September 30th, 2020 4:55 PM

Dear Friends,

The first Presidential debate last night was a disconsolate affair. The entire evening - interpreted by any discerning or impartial viewer - truly encapsulates the division and hatred America is encountering in its desecration of this nation's character.

The President was overly aggressive, as this is the only method to counter the concerted efforts by entities eager to have his opponent win the debate. The President's behavior was understandable, due to the chronic attempts to literally destroy this man and his family since and before the 2016 General Election. The daily contempt for the President for over 4 years by an evil cabal, contributed to a debate performance that saddened many. A failed coup attempt by entrenched government operatives and Impeachment proceedings by the opposition political party, are prevalent reasons for the President's furor.

The former Vice President was unable to provide succinct answers to questions that were presented. However, the lack of respect this man has for the President was repugnant. To call the President of the United States a clown, a racist, a liar and asking him to shut up, are expressions that never must be uttered to a duly elected leader representing this country.

The Moderator revealed his preference for the Vice President. His conduct was noted by an incessant interruption of the President by confronting him with misleading and inappropriate questions of quotes and/or events that never occurred and were not true.

From a distance, I have a sense of compassion for all 3 cast of characters in this debatable affliction. The President suffered from the lack of respect he was subjected to during the debate by the Vice President and the Moderator. He has been abused by a leftist conglomeration of tyrannical activists. His family has been thrown to the wolves.

The Vice President lost his wife and child in a car accident many years ago. He also suffered greatly when his son passed away some time ago. These circumstances are painful and have a profound reflection on how one views life. Unfortunately, a plight of dementia or senility confuses the nature of one's persona, when the human condition is in free fall.

The Moderator's predilections were revealed in his attempt to have others view him favorably. The Moderator's father had a successful career confronting persons deemed dishonest in various dealings, by surprising the specific individual on camera for an unplanned interview. This approach was utilized for this debate as the Moderator did his best to emulate his late father. This process was not successful, as his reputation has been jeopardized. Like father, like son is a concept in theory that we embrace. However, when the subject of one's approach is to demean the President, the repercussions of one's attempt can be devastating.

The American people witnessed 3 personalities during this debate. A fighter for liberty and freedom was disclosed. Any intelligent or discerning person knows this man's identity.

Thanks again for your continuous support - during these challenging times in America.

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