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February 17th, 2020 6:38 AM

Dear Friends,

Today Americans celebrate PRESIDENT'S DAY. Of the 45 Presidents that have made their mark in history, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln have earned divine respect for their vision of a nation that has acquired a monumental presence in a world of moral misfortunes. Their innate ability to see the future by their actions is revealed in today's America. When the 1st President assured the colonies his recognition of a democratic republic is the form of government that allows Judeo-Christian principles to thrive, the path chosen was truly fortuitous. Many years later, the 16th President preserved the nation by his steadfast approach in overcoming the scourge of slavery through the Emancipation Proclamation and the termination of a Civil War under his immense leadership. Both men are recognized for their passion, devotion and character in the challenges they faced by those unable to view a republic established to elevate the human condition.

In President Washington's Farewell Address of 1796, the advice and observations he gave were significant, as his thoughts in regards to the travesty of political parties as a modicum for disloyalty and the causes that can lead to sectionalism, are relevant concerns in today's America. All citizens are urged to recognize the importance one must have for the stability of nurturing a nation, in principles that offer an outlook of encouragement in our daily lives and those of our countrymen.

The Emancipation Proclamation of 1862 in which President Lincoln by Proclamation and Executive Order invoked the abolition of slavery, is considered one of the most monumental moral acts ever inspired and accomplished in America and throughout world history. As an observer, one can say there are racial divisions in this country today. However, the prevalence of discrimination has been stymied through generations. The pain and suffering of our black citizens has resurrected the rise in love and compassion, as a sincere and heartfelt substitution for the turmoil inflicted. 

Through the actions of both Presidents centuries ago, America is indebted by the strength of their character and principled convictions. This nation is eternally grateful.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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February 14th, 2020 7:00 AM

Dear Friends,

Today is Valentine's Day! Love is recognized as the most gracious emotion one can give to another. When we appreciate the wonderful love we receive from our entire family, closest friends and even strangers, we are truly grateful for the life we've encountered by their presence in our lives. There is no other passion that has the capacity for the elevation of the human spirit, in which love is the only embodiment of goodness that conquers all. 

In a world where love is difficult to manifest without hindrance by circumstances that block the flourishing of respect, compassion or honesty, today is a reminder that our lives are truly empty when one does not experience the love from others.

The other day while I was driving around town, I flipped to one of my favorite radio music stations and was pleasantly surprised to hear the voice of Frank Sinatra. He sang 'I Wish I Were In Love Again'. The lyrics to this song are profoundly powerful, as I too wish for love to enter my life once again, before I'm called Home. Romance is full of serendipity, bliss and delight once you've found a soulmate in a world in which sadness, loneliness and insolence are prevalent.

For the souls seeking companionship on this day, the circumstances that have conspired to prevent love from flourishing, is determined by the development and evolution of one's character and unbeknownst forces. While this may be true, be content to embrace your family and friends, as their love for you is genuine and benign.  

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thanks again for your continuous support.

Frank Sinatra sings "I Wish I Were In Love Again."


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February 10th, 2020 6:56 PM

Dear Friends,

The State of the Union address given by the President in the House Chamber was viewed live by more than 37 Million Americans. Many discerning viewers of the event last Tuesday, February 4th, were profoundly optimistic of the accomplishments that have transpired economically, as record shattering statistics were mentioned by the Chief Executive. The employment figures were truly encouraging, as the nation is enthralled with the work ethic in supporting our families and ourselves. The teamwork of American citizens in helping neighbors and employers offering jobs at a remarkable rate, is the essence that propels us to reach the path that leads us to live the American Dream.

In just 3 short years, America has revitalized itself by government policies that have invigorated the temperament of one's demeanor towards an optimism of life not seen in many years. Concurrently with the prowess of the economy, common sense decisions in regards to America's foreign policy, has made this nation a much safer place to live. It is true beyond measure, our country is respected throughout the world as we have a leader that means what he says and says what he means. This is a rare ability to find in government and in those seeking to represent our interests.

The President and his supporters are eager for America to lift its fortunes by solving domestic and foreign problems that have created a despondency in the population due to procedures in which leftist programs are enforced. The establishment of Sanctuary Cities and allowing undocumented individuals the priority of rights and privileges denied to American citizens, is just an example of the denigration of a law abiding population. The proliferation of infanticide, the demeaning aspects of religious liberty, the rise of Anti-Semitism and the death of journalism, are just a few of the challenges that must be understood for its inhumanity and desecration of the human spirit.

The address had several guests that have encountered and acquired the gracious and merciful accoutrements of wisdom and discernment through personal experiences. The lives led by the guests and their trials and tribulations brought many viewers to tears, as the strength and love they have for others and their families was captured by their presence.

