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May 28th, 2020 2:51 PM

Dear Friends,

This nation is at a crossroads. The divisions fomented by a pandemic that originated In Communist China has exploded the mental health of many citizens in America. The disruption in civility in this country is a cause celebre of despotic regimes, as the chronic and abhorrent hatred of those opposing the values of discernment, has had and continues to employ tremendous consequences. 

Just the other day, the graphic episode of horror occurred in Minneapolis, as a Caucasian police officer forced an African American to the ground, and kneeled on his neck for a lengthy period of time. The man was disabled and pleaded for mercy as he was unable to breathe while other officers looked on. In the video. passersby can be heard in the background to stop the abuse as this would lead to the man's death. He later died from the pain and suffering that was inflicted. The virulent video on social media has shocked and angered everyone, as this situation destroys America's character in the eyes of everyone. The embedded hatred from this circumstance and the overwhelming affliction of the politicization of everything in this country, must end.

 Notwithstanding, politics has entered the fabric of American culture to such an extent, that harmony and tranquility are no longer values recognized as a requirement in one's respect for others. I can intelligently state, the radical leftist Socialist and/or Communist attempts to destroy this nation from within, is the element that has the capacity towards the ruination of a Democratic Republic.

Many in this nation, are literally exasperated by the chronic expletive laden voices of leftist individuals and supporters, in their contempt for America. The pandemic has heightened their aggressive behaviors. The daily divisiveness of opinions has provoked disorders, whereby logic or reason are discarded for pure personal hatred of one's existence.

On Sunday, May 31st, Christians will come to appreciate the role of the Holy Spirit in one's life. Pentecost occurs 50 days after the Resurrection of Our Lord. We as a society must continue to pray for peace within our communities. In so doing, the true motivations of those seeking to harm Americans, will be revealed. The Holy Spirit will offer the protection to overcome the hatred and the violence during this time of crisis. Our prayers for this nation will be heard.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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May 21st, 2020 1:07 PM

Dear Friends,

This is the weekend many of us believe the start of Summer officially begins. But most importantly, this Monday is the day that America solemnly and humbly remembers the courageous men and women that died for our freedom on the battlefield. This year, Memorial Day has a profound meaning and importance due to the Coronavirus. This pandemic has obstructed our civil liberties, in States and Communities where powerful government authorities lack a basic understanding of governance during times of crisis. 

 The prolonged forfeiture of one's civil liberties was never the intention of our armed forces by their sacrifice. Sane proclamations by authorities that prevents the virus from spreading in neighborhoods are beneficial. However, to impose severe conditions that restrict the movements of its citizens for weeks on end, is oppressive and defeats the preeminent establishment of a Democratic Republic since America's founding. The loss of our financial abilities to provide for ourselves and our families is a consequence that was never meant to happen.

The time has arrived that we remember and appreciate our liberty and freedoms. For Americans that are unable or unwilling to discern the Judeo-Christian values of this great nation, their destinies are jeopardized by their dissonance.

On this Memorial Day, take a few moments of your time and be grateful that we are still living in a nation blessed by Almighty God. This pandemic will surely pass, but have we on this day of remembrance, understood the basis that defines our American character? Only time will tell.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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May 20th, 2020 5:23 PM

Dear Friends,

Just the other day I had a strong urge to leave my residence, as I was afflicted with a bout of 'cabin fever'. Here in Los Angeles where I live, the Mayor has imposed a lockdown for another 3 months. This man's orders to end the ability to provide sustenance for one's family by demolishing small businesses that provide the income for food and shelter, is a sign of oppression that is known full well in Socialist or Communist countries. We live in a free market system that allows liberty and freedom to prosper. When a city closes establishments that are deemed 'non essential', the interpretation of its status is ironic, as many of these business locations are 'essential' for economic survival. Any discerning adult, fully comprehends the effects the Coronavirus can have by its devastating grasp on one's individual health and those of others. Guidelines have been developed for safety, as it's recommended for one not to be in close contact while in public. These procedures can be implemented by allowing common sense to be observed. Unfortunately, this State and this City along with other locales and territories throughout the nation, have decided to micromanage the lives of law abiding citizens by its Draconian measures.

The Coronavirus has 'unmasked' the true identities and the motivations of individuals by their power of denigration across America. Let's discover how and why there are masks.

