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I WISH I....
February 14th, 2020 7:00 AM

Dear Friends,

Today is Valentine's Day! Love is recognized as the most gracious emotion one can give to another. When we appreciate the wonderful love we receive from our entire family, closest friends and even strangers, we are truly grateful for the life we've encountered by their presence in our lives. There is no other passion that has the capacity for the elevation of the human spirit, in which love is the only embodiment of goodness that conquers all. 

In a world where love is difficult to manifest without hindrance by circumstances that block the flourishing of respect, compassion or honesty, today is a reminder that our lives are truly empty when one does not experience the love from others.

The other day while I was driving around town, I flipped to one of my favorite radio music stations and was pleasantly surprised to hear the voice of Frank Sinatra. He sang 'I Wish I Were In Love Again'. The lyrics to this song are profoundly powerful, as I too wish for love to enter my life once again, before I'm called Home. Romance is full of serendipity, bliss and delight once you've found a soulmate in a world in which sadness, loneliness and insolence are prevalent.

For the souls seeking companionship on this day, the circumstances that have conspired to prevent love from flourishing, is determined by the development and evolution of one's character and unbeknownst forces. While this may be true, be content to embrace your family and friends, as their love for you is genuine and benign.  

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thanks again for your continuous support.

Frank Sinatra sings "I Wish I Were In Love Again."


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Posted by Jesse Dorado on February 14th, 2020 7:00 AMPost a Comment

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