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August 12th, 2018 4:11 PM

Dear Friends,

I was driving around town and I came across a pattern of life that is truly depressing. The torment many in Los Angeles have is overwhelming, as a good number of its citizens are suffering from homelessness, crime and mental illness. Just the other day a woman with her belongings was sitting in front of a convenience store asking for money. I gave her what I had and we spoke briefly about her condition. She was a Caucasian woman and revealed she was 43 years of age, had 4 sons and 7 grandchildren. My heart wept when she also mentioned her birthday was in a few days.

This circumstance is commonplace in a city with a voluminous amount of wealth. There are several factors one can highlight by the horrific scenes of devastation one can witness, by driving in neighborhoods neglected by powerful political interests. Notwithstanding, one can come across a preponderance of affluence displayed by material goods, single family residences and commercial properties throughout its borders.

 While the rich are known to have garnered their opulence through their access within the entertainment industry or by government corruption, there are additional methods in which those living in Los Angeles have attained their prosperity by unorthodox measures too numerous to mention. All told, the Middle Class is struggling to make ends meet, and as a specific group, are leaving this city and California for a better life without chronic challenges. The misanthropic interests, the ruthless greed factor, the mental illness of those that have a concurrent malady of narcissism, sociopathy and psychosis in communication and a good number of its inhabitants that have looked the other way, have contributed to the nightmare of a society that is unraveling before our very eyes. California has become a foreign country suffering from an embellishment of incoherence. The truth is rarely spoken, as material assets defines the substance of one's character. 'By all means necessary', has become the concomitant approach to become advantageous or victorious in questionable desires that cripples the human spirit.

I have been living in Southern California for 37 years. What I have witnessed in all this time can be described as a flowing exuberance of thought in script form, while the death of civilization running amok that surrounds us, tends to occur simultaneously. This can be considered an unhealthy oxymoronic approach in living.

 The current powerful political forces have extended their dysfunctional method of governance by activating their derision of logic and the truth. One can force a smile and do their very best to live a life in a society where everyone has unwittingly conspired to survive the metropolitan wilderness. Drastic changes within this 'avant-garde' 'progressive' mindset must be conquered and be done away with. The mental disorders afflicting the inhabitants of this state, has denigrated the natural disposition of living a wholesome and blessed life as demonstrated in Scripture. The solution is to defeat these disconcerting forces in all spheres of influence, where evil deceives and prolongs its presence in our homes and communities. Any discerning individual of a sound, rational mind that lives in California, fully understands this conflict. Unfortunately, the pain and suffering that continues unabated in this state, is due to the prominent lack of wisdom of those associated in representing the interests of its law abiding, judicious citizenry.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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August 1st, 2018 6:32 PM

Dear Friends,

The politicization of everything under the sun in this country has created a tremendous amount of stress that has created a turbulent escalation of mental distractions. We are now living in a nation that has lost it's bearings. Journalism is no longer credible, vulgar expletives are utilized to promote and defend scurrilous policies, as the support of these disconcerting activities can only logically be construed as cognitive disintegration. I mentioned this condition in my last post regarding the unethical performance of a discredited FBI agent and various responses of approval from Congressional admirers when this man was questioned. When individuals give credence to the forces of evil, the consequences are demonstrable and destroy the harmonious fulfillment of the human condition. The intensification of collective unprincipled patterns of behavior is alarming. The inability by a percentage of the American people to recognize the truth, before, during and after once a circumstance is impartially scrutinized, has created conduct that lacks accountability, integrity and respect.

As a staunch anti-communist, I am viewing the slow, gradual unraveling of liberty when the truth is no longer viewed or recognized as valid. The complete, unadulterated attempts in dismantling the presence of common sense, has become the fodder for individuals that have lost their capacity to reason and have unwittingly incorporated patterns of behavior that can only lead to cognitive dissonance. Socialism, Communism, Marxism and Fascism are dangerous concepts that destroy the human condition. When discerning Americans are confronted by a young Congressional candidate from New York espousing socialist dogma without reason, with the enthusiastic support of her political party and the promotion of a disgraced media, the revulsion of this message affects those that truly love this country.

