June 17th, 2021 7:11 AM

Dear Friends,

I surmise there was a time in recent memory that California was unanimously considered by a majority of Americans, as the most beautiful State in the nation. California was known for its proverbial Sunny weather, pristine beaches, palm trees, delicious oranges, the bountiful agriculture and farms, the presence of Hollywood movie stars and the most gorgeous women sun bathing in bikinis while listening to the Beach Boys! This was the 'Promised Land' where life truly existed by a glamorous lifestyle considered totally out of this world! California was the Golden State and the entire world believed that every aspect of its existence in the lives of its residents was Heaven on Earth! While earthquakes, forest fires, floods, droughts and smog have placed a damper on this historical and antiquated perception, today's California is viewed by many as The Far Country - now known for its degradation of the human condition.

The decadence of political ideology has transformed this State towards the loss of one's security and fundamental rights of liberty and freedoms found within the pages of the Constitution. One party rule has excoriated basic principles of law and order, by the adoption of a  law that envelops California as a 'Sanctuary State' whereby illegal aliens are no longer detained nor deported. Moreover, the influx of immigrants has created a deluge of poverty homelessness, crime, violence and other societal ailments that have conspired to obliterate the concept of securing the peace of mind all discerning Americans seek. Notwithstanding, the rise in gas and food prices along with every commodity known to maintain stability and support one's family, has done its damage. Exorbitant State income and property taxes has also contributed to the demise of an economy that is indescribable to measure intelligently. I mention this, as housing costs to rent an apartment or purchase a home has gone through the roof! With all of these challenges, how does one have the will to live in an environment that has all of these persistent horrors?

The lockdowns as a precaution to control a virus has permanently destroyed numerous businesses. Restaurants, salons, bars and other sole proprietor establishments have suffered greatly. Sadly, one of my favorite restaurants that I patronized for over 20 years - is no longer in business. Due to the spiraling mismanagement  and incompetence that has occurred by its unorthodox enforcement, a Recall Election of the Governor has been approved by registered voters and is scheduled for November of this year.

In writing this post, I fully recognize this month marks the 40th year of living in Southern California. It was in June of 1981 that many of my friends at the time recommended I move to California, especially Los Angeles, to advance my career and live where Sunny skies never end! It's dramatically engrossing for me to spend the time evaluating my life in California as I write this. As I look back, I remember the excitement of moving out West, as I intrinsically believed that California was The Promised Land. With that said, the number 40 is mentioned in Scripture many times. On one specific occasion, the Israelites wandered in the desert for 40 years seeking to find The Promised Land. As of now, for me to contemplate if I was 'wandering' in California for the past 40 years to reach The Promised Land for another location. I would assume this location embraces the peace and discernment I gravely seek, as this will be the journey the Dear Lord has divinely declared to be fulfilled in my life by the gift and blessings of Providence. As a Cuban refugee in 1962, my brothers and I left that imprisoned island for a State that many Americans believe is an 'oasis of freedom'. 

Therefore, the die has been cast. Florida - here I come - The New Promised Land!

Thanks again for your continuous support - during these challenging times in America - a nation under siege.

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