January 8th, 2021 1:20 PM

Dear Friends,

The time has arrived that we must PRAY FOR AMERICA. I was truly distraught, as the latest post I wrote told the truth in one simple sentence. Wednesday, January 6th will be a day many discerning citizens will remember with sadness, fear and anxiety, as the loss of a Democratic Republic has occurred. To be able to live 'sucessfully' under oppression, is the newest method for one to survive. My prayers for the future of this country are sincere. The venom that has infiltrated this land is depressing. I will resume to read my Holy Bible daily, as I need God's guidance on how to live under this tormenting situation. My trust is in God, noone else.

In several previous posts I mentioned the passage in Scripture, from (Luke 12-2) in which he says "There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known." This week, the truth and wise counsel from Luke, revealed the evil that surrounds all of us. God in His infinite wisdom has made His Divine Presence known. He has exposed individuals and entities of this nation in their concerted hatred of the human spirit, by their contempt for the liberty and freedom we revere with our lives.

On January 20th, the American people will have a strong inclination on how one must live - in a nation that has lost its traditional bearings.

May God Help Us All!

Thanks again for your continuous support - during these challenging times in a nation - no longer known as the  United States of America.

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January 7th, 2021 11:51 AM

Thanks again for your continuous support and genuine prayers - during these challenging times in America - a nation that no longer exists.

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January 6th, 2021 12:38 PM

Dear Friends,

When I became a Naturalized American citizen in 1989, I swore that I would preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. The ceremony that day in Los Angeles was deeply moving, as America helped our family many years earlier from our escape from Communist Cuba. For the past 7 years I have written about my deep respect for the Constitution and the values this nation has instilled in our spirit to assist others as much as members of our community helped us. Today and tomorrow will determine if the America that our family and I knew will continue to exist. The events in Georgia today and in Washington tomorrow, will decide if we are to live in a country controlled by a cabal meant for destruction in everything we hold dear. Last June 30th, I posted 'The Oath of Rresponsibility' to be administered on July 4th. I recommend you review this short post as a reminder that as an American citizen we have a responsibility to uphold the basis for living in a nation where the blessings of liberty and freedom flourishes.

The outcome that takes place in the next 24 to 48 hours may end the ability to live our lives in peace. Our children must never be subjected towards the wanton evil that has permeated America in all aspects of our lives. Unceasing prayer to Almighty God will decide the future of this nation and the world.

May God help us all!

Thanks again for your continuous support - during these challenging times in America.

Oath of Responsibility - June 30th, 2020

TeamBlog (

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January 2nd, 2021 6:01 PM

Dear Friends,

I was a participant at a New Years Eve gathering with my dearest friends. This year the circumstances are considered peculiar, as anxiety was a dominant factor on how to react - when living in oppression or freedom will become our destinies in a few short days. Singing 'Auld Lang Syne' brought silent tears, as we remembered family and friends that have come and gone in our lives. I was truly saddened by unsucessful attempts in feigning a celebration known for its merriment and cheer. Guy Lombardo would be at a loss to see our faces and would be saddened by our expressions too.

2020 will always be remembered as a year of revelation. Many discerning Americans clearly understand there are powerful individuals in government; a political party; media; various establishments that include education; medicine; entertainment and other entities, that have a deep hatred for democratic principles and Judeo-Christian values. In the 2016 General Election, the Democratic Presidential nominee defined conservative Americans as 'a basket of deplorables'. Disparaging citizens in this manner by utilizing vulgar expressions of disrespect for others, continues its destruction of the human spirit even today. There are cowards throughout this country that are compromised by their inability to tell the truth, as illicit compensation in their actions has been divulged by the basic tenets of common sense. Just 'follow the money' is the common sense path in revealing the truth in everything.

As a 65 year old man, past experiences have illuminated my comprehension of human nature. I have been guided by prayer in such a manner, it is understood that mental illness is the main component of anyone that is unable to decipher miniscule remnants of logical reason when confronted by the truth. Notwithstanding, ignorance, corruption and the presence of evil within one's character, allows the ability for the conscience to proliferate in malevolence.

The cowards in American society have been unmasked almost supernaturally, as true law abiding and God fearing citizens are now in a position to fight the war for justice that is fast approaching. The run-off Senate Elections in Georgia and the selection of Electors this coming week, will determine the fate of a nation founded by divine concepts enthralled by Almighty God. The day America prays and pleads for mercy, forgiveness and humility from depravity, this will be the day this country begins to live again. May God in His infinite wisdom disclose His love for America by ending the torment of a 'stolen' Election.

Thanks again for your continuous support - during these challenging times in America.

Guy Lombardo - 1947 'Auld Lang Syne'

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December 29th, 2020 6:07 PM

Dear Friends,

Many sane and freedom loving Americans are happy to see 2020 come to an end! Good riddance! - is the truest form of an expression that conveys the awful and disturbing animus of hatred and mental illness that has inspired a leftist rampage of monumental proprtions throughout this nation - in efforts to destroy America. The scourge of political dystopia in everything traditional and wholesome in American culture, is a sickness that has been exposed for everyone to see. I am not a clairvoyant by any means, as the coming year has the capacity to renforce the perdition that exists or the coming Renaissance of the benevolent human spirit that will save this country from evil. This coming year will define the true character of the American people.

As of now, I am despondent and demoralized by living in a society that promotes evil as the basis to control our thoughts and actions. I am distraught today, as I'm reliving the suffering as a child when I escaped Communist Cuba with my older brothers many years ago. We were finally reunited with our beloved parents years later. The memories of separation and repression of that time in my life depress me, as my family and close friends have recently noticed. The upcoming days of January 6th and the 20th are dates that will inform Americans if we are to live under government oppression. Satan has conquered this country and the ramifications have surrounded our lives with sadness, anger and frustration, all rolled up in the devastation of one's optimism for life. I've always thought of myself as an 'eternal optimist'- unfortunately not anymore. Why must we live this way or why do we allow miscreants to destroy our lives? As a Naturalized American citizen, my posts offer the ability for me to vent and show my disfavor towards politicians and establishments eager to dismantle the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Liberty and freedom must always prevail in a nation founded on democratic principles. The only way 2021 can be considered a Happy New Year, is for America to defeat the enemy. The enemy within.

I hope that my melancholy dissipates or is in great error, as I truly want to have a Happy New Year -  and I imagine you, your family and friends do so too.

 May our prayers be answered with the good news discerning Americans long to hear. 

Thanks again for your continuous support - during these challenging times in America.

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