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July 8th, 2019 4:24 PM

Dear Friends,

Everything that can happen in California continues to happen with a force and frenzy one can only experience when the earth shakes. Once the shaking action ends, where does someone find relief in a State that has a chronic capacity for disorder? While living in California was a satisfying dream to enjoy the sun, the beaches, the beautiful surroundings, the Hollywood mystique of fame and fortune, the freedom of movement and the bikinis, this compilation is no longer a valid or uplifting account for one's sustenance, as the quality of life has deteriorated dramatically.

While no one lost their life as a result of the earthquakes that have plagued Southern California last week, I and many others remember the 1994 Northridge earthquake that devastated the area, by the destruction of numerous properties and the death of 57 residents. Moreover, in November of last year, the Camp Fire in Northern California was deemed the most destructive wildfire in California history. The town of Paradise succumbed to the powerful surge of a blaze that totally wiped out the town. This fire created the death of 85 civilians in its aftermath.

Sometimes I wonder if there is a spiritual component to the continual tribulation that has occurred in California, unwittingly caused by the secular psyche of its inhabitants, specifically in the governance of this State by Socialists. California is now considered a Sanctuary State where crime is no longer viewed as reprehensible, while the rule of law has completely lost its original concept. The massive influx of individuals traveling from the Southern border illegally, has decimated detention centers and has generated a crisis that is unsustainable.

California has other systemic problems, as the method to solve its challenges is to enforce taxes that rarely provides an intelligent solution. Whether these forms of enumeration are property or State income taxes, gas has also become a commodity that continues its price increase.

Notwithstanding, I can go on with the homelessness that has taken its toll, along with real estate values that have gone through the roof! This situation does not allow young families the ability to purchase a home nor the working class the opportunity to find and live in affordable housing as rents have increased exponentially. Drug addiction and mental health disorders contribute to homelessness. Unfortunately, there are no active or intelligent solutions. This is due to the ineptitude of State and local government authorities allocation of monies towards programs that lack importance

We also have a situation where the State legislature is considering imposing its interpretation of theology in a Catholic religious matter. The sanctity of a confession can be abrogated, and a Priest can be arrested if the subject matter of child abuse was not reported to the authorities. Child abuse is a shocking and contemptible crime. However, one's confession is directed to God in asking for His forgiveness and guidance to overcome this offensive cruelty towards a child. Under the Constitution, Americans have the right of religious liberty. The imposition of government in religion is not acceptable.

These are just a few of the non-stop problems that continues to hamper California. This is why a good number of Californians are leaving the State. Eventually I will be 'escaping' Los Angeles at a predetermined time in the near future. If you are a regular reader of the TeamBlog, you will know that I was born in Cuba and 'escaped' the Communist island in 1962 with my brothers. There will be a time that I will also 'escape' California, as I have no desire to live in a society that resembles the country that I left 57 years ago and continues its repression to this day.

It saddens me greatly the 'Big' earthquake will be forthcoming. Our Lord knows when the devastation will occur. There are oppressive practices or regulations approved by the State Legislature and signed by the Governor over the years that have become law  It is ironic that due to the actions of State Government - not the current earthquakes -  a percentage of its residents have left for friendlier and safer regions of the country - and many lives have been saved as a result.

 God does indeed, work in mysterious ways.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

Bishop Robert Barron - California Attack On Confessions


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July 2nd, 2019 9:32 PM

Dear Friends,

I was attending Mass the other day and as I left Church, I noticed a flyer on one of the counters that had a prayer for us to recite at meal time on Independence Day. There was no mention of its author. I took the flyer home and reread it again earlier today and thought this would help us fully embrace our love for America. While we have divisions creating conflict in our communities, this nation continues to be the beacon of hope to elevate the human condition, by the standards documented in its rich history to overcome oppression.

 The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, The Emancipation Proclamation, The Gettysburg Address and the values of sustenance we practice by the liberty and freedom in our respective Judeo-Christian religious accords, is remembered once again.