1. The pandemic has 'unmasked' the true characters of those professing their feigned concern for the welfare of their constituents either in a local or state level. There are Governors and Mayors that lack the wisdom required to be an elected public official. I do not like to generalize but it looks as though these authorities are members of the Democratic Party. It seems they have a disregard for private businesses and the suffering that has - and continues to occur - within families. It's a given the pandemic has taken the lives of many, however a common sense approach to develop safety protocols must never endanger one's liberty or freedom in the process.

We also have a discordant degree of dissent on a political level. Democrats in Congress approved a 3 Trillion Dollar Bill to reward leftist concepts and programs that are meant to extort the American people. Either sign this bill into law to transform this nation into a Socialist or Communist entity or Americans will not receive economic assistance to survive this maddening storm.

As an Independent 'swing voter' I offer the following advice. Vote for a Republican in the General Election or where you live, as the appreciation of liberty and freedom is recognized and understood by this political organization and their candidates.

2. It has been documented the previous Democratic administration 'unmasked'' an American citizen as he was communicating with a Russian government official. The content of his talks were under investigation to ascertain its characteristics. The facts of this 'unmasking' is being revealed and will be investigated by the Senate Judiciary Committee in June. From what is known, it is assumed law enforcement agencies conspired with government officials to discredit a retired United States Army Lieutenant General and a former National Security Advisor for the current President. This man pled guilty under tremendous pressure, due to an extortion attempt by authorities to implicate or include his son in actions that would harm his entire family. The Department of Justice dropped the charges against him, as corruption infiltrated the case from the beginning. The man involved in this scenario is Michael Flynn.

It is my understanding to 'unmask' an individual under surveillance by law enforcement agencies, is to disclose any apparent communication or actions that are recognized as unlawful towards the US. The gathering of this information helps provides the intelligence required to protect Americans. When the information is given to the media by its disregard for a person's privacy, this action has consequences in the form of a crime - a felony. Therefore, it is the fiduciary responsibility of government authorities and the media to respect the Constitutional rights of all Americans.

These are just 2 examples of how a 'mask' has the capacity to change our lives. I also read the Coronavirus has strained relationships, as there is a rise in domestic violence and a revelation of one's true character among family, friends and neighbors. Sadness is also attributed to the pandemic, due to the financial stress and lockdowns that have affected one's mental faculties, as depression that evolves towards suicidal tendencies are genuine cries for help.

During this time in our lives, I sincerely recommend that we pray for this nation - as we are truly all in this together.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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May 13th, 2020 1:05 PM

Dear Friends,

The Coronavirus pandemic has mentally afflicted a wide spectrum of personalities whether they be gregarious or withdrawn by nature, here in America and throughout the world. While this is true, I'm deeply saddened by the trying circumstances that has created a mountain of anxiousness, stress and unfortunate loss of integrity of individuals, in their reaction to the circumstances the world is suffering today. Nevertheless, the magnanimous amount of compassion by those that require assistance from family, friends, neighbors, strangers and medical personnel on the front line and law abiding authorities, truly reflects the spirit of camaraderie that has made America a beacon of hope in times of crisis.

As an optimist, I'm distressed the Coronavirus has stimulated contempt for human rights and religious liberty in states that are intentionally prolonging their lockdowns by Governors or Mayors that have discarded their appreciation and respect for liberty and freedom. Throughout American history many brave souls lost their lives on the battlefield so we can live without oppression. Many citizens are protesting the arbitrary proclamations by those in power that has created the circumstances this nation has fought to overcome.

 Concurrently, the free market system is in danger by entities promoting Socialist or Communist principles. An example would be the promotion of Universal Basic Income by liberal and/or leftist supporters that would bankrupt this nation. Moreover, the inability to leave your home to visit a friend or a family member across town - the prohibition of dining at your favorite restaurant - patronizing a barber shop or beauty salon - the inability to attend church services - are just a few patterns of government intrusion that has created a tremendous sense of consternation and discord among Americans of all cultures and political persuasions. The Coronavirus has given leftist malcontents the opportunity to take advantage of those suffering from its affects, by their desire to 'transform' America from a Democratic Republic towards a Socialist nation.

As adults, we know what must be done to keep ourselves and our families safe from a pandemic. It was in 1918 when the Spanish Flu caused the deaths of millions. The world at that time was able to end the suffering by its concerted common sense approach to overcome the virus, in some respects similar to efforts utilized today. The eventual immunity from the virus, ended the outbreak the following year.

