December 31st, 2008 12:17 PM

Dear Friends,

It's New Years Eve and 2009 is beckoning! All of us are thrilled this year is about to end and our thoughts are to eradicate if all humanly possible, the pain, suffering and the memories associated with 2008.

The damage has been done. Many Americans have lost their homes, their jobs, their savings and most importantly, their peace of mind.

Our natural inclination is to look to the future and to harness anew the hopes and aspirations for a better life. Our families are the most important benefactors in this design as we are compelled to turn the page of misery associated with the events of this past year. 

A clean blackboard, new resolutions and a fresh approach are the humble and simple beginnings of optimism which must be released, for us to live in abundance.

Whatever anyone says, always believe in your capability to rise above adversity by knowing the Lord's help and guidance is instrumental in overcoming all challenges. With this knowledge, 2009 will be a great year! 

Happy New Year!

Thanks Again  

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