On this day, we ask Our Lord to help us overcome the hatred and despondency that has discouraged America's optimism for the future. Today, we celebrate the Independence of thought and mind, to live a life worthy of courage, bravery and integrity. The truth will set you free!       


O God our Creator,

With the founders of our country

we believe that you have given all people

"certain inalienable rights...among these, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

We thank you for our country - for the freedom and opportunity it gives us,

and for its beauty and bounty.

As we celebrate with this meal, we ask you to bless our food and to bless our nation.

Give us leaders inspired by its ideals

and mindful of the rights of all people.

Help us to use our gifts wisely,

and to extend your care to the needy of the world.

We ask this through Christ, our Lord.


May God continue to bless America.

 Happy 4th of July!

Thanks again for your continuous support.

Please remember to view our previous post - The Oath of Responsibility - 2019 as we recognize our duty and responsibility to uphold the foundational principles, espoused in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

God Bless America sung by Kate Smith



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June 28th, 2019 9:49 AM

Dear Friends,

On Thursday, July 4th at 12 Noon PST, I will raise my right hand and place my left hand on the Holy Bible. I will then recite the 'Oath Of Responsibility' for the 6th consecutive year, as I continue my deep and loving appreciation for America, as a nation specifically formed to elevate the human spirit under God's divine guidance.

I will recite the following:

" I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that as an American, I will use all the attributes of character I possess to be a responsible citizen, and will to the best of my ability, ensure, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, so help me God."

Of all the years in which I have demonstrated my concern for the stability of this democratic republic, the time has arrived for all Americans to recognize the evil forces undermining the rule of law by leftist activists promoting Socialism, Marxism and Communism as the method to resolve the challenges we face and to radically change our lives.

It seems as though an overwhelming number of Democratic presidential candidates seeking their party's 2020 nomination, have espoused socialist programs that run counter to the merits embraced in the Constitution. Concurrently, the social media, cable news outlets, clandestine government establishment operatives, recalcitrant judges, the Democratic Party, the entertainment industry and universities across the country, have assembled their pugnacious mental afflictions in opposition to the current Chief Executive and supporters, by harboring an overwhelming hatred that is destroying the integrity and ethical strength of this nation. Their deep animosity towards concepts of independence from government control in all aspects of our lives, is understood and rejected by erudite Americans.

Judicious and fair minded Americans have discovered misleading and failed attempts by clandestine political operatives in their assertions there was a 'collusion' by the President with Russian intelligence to undermine the 2016 General Election that enabled his victory. The efforts by an intelligence hierarchy known as the 'deep state' to implement a coup d' etat to destroy the President under this premise - has failed. This attempt has jeopardized the semblance of order and security of the administration. Unfortunately, members of the President's family, business associates and conservative advocates have been tormented by an investigation for a crime that never took place. Perhaps, our foreign adversaries are enjoying the 'madness' that has permeated the consciousness of those eager to overturn the results of the 2016 General Election. The inability of the opposing political party to believe the conclusions of a Special Counsel Report is disturbing. While there was no evidence of 'collusion' nor obstruction of justice by the President, the interpretation of the Report by a group of Congressional members and the media, has fomented a desire to draft Articles of Impeachment for imaginary offenses.

While there is a propensity of ignorance and delusion that has infiltrated public dialogue since the 2016 General Election campaign and the 2018 Mid Terms, the Socialist formula to solve America's challenges is to impose taxes on everything that moves! Any expenditure is eliminated, as everything the government proposes has no price - as it's totally free! 

Notwithstanding, when a majority of Americans are subjected to leftist policies or baseless opinions that describes a proliferation of 'concentration camps' at detention processing centers for aliens crossing the border - the acceptance of infanticide - sanctuary states and cities that assist the proliferation of crime without consequences - a 'Green New Deal' that in essence eliminates the free market system - the termination of the Electoral College - the idea that 'open borders' has the ability for illegal aliens to vote in local municipal elections and reward them with drivers licenses as an attempt to corrupt voter registration - a rise in Anti-Semitism - and a voluminous amount of other schemes designed to destabilize a democratic republic, America has seen better days. The scourge of homelessness, violence and poverty in major cities run by Democratic Party mayors, is a statistic that requires a resolution. We can also add the pronounced efforts of major tech companies to censor conservative opinions by tinkering with algorithms, as an approach to suppress one's freedom of speech heralded in the Constitution.