 We must be careful and plan our days by avoiding situations that have the chance of promoting an infection in ourselves and others. The practice of social distancing, wearing masks whenever it is required or recommended must be understood. Moreover, Americans must become familiar with the effects in the prevalence of the disease in its attacks on the elderly, the obese, those with hypertension and afflicted with diabetes among other health concerns.

The Mental Virus has afflicted the leftist political motivations of those that have the power to decide the destinies of its constituents. When establishments are closed, the pain of unemployment is a major obstacle in feeding one's family or providing shelter. When trillion dollar remedies are proposed to assist those in need without a strategy for the reopening of commerce, the Socialist method of economics will trigger a Depression.

America is learning. As a registered Independent voter, my sincere allegiance is for the maintenance of freedom in our lives. Simply said, the Democratic Party and the main street media, no longer believe in freedom as a concept for Americans to live by. My erstwhile opinion and humble recommendation for this nation, is to vote for a Republican or Independent candidate in any nationwide or local election - in order to live life to its fullest! God willing, the Coronavirus has given Americans the 'wake up call' and the wise divine counsel we need, in order to save our lives.

In a future post - The Mental Virus Continues - will outline sensible, rational solutions to save America from despotism.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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May 6th, 2020 9:38 PM

Dear Friends,

American history is truly fascinating as it reveals the genuine American character of those that love democracy and the sacrifices made for liberty and freedom. It was many years ago when Patrick Henry delivered his speech to a packed Second Virginia Convention in March of 1775. The cry of 'Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death' was an oratorical masterpiece, as he was able to convince the colonials in attendance to rise up and send a battalion of troops from Virginia to fight in the Revolutionary War.

Patrick Henry was the colonial Governor of Virginia at the time and an attorney in good standing. He was a fine orator and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. For me to compare this exceptional man from Virginia to the current Governor of this state, I would woefully attempt a 'fools errand' as this comparison would be considered a travesty of the highest order. It's amazing that after 245 years, democratic principles are discarded by intellectual ignorance.

During the past few months, this country and the entire world continues to suffer from the painful loss of life, attributed to a virus that originated in China. This Communist nation and its surrogates, have misled the entire world by their actions in efforts to mislead and coverup the pandemic, that has allowed the destruction of civilization on all continents. The cases of affliction in America are devastating, as the death rate rises and the financial consequences are similar in scope to the Great Depression.

It is an unfortunate realization this generation of Americans have succumbed to a vast misappropriation of common sense, in understanding the effects the virus has in one's life. It is sane and logical for discerning adults to be careful in the manner one is to approach a pandemic. The Coronavirus has created havoc and abuse by those seeking the ability to overwhelm by a concerted effort to circumvent the Constitutional rights of all Americans.

The politicization of everything under the sun has made this nation into a bucolic, disgruntled mass of perverse energy that has gradually denuded the mental capacity for reason, ethical principles and the acceptance of one's dignity that fosters respect in others. Personal responsibility is required, to obey sound medical recommendations on how to conquer and alleviate the effects in containing the Coronavirus within our neighborhoods. Concurrently, this nation must also balance the ability to generate commerce. The income procured by this gradual and common sense endeavor to reopen businesses across America, will begin to sustain all families by providing the food and shelter required to reestablish one's piece of mind. The oppressive nature of a cadre of Governors, City Mayors, Law Enforcement and Judges in their attempts to control or micromanage the life of a US citizen under the most Draconian procedures to curtail the outbreak of the Coronavirus, is the circumstance that can try men's souls. Notwithstanding, the disdainful media has forfeited its journalistic integrity by conspiring with miscreants in their complicity to elevate their contempt for Americans with dissenting views. Must America relive its history when a Revolutionary War was the only method available, to end the scourge of repression amongst its population?  

To save this country from the hatred of leftist sympathizers in their contempt to dismantle Capitalism by executive orders that prolongs one's misery, a growing number of Americans have 'seen the light'. When there is a concerted effort by leftist political supporters eager to impose their Socialist or Communist concepts on a Democratic Republic in crisis - the die has been cast.  Do not be afraid my friends. Through prayer and supplication the Good Lord will answer our concerns, as the Coronavirus has divinely revealed the true character of those seeking to destroy this nation. It's true that God works in mysterious ways. The pandemic has shaken the world and will bring a restoration of faith that has been dormant for a very long period of time. You must never be discouraged, as God is in control!

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on May 6th, 2020 9:38 PMLeave a Comment

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