October 12th, 2017 9:23 AM

Dear Friends,
In a fallen world, the abyss is just in front of us. With the lies, deception and the evil attempts to destroy everything in its path, there are so many disturbed persons that must be exposed and forced to pay for the cruel behavior imposed on others.
During the past 14 days, this nation is still in shock with the massacre in Las Vegas. Americans were also subjected to revelations of sexual misconduct by a powerful motion picture producer. The news has rocked those in entertainment, as the reaction of those within the industry contained elements of hypocrisy due to fallacious reactions of astonishment.
The evil that has permeated American society is repugnant and exhausting. Other branches of this contempt can be found within the halls of Congress unwilling to support its constituents or even a duly elected President. Notwithstanding, the main street media and its sycophants, have forfeited their reputations by egregious attempts to sabotage the current administration by their biased and contrived forms of dishonest or untrustworthy reports. We also have sports figures unable to grasp the sacrifices of those that gave up their lives for us to live in freedom.
The compassionate American character and its culture, are showing signs of distress.

The Scammers
Business transactions have also been compromised.
During the past few years several of our clients have lost their hard earned monies to financial sources that were found to be fraudulent by requesting processing fees and never funding the specific loans requested.
From the loss of funds up to $350,000, the time has come for the individuals mentioned below to face the consequences of their actions. While the fraud of one's character will always be revealed, justice must prevail.
It is best for one to be aware that any financial transaction with these individuals poses a major risk. We have a voluminous amount of information and documentation which offer any impartial observer the facts and/or figures that offers evidence of financial improprieties. It is our understanding several of these individuals hacked legitimate companies and used their information by impersonating legitimate financial members of their staff. The names, phone numbers and email addresses mentioned, are the last known 'whereabouts' of these scammers.
The time has come to fight!

Sandra Nelson 347-971-8036

Larry Anderson  516-441-2039

Dr. Aldred Gilmer   603-2772-7273   Fax 603-2178-4398

Michael Ono Katsuhiro   Global Market Finance  investmentunit @

John Stephens

Jacob Adolini   212-500-0564

Our office will update this list with additional details on a regular basis, as we review the email correspondence from our records.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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