Granted, this President has an unorthodox style in his expressions, mannerisms and verbiage. But most succinctly, his conservative convictions are considered exasperating for individuals unable or unwilling to grasp the benefits associated with common sense. When this man upholds the principles declared in the Constitution, he has demonstrated the correct path in which this nation is to be governed.

As a responsible American citizen. I invite you, your family and friends to join me in our love for this great nation by administering the Oath, inspired by Judeo-Christian values that have been tested throughout the ages. The response to this post will be reported and disseminated for its veracity. All told, discerning Americans will be recognized by their eager willingness to respect and adhere to the principles of the Constitution. It's best to remember however, that America invoked its Independence in 1776 to escape government oppression. If we allow Socialists to gain power in any branch of government or municipality, our sovereignty is forfeited.

 We have a duty and responsibility to help solve the problems in our communities. One of the simplest solutions to the challenges we face - is at the ballot box. Perhaps, our celebration on the 4th will restore a genuine appreciation for the many blessings we've been granted under disparaging circumstances. We will ascertain the true convictions on how to maintain our Independence from home grown tyranny - by how America votes in the 2020 General Election.

Have a Happy 4th of July weekend!

Thanks again for your continuous support.

Past "Oath Of Responsibility" Posts


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June 17th, 2019 7:46 AM

Dear Friends,

Summer begins on Friday, June 21st. Here in Los Angeles, many of us have noticed a gradual increase in temperature over the years, and I would suspect Southern California will be broiling until the very end of Summer. If this weather continues as we've experienced as in the past, I can confidently state a meltdown will ensue as chronic heat creates various health problems and a change in temperament for anyone living under these circumstances.

I've been a resident in this city since June 1981. For the past 38 years, I can safely say the overwhelming heat that will be forthcoming, will exacerbate the crisis that has been tormenting Los Angeles. In July, I will add my voice to the many outraged citizens of this city, in highlighting the incompetence of government officials in their inept policies that have created the scourge of homelessness we are witnessing today. Everywhere I turn, there are homeless encampments ravaging all areas of town and this situation continues to augment additional health problems and mental illness even deeper.

Please forgive me, as I digressed in my discussion of the weather. When I have time this Summer, I will drive up the coast and finally find a secluded beach early in the morning, if at all possible, where I can feel a cool breeze surround me. The coolness the wind offers, will lift my spirits and give the energy I need for the day.

With everything that's been happening in Los Angeles, I am eager to escape the disorder and challenges facing its residents. In solitude, I will close my eyes and enjoy my favorite Frank Sinatra tune, 'The Summer Wind'. I'm content to have the strength to rest my mind for awhile and imagine living in an environment that offers the breeze and ultimate peace that I and everyone so desires.

Our prayers will indeed provide the guidance required, to alleviate the pain and suffering of living in distress.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

Frank Sinatra sings 'The Summer Wind'


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June 13th, 2019 7:59 AM

Dear Friends,

This Sunday, June 16th, is Father's Day! This is the day out of the year when we celebrate and appreciate the love, respect and guidance our fathers have given to their children throughout their lives. It's always a time to remember how past decisions and experiences by our parents have contributed to the wisdom we hope to have acquired today.

I wrote about my beloved father in a previous post on June 17th, 2017. This post was chosen by the Pedro Pan organization as they have helped Cuban youngsters from the early 1960's escape from Communist oppression. I would not be in America today if my parents did not make the courageous decision to send my brothers and I, unaccompanied, to live in freedom. Father's Day and any day in which the life of my brothers and I have changed for the best - is truly a gift and a blessing!

 To all Father's and their beloved families, have a Happy Father's Day!

Thanks again for your continuous support.

TeamBlog 6/17/2017


Operation Pedro Pan Group


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