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Dear Friends,

About a month ago, I attended a book fair at the Venice Public Library and was truly fascinated at the quantity of books for sale. The books on display were in good condition and all hardcovers were selling for only $1.
As an avid reader I would have purchased a mountain of books for my ever expanding library but I decided it was best to focus on several subjects which drew my interest. I chose one book on gardening, diet and travel and I was satisfied that my selections would offer hours of enjoyment.
This little adventure made me realize how fortunate I am to appreciate the love I have for the written word and the authors that make this possible. Their passion in formulating a manuscript which provides a logical, direct and concise formulation of their work, is an approach I truly recognize.

On the other hand, I have demurred from reading personal accounts of political or government figures, as I no longer have the patience to subject myself to misleading or embellished accounts of circumstances that never occurred or are 'composites' of characters and situations from incongruous memories. I noticed there were many books, scattered throughout the entrance of the library, authored by individuals of this genre, brand new and never opened. These fairy tales divulge events that presumably have shaped one's character in voicing opinions contrary to their peers or superiors. Such outbursts of conscience are considered the springboard for the consecration of courage, where the subject escapes the demonic, only to be richly satisfied by garnering millions of dollars in royalties. The unsuspecting public is humiliated by the disrespect that is attributed by a campaign of positive advertising by the book publisher and its author, while the media pushes the importance of such memoirs of 'fiction', as fact.

Unfortunately, the cynical aspects of my personality has been stirred, due to the events that have transpired over the past 6 or 7 years in this country. The daily unbelievable pronouncements of compassionate works by corrupt and inept government officials, and the ability of its surrogates to obfuscate the truth, has formulated my deep dislike for such 'fiction'. My heartfelt desire to extricate myself from delusion, keeps me sober, aware and grounded.

Nonetheless, my ability to discern the obvious has led to the main concern I have, which revolves around the mystery of our purpose in life and the end of our involvement, in death.
It seems for the past month or so, this subject has engulfed my personal sensitivities. Whether purchasing a book that recommends for one to explore '1000 Places To Visit Before You Die' or the reading of Scripture offering the wisdom to face insecurities or the private conversations with clergy devoted to life eternal, I have consciously explored the meaning and the purpose of my life in its present form.
I've come to a point that fear is no longer an emotion that is worthy of expression or thought. I'm confident whatever trials I must experience will benefit my character, and will offer a path where confidence and perseverance will know no bounds. I do not fear death, as I am content that my place in Heaven has been reserved for some time. When the Lord takes me home, I'm prepared and eager to embrace my beloved parents,
family members, friends, the Guardian Angels and Saints that have protected me from strife through a long winding journey. While I do not know when my final destination will take place, I am grateful for the many gifts God has given me. Health, the outpouring of love from family and friends, a college education, a roof over my head, a comfortable bed to sleep in, food to sustain my energy, the ability to help others and the respect of colleagues, are just a few of the numerous blessings that I am truly grateful to have in my life.

This Lenten season has made me aware of those around me. The plight of Americans that have no voice and the challenges of participating in a society where freedoms, once taken for granted, are discarded by powerful interests, has lowered the quality of our lives. The end of privacy and the inability to trust others to represent our benevolent interests, are legitimate concerns that harms the integrity of everything we do.

In order to live a deeper life, one must recognize the circumstances and the signs of discontent that surround us. By engaging in activities to right the wrongs that have plagued our family, friends and neighbors, once purpose can be determined. In my life, I have been given the capacity and a responsibility to write my concerns in which the human condition in America has unraveled. This condition in which we find ourselves, can only change if we have an honest dialogue by establishing measures to end such abuse. While our time on Earth is limited, the hour in which we can make a difference in our lives and the lives of others and our children, has only just begun. 
Additional thoughts in regards to manifesting a deeper life will be explored in future posts.

Thanks Again

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