Unfortunately, the goodwill that was embraced by the President in his address to the American people, was defamed by the Speaker of the House in ripping up the Speech in front of the Chamber, the invited guests in the gallery and the American people. Since I can remember, I have viewed the State of the Union and have never seen such contempt for a President nor the American people by the repulsive disrespect of her actions. This repugnancy will live forever, as the Speaker destroyed the character of a political institution and the viability of the Democratic Party itself. Her leftist supporters along with the Press, will reason this implosion was not a mental disorder full of hatred, but a basic policy difference that was simply animated. The shocking display of what has occurred, continues its broadcast daily on television and on the internet. This event is a caustic reminder that has revealed the true substance of one's rabid views, in an attempt on trampling the rights of Americans enthroned in the Constitution. One's behavior does have an influence on how we as a people, discern the essential nature of a person's character by their actions.

The General Election in November, will provide the relief America demands, to end a behavior of those suffering an affliction that's recognized for its harm and cruelty.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on February 10th, 2020 6:56 PMLeave a Comment

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February 8th, 2020 3:55 PM

Dear Friends,

The acquittal of the 45th President by the US Senate of 2 Articles of Impeachment on Wednesday, was the constitutionally correct and judicial decision that restores the values of due process established by the Framers in America's founding. From the very inception of an 'impeachment inquiry' in the House, the inability for this body to exercise the tremendous responsibilities in ascertaining if High Crimes and Misdemeanors occurred in the Oval Office, were non existent. The simple evidence of a transcript released by the White House in its clarifying details of the conversation between the Chief Executive and the Ukrainian President on July 25th of last year, does not mention a 'quid pro quo' nor withdrawal of assistance that was approved by the US Government. This basic fact is all that is required, to end the ordeal that was fomented by a political party and a press unable or unwilling to interpret their overwhelming hatred for a President, a government administration, his beloved family and discerning Americans - by their insistence a crime was committed, when no evidence exists.

The Democratic Party along with the Press and leftist supporters harmed this nation by its disregard for the Constitution. When this entire 'impeachment inquiry' began, a presumed 'whistleblower' provided information in verbiage resembling a legal treatise with footnotes and dated news reports in which the President was excoriated by unsubstantiated actions in regards to implementation of policies involving the Ukraine. The 'inquiry' began by the Democrats was unfair, as the Republicans in defense of the President were prohibited to cross examine the witnesses recommended by the Democrats to testify before the House Intelligence Committee. Notwithstanding, the Republicans were prohibited in securing witnesses desirous to defend the President by their testimony. This method of jurisprudence is disconcerting, as all Americans have the right to be considered innocent before proven guilty.

 The questioning of 18 witnesses in the basement of the House Chamber without access to the public in the very beginning of an 'inquiry' to ascertain the facts, was designed to censor and limit the revelations that were disclosed. The hearsay accounts of disgruntled diplomats bewildered by an unorthodox Ukrainian policy endorsed by the President, became the rationale for the drawing of the Articles for Impeachment. This unfair rebuke of one's Constitutional rights is noteworthy, as there was only one individual that spoke to the President. In a private conversation, this Ambassador mentioned the President did not approve of a 'quid pro quo' in regards to withholding aid to the Ukraine for information of alleged corruptive activities by a former Vice President and his son. A direct reference to both men by name in the transcripts, were never mentioned.

As an Independent voter, I am convinced this entire scenario was orchestrated as a political device to rid this President from office without a crime ever being committed. The House Intelligence Committee Chairman has been excoriated by the general public for his contemptible obsession to destroy the President by all means necessary. Americans are exasperated by the continual desecration of the President, his family and supporters. A Constitutional Amendment to raise the percentage of House members as a requirement to begin an investigation or to vote for Articles of Impeachment, is a recommendation that will end the abuse that has transpired. In the future, a bipartisan approach to end a Presidency is the only acceptable process that can restore the integrity of government. Many Americans are relieved this chapter in American history has ended - in an acquittal.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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February 4th, 2020 2:53 PM

Dear Friends,

The past few weeks have provided the entire world with a sense of contemplation in regards on how one is to navigate current circumstances and the hopes for one's peace of mind in the near future. Many of us have come to terms with our past, as our actions are unable to be changed as time marches on. There are several occurrences that have transpired during this specific time that has affected our presence and environment to a degree, that has contributed to an understanding of how life is appreciated and perceived as interpreted today.

The first event of major importance occurred last month as it's strongly assumed the CORONA VIRUS began in Wuhan, China. This virus, in which wild animals are sold in food markets in close proximity to other animal species and where raw meat is displayed, is similar in some respects to the SARS epidemic of 2003. As of this post, over 450 patients in China have perished from this contagion. The horrific consequences has shook the entire world, as thousands continue to be infected, as a diagnosis is difficult to ascertain for a number of weeks before its detrimental effects are known. The CORONA VIRUS has stymied the Chinese economy, as many countries will not allow travel to and from China by airlines seeking protection from the insurgence of this virus. Moreover, there is a strong perception amongst worldwide health organizations there is a tremendous lack of information of the true figures and challenges the Chinese population are facing. As a Communist country, no one needs to be surprised if deception of the facts has taken place through the recommendation of government authorities.

