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September 22nd, 2019 4:14 PM

Dear Friends,

Just yesterday I went to a local matinee to view the motion picture - DOWNTON ABBEY. I have watched every television episode of the series and consider myself a true fan! I'm also a dreamer and a believer in living in a society where wit, humor and wisdom are portrayed during a time where one can appreciate the circumstances that made it so abundant. My favorite individual in the film is Violet, portrayed by Maggie Smith. She has the overwhelming presence of a woman that has conquered every challenge anyone during that era could ever experience. Any observer would know this element of her personality to be true, as her perspicacious expressions reveal the substance of her character.

On a personal level, I have always enjoyed classical periods of British drama and historical subjects on film. DOWNTON ABBEY has inspired and fascinated many of us that long for a period in which the splendor of respect is a virtue that is difficult to imagine or encounter, in today's prosaic Western Civilization.

I am not a movie reviewer by any means, but I do have the ability to enjoy what I like. I recommend for my faithful friends and readers to VISIT DOWNTON ABBEY - as this might remind you of what you may have been missing.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

Downton Abbey - The Trailer


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September 17th, 2019 4:47 PM

Dear Friends,

You may have heard about a book in which Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was involved in an abusive sexual contrivance at a party as an undergraduate. This book neglected to mention the individual who was purported to be the 'victim', has no recollection whatsoever of the circumstance involved. An eyewitness has come forward, however his incredulous account of the situation is under scrutiny, due to a political affiliation and ideology that runs counter to Justice Kavanaugh's beliefs.

Last weekend the American people were confronted once again with an unrelenting method of destruction by powerful evil forces in the media and by leftist, socialist members of the Democratic Party among other entities. The presumed events that occurred many years ago were presented to the FBI in their investigation last year during the Senate confirmation hearings. The FBI did not find any credible occurrence of indecency and advised the Committee with their findings. Unfortunately, this book provides a continued approach to destroy Justice Kavanaugh's reputation. Notwithstanding, the Satanic attack on his family, friends and supporters has become a dangerous assault on one's human dignity.

The continued manifestation of evil in this country is a cause for one to be alarmed, as one's Freedom of Speech has been infringed by the cruel obsession in dismantling the First Amendment to the Constitution. When a vicious and degenerate approach to demolish Justice Kavanaugh's character is never ending, the manipulation and intimidation of law abiding American citizens with conservative discerning views, will become the next step towards this country's perdition.

I am not a clairvoyant nor a member of an association that does not allow independent thought. People that know me well, fully understand my predilections for the attainment of justice in all circumstances. It is my humble opinion that Justice Kavanaugh will not change his convictions in fulfilling obligations and responsibilities to interpret the Constitution as conceived. Manipulation or intimidation by wicked voices, will never be successful in converting his views towards a deconstructive subversive interpretation of the Constitution. Justice Kavanaugh has many years to fulfill his role on the Supreme Court. The American people and historians will recognize his decisions as humane and substantial. By all accounts in the near future and after he is called Home, the American people of advanced generations will proclaim his esteemed presence. He will be referred to, as


 a man of honor and distinction.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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September 12th, 2019 6:11 PM

Dear Friends,

The President has decided to terminate the National Security Advisor due to disagreements in foreign policy. This termination became known to the American people through social media composed by the President. Moreover, the National Security Advisor mentioned that he was not terminated but decided to resign his position. At this juncture in this story, we have a clash of statements and we are now confronted in questioning who is telling the truth.

Many years ago, I remember my experience as a Bank Manager. I believed that terminating an employee would always be considered the most difficult decision I was required to make. The decision I made under these circumstances were not taken lightly, as an employee's immediate future depends on my recommendations and Bank policy guidelines I was required to implement. During this time, I was allowed to review the employee's performance and if it was unsatisfactory, I had the option in recommending a 90 day probation period in order to ascertain if the employee can have a second chance. After the probation period, I had the responsibility to review the strength of the employee's production figures and if there was improvement, a termination would not take place. Through all of these circumstances, I spoke to the employee on a face to face basis, and I never mentioned our discussions to other members of the staff or other personnel. Only my Superior and the Human Resources Department at the Bank were privy to the situation at hand.

To terminate a Bank employee or a Government official are actions that have different methods of accountability, as these entities are not similar in scope. However, one must reveal a decency in the approach of terminating an employee that has contributed in representing an organization in the past. While this person has fallen out of favor, the employer must come to the conclusion that one's termination would be best for all concerned. This includes the fired employee, as lessons for one's termination will be personally understood in due course.

It is my understanding, the National Security Advisor recommended that a meeting with the President at Camp David with the Taliban to help solve the 18 year conflict in Afghanistan, was not a good idea. With the information that has been revealed, it is ironic the Advisor may have been correct in his assertions, as the President abruptly canceled the meeting with the Taliban scheduled for last Sunday, after the terrorist group killed an American soldier in Kabul due to a bomb attack.

While it has been reported the President listens to all points of view on numerous topics, it was apparent the National Security Advisor did not have the respect of the President, and his resignation or termination was the end result. This Advisor is considered to be a 'hawk' in regards to relations with despotic regimes. We are living in a dangerous world and any negotiations with oppressive governments or entities must be pragmatic in nature.