The incivility Americans witnessed by numerous members of the main street media denouncing the Chief Executive in the press conference with the Russian Premier in Helsinki, has disturbed the basic homogeneity of respect one affords those seeking peace. The continued chronic revelations of corruption by establishment law enforcement agencies against the current President and the administration, has imposed a vicious deportment of conduct that has created a volume of consequences.

Truly, this President does believe in his team of members, chosen specifically to assist the American people in resolving age old problems. It is prudent that a dialogue with governments that have a propensity to disrupt the internal workings of a democratic society are required - to end their clandestine involvement in our internal affairs. At the Helsinki Press Conference, his presumed hesitation in demonstrating confidence of federal law enforcement agencies, are due to chronic sustained attacks since the General Election in regards to his competency. The 'elite' high echelon officers of the previous administration and holdovers within these agencies along with a disgraced media, have a disdain for this President that has created a sustained pandemonium.

The time has come to end the neurosis that has infiltrated a percentage of those unable to approach challenges with a rational, logical or discerning mind. The truth is the main concept that is a necessity in order to resolve America's problems.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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July 20th, 2018 2:54 PM

Dear Friends,

During the 1960's, there was a television show by the name of THE FBI. This program was one of my favorite dramas, as I was truly fascinated by the plots in which the main character with the assistance of his loyal detectives, were able to capture the villains of the day. The program was on air from 1965 through 1974. Talented actor Efrem Zimbalist Jr, a man of great Spiritual Faith, portrayed Inspector Lewis Erskine. Through his direct involvement, he was able to pursue the calling of a law enforcement officer by apprehending dangerous criminals from our communities. Justice prevailed when the rule of law was vigorously enforced by the dedication of those in the Bureau.

As a teenager so many years ago, this TV show became my first impression of the FBI. The theme music alone, brings me goose bumps every time I hear it. Unfortunately throughout the years, Americans were made aware of Director J Edgar Hoover's various exploits, along with disparate clandestine government involvement in scandals that were gradually revealed by the passage of time. This past week, many discerning Americans were reminded once again that one's confidence and trust in government institutions can be considered a haphazard concept. The testimony of the main inspector in the investigation of the former Secretary of State's questionable activities and the alleged collusion by the Republican candidate's campaign with the Russians to alter the 2016 General Election, were divulged by texts that focused on a political bias against the current President. For an entire day we witnessed a contrived performance worthy of recognition for its debasement of the truth. Consequently, the character of this agent and other Congressional inquisitors have been diagnosed with an affliction, in which cognitive disintegration has infiltrated their mental faculties. When a Congressman recommends a Purple Heart for the misleading responses given by a higher echelon agent of the FBI, one's unbelief of this indignity is overwhelming! Men and women have lost their lives in saving their countrymen in battle. To compare this travesty of interrogation where members of an opposition political party offered support for actions contrary to the rule of law and its profession for the sacrifice of those that love this country - is truly offensive. From all the news we've heard, this agent has used his power and influence to mislead and to promote an account that obfuscates the truth due to political bias revealed by numerous text messages with another agent throughout his investigations. 

There is corruption in the Department of Justice and the FBI. Any rational and intelligent American has come to this conclusion. While we are confident that rank and file members of these institutions are eager in their commitment to uphold the Constitution and are engaged in the preservation of law and order, this chapter in non enforcement and the disrespect of the Constitution will eventually come to an end, as the truth continues to be revealed.

 America needs to know there are many Inspector Erskine's that love America and are employed at the Department of Justice and the FBI.

Thanks again for your continuous support




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July 10th, 2018 9:31 PM

Dear Friends,

Before I begin my remarks, I want to thank everyone for your embrace of the Oath of Responsibility on Independence Day. The response to our last post was tremendous! While there are misguided attempts to control our independence by powerful forces, many of us recognize the consequences of such unscrupulous behavior. This Summer has initiated a season in which circumstances on all levels is headed for a heatwave!