Another event of major importance occurred on Friday, January 24th, when the President attended the annual MARCH FOR LIFE in efforts to end the practice of abortion. Since abortion was legalized by the Supreme Court in 1973, Americans have protested this decision and have gathered in the nation's capital and across major cities throughout the country to gain awareness of its objectives. Notwithstanding, the President was the first Chief Executive to attend the MARCH.

On Sunday, January 26th, KOBE BRYANT, his daughter GIANNA and 7 other passengers on a helicopter traveling to a basketball camp, tragically lost their lives when the copter crashed. The fog that morning was treacherous as visibility impaired the pilot's ability to respond. The deep affection for KOBE, his daughter and the other participants in this tragedy, were recognized for their involvement in supporting an activity that inspires youngsters with a competitive sport they loved and appreciated. The entire world was affected by what happened, as many friends, basketball fans and total strangers took time to remember a life that gave tremendous comfort for many years. KOBE, GIANNA and the passengers will be remembered in our hearts.

On Tuesday, January 28th, a PEACE PLAN was unveiled at the White House to help the Israeli and Palestinian people end their ongoing conflict and restore stability. The PLAN was enthusiastically endorsed by several Middle Eastern countries but was rejected by the Palestinian authority once conceived. The agreement provides economic assistance to the Palestinians and a political solution that involves the annexation of land by Israel while promising not to build settlements in the area for a specific period of time. While there are other salient details in the PLAN that are considered detrimental by the Palestinians, one can only hope this proposal can begin the debate required to finally end the terror that has plagued the region.

The 54TH SUPERBOWL last Sunday was an exciting game, as the Kansas City Chiefs came from a 20 - 10 deficit to win against the San Francisco 49'ers. The last time the Chiefs won the SUPERBOWL was 50 years ago! The Chief's Head Coach, Andy Reid, was able to win a SUPER BOWL match in 21 years as he won his 222nd game on 2-2-2020! The youngest quarterback to receive MVP honors was the Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes at only 24 years of age! The facts and figures of this victory can be viewed as fascinating, due to the patience and perseverance of Coach Reid. Concurrently, the guidance and support Patrick received from his Coach, his teammates and his father, were instrumental in his ability play on the field with an optimism and passion to win! Patrick has a bright future ahead of him - and so do the 49'ers after all!

RUSH LIMBAUGH announced on his radio broadcast on Monday, that he has advanced lung cancer. RUSH is known for his passionate, logical, rational and truthful views of political issues affecting Americans. For over 31 years, RUSH is heard daily throughout America, as his common sense approach to inform the public with wisdom acquired from above, has made him an uplifting conservative force to be reckoned with. It is my understanding over 20 Million Americans listen to RUSH on any given day. We are in debt for his wise counsel as his role as a man that truly loves America, is known to everyone! Our thoughts and prayers are for RUSH to recover from an ailment, that will never silence him as a man of great knowledge, judgment and discernment.

The IOWA CAUCUS ended on Monday without a declared winner. The calculation of the results was to be disclosed today. While there are candidates in this contest that have Socialist views that are contrary to mainstream traditional American thought, Socialism is considered dangerous and disconcerting in its debasement of the human condition. The Democratic Party has taken an abrupt turn towards radical and divisive policies that will change America's way of life and is contrary to the values of liberty and freedom. These leftist viewpoints supported by those unable or unwilling to comprehend the consequences similar to the fate of Cuba or Venezuela are perplexing. As a person born in Cuba and a naturalized American citizen, the scourge of Socialism and/or Communism is an evil that must be destroyed  - 'by all means necessary'. The oppression of Socialism and its repression of human rights and government encroachment of all aspects of one's life, must never become an adopted ideology that will ruin the tenets of the Constitution in its formation of a democratic republic. Due to the abuse of Socialism in my family, I will never support or vote for a political organization or anyone that believes in Socialism. It's a government method that elevates the pursuit of total despotic control of one's life.

The events that have occurred during this time of reflection, can offer us the guidance and perspective that our lives are truly profound. In some respects, we have allowed others to control our desires to live in harmony, while our quest for independence has been disrupted by unnatural intervention. Even though there are impediments to live the life of our dreams, hope for its reality will always become the passion we celebrate when our accomplishments are apparent. The entire world must embrace the embedded human spirit in which love, patience, perseverance and faith, are considered the universal basis, for how life is meant to be lived.

The next several posts will highlight the first phase of the CHINA TRADE AGREEMENT, the agreement with Mexico and Canada (USMCA), the STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS and the IMPEACHMENT ACQUITTAL.These events will empower the nation's economic engine, and reinforce the optimism in America's capacity for problem solving.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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