As an Independent 'swing voter', after so many resignations and firings from the White House, one ponders if we are viewing a game show that promotes a revolving door. It is truly unfortunate the verbiage used to terminate this Advisor so the entire nation knows of its contents, is cause for the dissipation of one's reputation and embarrassment. There must be a diplomatic way in 'terminating' an employee that provides a salient viewpoint that is contrary to a President's perspective. I would surmise the Advisor's suggestions, while forceful, are to save America from despotism. This chronic method of elimination of government officials, specifically this National Security Advisor, is becoming exhausting.

It is apparent that a percentage of individuals hired in high echelon positions in government today, have opinions, predilections or personalities that run counter to the policies this President advocates. At a minimum, it would be a logical exercise when anyone is hired to hold a prominent position in government, to review their past experiences and judgements to ascertain their deep beliefs.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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September 6th, 2019 12:38 PM

Dear Friends,

Earlier this year, I attended a 'Spiritual Retreat' at St. Monica's Parish. The celebrant was Father Michael Fish. With all confidence, Father Fish has an ability to inspire everyone that he meets, as the substance of his engaging character exudes a divine spirit.

I have attended the last two retreats given at the Parish and I am invigorated by an energy that I have missed over the years. When there is a spiritual presence in your midst, you will know the coordinates of your personality that allows one to embrace the truth in all circumstances. The message Father Fish offers to everyone is a basic reminder that we have the capacity to explore our lives without recriminations when we find our 'inner monk' once we embark on solitude and introspection. The time we spend in our pursuit to understand the substance of our lives, healing will begin. Father Fish is a member of a hermitage in Northern California and his approach in living in solitude is fascinating. I hate to generalize, but for Father Fish to live in a state that is engrossed in secular philosophies and has abandoned principals of one's independence or personal sovereignty, is truly exceptional!

Father Fish's wonderful stories of the times he met other participants during his Camino de Santiago walk in Spain, revealed a spiritual account of synchronicity that was predetermined from above. Before I am called Home, one of my 'Bucket List' goals is to experience the delight of walking with the spirit. By walking for many miles, I will release the chronic stress that has accumulated over time. In so doing, I will be living the life Our Dear Lord has ordained for me.

Please review Father Fish's website below for more detailed information, on a journey to live life to its fullest!

Thanks again for your continuous support.

Father Fish


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September 4th, 2019 1:25 PM

Dear Friends,

I had some misgivings in writing this post. During this past week, tragedies, the advent of evil in various news accounts and the sadness I've encountered was upon me, as I attended a funeral Mass for a dear friend I've known for many years. I surmise these inner and outer events in my life and those of others, does have an influence on how we interact in various circumstances. I can only say my faith helps me to recognize that Our Lord hears our prayers, and assists us in overcoming the despair that we feel when these circumstances are prevalent.

It was awhile back, in February of 2016 in which I wrote about enforcing my desire to engage in SMILE THERAPY. At the time I had a strong belief that I could conquer any demons that were present in my environment that created any presence of despondency in my interactions with my family, friends or acquaintances.

As of today, I can safely say the SMILE THERAPY that I have adopted to alleviate the distractions and depression in Los Angeles, does indeed work! Just the other day I was at Canter's Restaurant located on Fairfax Ave in Los Angeles. As I was waiting in line to pay my bill, a woman ahead of me in line looked at me and mentioned that I had a 'beautiful smile' and my face provided her a 'calming' effect. I was thrilled to hear a description of my presence - this reaction has been a welcoming observation by a healthy number of individuals in my travels throughout Los Angeles County. Sometime ago, I also remember a Pastor mentioning that I have a 'beautiful' smile after celebrating Mass, as he was substituting for our regular Pastor for several days at our Parish. I can recall other occasions where my SMILE is reciprocated instantly, once facial recognition is made.

I am writing about this, as I've registered various posts that are frankly depressing and discouraging. The overwhelming problems faced by those in Los Angeles, California, America and the world is truly devastating, as I and many of us need an outlet to remind ourselves that life is truly worth living. While SMILE THERAPY may be considered a childish attempt at manipulation, I view this differently as a simple SMILE provides a wonderful feeling of togetherness that we need in order to prolong our lives towards a sense of optimism, if we are struggling emotionally on any given day.

I've written about the mental afflictions that many Americans suffer from. The chronic displays of ignorance, ineptitude and vulgarity that has risen exponentially in today's American culture, has become a testament of one's delight or incoherence of what constitutes basic values of human dignity. My attempt to dislodge the mental disorders of those in politics, as the proselytizing of leftist ideology in media, higher learning and their misguided followers, is a challenge worthy of Divine Intervention.

We do live in a dangerous world. To enable one's peace of mind in a world such as this, SMILE THERAPY is a simple approach that can energize our surroundings so that finally, common sense will be embraced by everyone. It's a tall order by any means, but I'm of the humble opinion, that our prayers will overcome this stagnant belief that our duress, does not allow our lives to be worth living.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

Smile Therapy - 2/7/2016


Smile Therapy - 3/15/2008


Canters Restaurant


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