The selection of a conservative 'strict constructionist' as the next Associate Supreme Court Justice, has created a volume of dissension from members of an opposition political party and by a conglomerate of activist individuals that have an unorthodox comprehension of the US Constitution. As an undergraduate many years ago, I enrolled in classes that provided lively, intelligent and intellectual discussions on how Constitutional Law was determined throughout momentous cases in American history. As students, we reviewed the various decisions to ascertain if logic and/or wisdom was a major outcome in a Court's majority opinion. We also recognized the approach and the convictions of a Justice in the interpretation of the Constitution. Basic ideologies formed by the substance of character generated throughout the life of a Justice, can foretell the analysis of court cases in the future. In my estimation, the US Constitution is a document that must be interpreted as how the Founding Fathers conceived of its values and virtues, as one of the three branches of government incorporated as a republic. In essence, to review and define the law as written, is the function of the Judicial Branch. Incidentally, to 'preserve, protect and defend' the Constitution, is a duty to uphold by all Americans. Consequently, to legislate, politicize or offer opinions contrary to the principles established in the Constitution by a Supreme Court Justice - has no merit.

The weather in Southern California has intensified greatly so far this Summer. Last weekend was exceptionally hot, as I'm beginning to gradually believe there is a climate conversion of sorts. The cause for this massive heatwave is debatable. Nevertheless, this nation has the ability to limit the hazardous effects of its surroundings by reducing pollution and the hazardous toxic substances that imperil our environment. All regulations implemented by government administrations to combat these effects, must be duly reviewed for its effectiveness. I can only surmise that every passing year, the heat in Los Angeles and its environs has increased in temperature by triple digits. My concern is the health of older members in the community and those susceptible to a climate that can drain one's energy or the loss of life.

In upcoming posts, I'll add my voice on tariffs, the effects of gas prices, the alleged Russian 'collusion' to undermine the 2016 General Election, the booming economy and life in general. In all of these topics for discussion, a heatwave is discovered!

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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June 29th, 2018 5:49 PM

Dear Friends,

On Wednesday, July 4th at 12:00 PM PST, I will place my right hand on the Holy Bible and raise my left hand and recite the following:

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that as an American, I will use all the attributes of character I possess to be a responsible citizen, and will to the best of my ability, ensure, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, so help me God."

This will be the 5th consecutive year that I have embraced the Oath, to honor and appreciate America for the liberty and freedom that I enjoy. I truly appreciate the many blessings received through the love of numerous citizens throughout my life. Since landing in Miami via Pan Am in April of 1962, my two brothers and I arrived in the US from communist Cuba, just 90 miles away. Since then, I have understood the harm and abuse many Cubans have suffered and continue to do so under a despotic regime that has no mercy. Even though my brothers and I came to the US legally as refugees, we were separated from our beloved parents - for over 4 years.

In today's America, many in the adult population are unable nor unwilling to grasp the horrors associated with Socialism, Communism or Marxism. When a political party and its followers decide it's best to adopt stark ideologies contrary to the workings of a democratic republic or the tenets of the Constitution, a catastrophe will ultimately ensue. There is a chronic disrespect by misguided forces, in their hatred of discerning Americans when rational and logical convictions of sustenance are universally supported.

The formation of one's character, in believing that entitlement of everything is without sacrifice - has become an approach to life without wisdom. Notwithstanding, the decline in the ability to recognize the value of common sense in decisions that affect the stability of one's environment, is heralded as the source that creates oppression in American society, by those that have acquired thought patterns overflowing with a preponderance of ignorance. The scourge of mental disorders is an affliction that has enveloped a percentage of the American population. Confrontations, boycotts, the segregation of human interaction due to the politicization of communication and the displays of vulgar verbiage as an expression to heighten displeasure, does not elevate an intelligent dialogue this nation requires to resolve its problems. As an example, to abolish a government agency that protects this nation from human trafficking, drug proliferation, gang members, violence and crime in our communities, is an opinion that is devoid of sound judgement and devours the truth.

On this Independence Day, take the time to recognize that hatred will never solve America's challenges. The time has arrived that we step back and insist on calming the frenzied, dissenting rhetoric that can only lead to violence. Let's pray for peaceful resolutions that raise the human spirit.

Even with all of its challenges, may God in His ultimate wisdom, continue to bless the United States of America.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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