November 11th, 2009 11:11 PM

Dear Friends,

This World War II poster is the backdrop for the values that have made America the stalwart defender of liberty. Today our thoughts, praise and gratitude are for those soldiers in uniform, fighting for our liberty in 2 wars and by their presence as peacekeepers throughout the world. The challenges and the sacrifices of the military in today's conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, are considered by many as a factor in determining the destiny of the region and the fight to end the great scourge of terrorism.

America's involvement also signifies the commitment to end extremist elements in a dangerous philosophy focused on despotic acts of terrorism. Whether the motives of these insurgents originate in either a political or of a religious nature, the acts of debilitating violence towards Western civilization is a brutal reality in which Americans continue to live and be reminded of every day.

The cause and effect of the main terrorist attacks on American soil on 9/11/01, continues to harbor the detrimental effects on our freedom. Government intelligence measures to prevent acts of terrorism is an ongoing exercise and is required to prevent the loss of life. Unfortunately, last week in Ft. Hood, America was reminded once again of the evil component in a war where innocent lives are yet sacrificed for unchecked religious fanaticism. While these events provides the jolt to end any thoughts or actions of complacency in our battle to conquer the evil within our borders, we are also aware of the pain and suffering many of our soldiers live by, after the journey in the combat zone has ended. 

Horrific nightmares continue to traumatize our troops as many suffer the effects of PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, bouts of depression and suicide from a conflict which continues to inflict its damage, months and years after a soldier's discharge. Mental illness and the rise in all of these afflictions is the painfully sad aftermath of one's patriotism and love of country. Americans need to help all veterans as they've fought and continue to fight for our lives! We need to contribute generously to programs geared to help and guide those in need of assistance. Regrettably, the loss of life, limbs, homelessness and a soldier's mental health are the visual sacrifices and impairments suffered by our armed forces. We need to be reminded the attainment of freedom is never free and the work for freedom never ends.

Thanks Again  

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