December 4th, 2008 10:01 PM

Dear Friends,

We at MoneyTeam hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration last week!

Mortgage Rates

Going back to work on Monday brought about moments of dejavu, as we've relived this experience before. The Refinance BOOM is now in full swing and the timing of such good news is much deserved!

Mortgage rates have dropped precipitously! We are now offering a 30 Year Fixed Rate for Conforming Loan Amounts at 5.00%. A 15 Year Fixed is now being offered at 4.875%. Both loans are at only 1 point cost.

Conforming Jumbo loans are also at attractive rates. We invite comparisons from other mortgage companies in regards to rates and fees. We've outlasted our competition for good reason! Please check our RATES or call our office for more details.

Loan Modifications

We are able to help you if you are in need of a Loan Modification. This is a process in which an underwriter reviews your current circumstances to discern your ability to continue to make your mortgage payments in a timely manner.

The level of difficulty in regards to your current situation does not pose a major problem in ascertaining the worthiness of placing an application for this service. If you are currently behind in your mortgage payments, facing foreclosure, having difficulty in paying the mortgage each month or if the mortgage on your home is worth more than your property is worth or if your adjustable mortgage will adjust to  higher payments soon, a loan modification is an option for you to explore. Moreover, if you are a self-employed person and secured your mortgage under a stated income loan, we maybe able to help you.

The cost for this service ranges from $2750 to $3500 depending on your particular situation. If you would like to know more, please call our office at 323-936-3232 or email us at

Financial News

Most of the news this past week continues its downward slide. We all know what we're up against and to dwell on such misfortunes can activate our pragmatic and hopeful dispositions to one of dread and melancholy. This week, let's pretend that life is just Peaches & Cream or for a more pronounced effect, we're in the Promised Land of Milk & Honey!

Auto Industry & Washington Ethics

The respective CEO's of the 3 major automakers, Chrysler, Ford & GM were back in Washington to seek loans in billions of dollars to end the eventual disintegration of the American auto industry.

In my previous blog of 11/22/08 I mentioned the consequences which will occur if Congress does not facilitate their request for this loan. While many Americans are exhausted with bail outs and rescue plans, our current financial situation will ultimately change for the worse if these monies are not forthcoming. I am too weary of the incompetence and greed which has brought this country to lose value in its financial institutions and most importantly, in its character. In my humble opinion, it is sad to note, there is no one in government today that has the strength of character, the substance, nor the inherent integrity of moral virtues required of those in high levels of responsibility. My frustration dear friends, is starting to show.

Of all the years in American history, the vacuum of leadership in Washington with its continued desire of contempt and avarice has become a disgrace. The suffering brought about by the beginnings of the sub prime mess has become a deluge of burdens which never seem to end. To end the hemorrhage of unemployment and the thoughts of another Depression, we need to acknowledge the numerous errors in judgement, pick up the pieces and look forward. We must begin to learn from our mistakes. There is a time in one's life in which heartfelt advice is embraced without recrimination. 

Team Tot Toy Drive

This is our 9th Year of helping children in the Los Angeles Metropolitan area in our efforts to provide toys for these youngsters. Many of these children are hospitalized or come from poor families. The most amazing sight for any adult is to see the radiant smile of a child once a toy is in their hands!

We invite your participation by providing a new, unwrapped toy for donation. We will pick up your toy and deliver it before Christmas! By helping these youngsters you truly are helping yourself! The Spirit Of Christmas is always in season!


If you are a regular visitor to our Blog, you may have noticed that I've spoken about previous clients which eventually in time have become good friends. I've always enjoyed healthy, intelligent and spontaneous relationships and most of us I imagine would agree this activity is a valuable asset in one's life. I also noticed that a good portion of my friends in this stage of my life are Sagittarians, born between November 22nd through December 21st. I started to wonder the reason I've been invited to 6 birthday parties during this period. Well, then it hit me! I started to read my horoscope and Sagittarians compliment Libras in personality and disposition. I happen to be born under the scales and I came away perplexed knowing mysteries of the horoscope are truly entertaining!

Team Dogs Ten & Eleven

One of my previous clients, Jonathan Arland is also a Sagittarian. He has 4 beautiful Chihuahuas! Their names are 9, 10, 11 and 12! The funny or sad thing about naming his dogs with numerals, stems from the number of Chihuahuas he's owned and in some fashion have either been stolen, ran away, become disoriented during travels or disappeared without a trace! I remember the Chihuaha named 7 several years ago.  7 became one of my favorites! He was nowhere to be found and was stolen right under Jonathan's watchful eyes. Oh well! 

The California Budget

There's a simple vision that must be employed in any negotiation by the Governor and the Legislature in their efforts to balance the budget - DO NOT RAISE TAXES! From that mutual understanding both parties in government can begin to sit down and review all of the spending allocated to particular programs and the cuts that must be made. The current financial health of California will be at risk once again if additional taxes are imposed. Common sense is a concept which begs inclusion in one's thought patterns. In regards to our lawmakers, is it the impact of California water, food or air that has brought about this yearly, chronic fiscal impasse? I guess we'll know soon enough!

December 5th

Many Americans will be eager to know the outcome of a lawsuit being discussed by the Supreme Court Of The United States.

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