times considerably.

Loan Modifications, Refinances, Purchases, Short Sales, Foreclosures and the lowering of interest rates to 40 year lows, has gutted the mortgage market by adding extra burdens to a challenging degree. Underwriting turnaround times are from 4 to 30 business days from submission to loan approval. We encourage anyone contemplating on applying for a loan, to do so quickly as delays are causing havoc on loan fundings. Our newest experience in prolonging of a timely escrow is due to the HVCC guidelines for the ordering of appraisals. As mentioned in a previous TeamBlog, mortgage brokers are not allowed to order appraisals. The lender now has the sole responsibility for this. Our office has notice delays of up to 2 weeks or more for an appraisal to be completed. We urge you to be proactive and apply for your loan today! Please call our office for more details by calling 323-936-3232.

Team Appraisal Offer

If you've read our TeamBlog this far, we have an offer for you. Apply for a loan by Friday, May 15th and we'll pay for your appraisal up to $350! The appraisal fee will be rebated to you after the close of escrow.

California Election - Vote NO!

MoneyTeam recommends all Californians to vote NO on all the propositions on the May 19th ballot. In a previous TeamBlog, we mentioned the deleterious effects of prolonged tax increases. These ballot measures are designed to obfuscate the true intentions of the Governor and the State Legislature in their desire for Californians to extend paying of taxes for another 2 years! 

Do not be swayed by the pretty television advertisements showing citizens from all walks of life agreeing or recommending us to vote for the propositions. If you sat down with these folks and showed them the unvarnished truth, they would vote NO in an instant! Please check the Howard Jarvis website for more information on voting NO on Proposition 1A.

Dom & Dean

To know that Dom Deluise has left us for the Big Pepperoni in the sky is a bittersweet thought that crosses my mind this weekend. We all know he had a big heart and was excruciatingly funny! His involvement in hilarious roles throughout a long career in entertainment will always be remembered. The photo shown above was taken during his stint on the Dean Martin Show in the early 70's.

A father to 3 talented sons and a devoted wife, Dom lived a blessed life. There are many of us that will miss this big guy's cooking!

Thanks Again  


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