June 26th, 2020 12:39 PM

Dear Friends,

During the past several weeks, Americans have been subjected to an astounding stream of violent emotional disorders where the concept of hatred has infiltrated the surroundings of major cities. Monuments of historical figures across the country have been vandalized by a throng of leftist activists in their desire to transform the basis for America's existence. The rule of law and the sacrosanct rights of liberty and freedom throughout generations has been excoriated by a visible group of insurgents that lack the ability to express their discomfort in a rational and non violent manner. The evil that permeates the destruction of history in its monuments as a pretext to overcome the wrongs of the past by promoting anarchy, rejects the merits of their arguments.

By various media accounts, monuments of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, Christopher Columbus among many others, have been destroyed by a group of individuals eager to supplant their incoherent transgressions on a nation they believe has forfeited their understanding of equality due to racism, if this constitutes their true intentions. Furthermore, the desecration of churches has given a pronounced clue of the motivations involved in their destruction of America's heritage.

Throughout human history slaves have been immersed in the culture of various civilizations. To end the scourge of a system that allows and promotes the abuse of one's human dignity is regrettable and disturbing. One must fully understand the gradual and painstaking evolution of actions and thought, that led to human recognition where the abolition of slavery is considered a moral imperative. The ethical implications in which the derision of slavery during the 1860's was the force in a Civil War that was fought to end the suffering, is documented in American history. Under the guidance of President Abraham Lincoln, this nation abolished the acquisition of slaves and its culture by the implementation of freedom espoused in the Emancipation Proclamation. To have a statue of President Lincoln vandalized, changes the focus of their demands, as their preoccupation to dismantle America's form of governance established by a Constitutional Republic, is their true objective.

In 2020, America and the entire world recognizes the sins that were committed in the past. Many of those that love this nation, embrace Judeo-Christian values are not racist - and will help their fellow countrymen in a sincere and benevolent effort to resurrect their lives. Unfortunately in modern America, the truth has been manipulated, as there are forces willing to destroy the civil rights that have embraced this nation since its founding.

In the next installment, I will discuss the forces in America designed to destroy this nation from within, by their contempt for the rule of law. The desecration of America's character will not stand - as long as its citizens rise up and demand justice to end the madness. My dear friends, the time for this occurrence is fast approaching.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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