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January 21st, 2018 2:03 PM

Dear Friends,
This is my third and remaining resolution for this year. I have reviewed the state of my health, finances and the substance of my character, as a springboard to conquer any challenge that will occur during 2018.
It seems when one has acquired the spirit of wisdom through faith and circumspection, the past has provided the experience in which present and future actions are inherently determined. I know full well that when I read the numerous passages of Scripture, I am taken to a time and place that invigorates my devotion towards an understanding of my current place or aspirations in this life, as I survive in a broken world.
There is no place for dishonesty nor wanton hatred of others. There are ideologies or disciplines that are utilized to destroy or harm basic discernment of logical reason, contrary to human nature. I am content and blessed to have the unswerving dedication and ability to grasp fundamental beliefs that are universally recognized as an elevating spiritual presence within one's domain.
This is the year I will devote my efforts in assisting those seeking to overcome handicaps by restless entities. Their existence is the desire to circumvent the natural progression of responsibility and ethics that are required for personal growth. The moral authority that has transpired in this nation and the world has diminished, as mental illness has captivated the souls of the impoverished in spirit. We are compelled to be reminded in John 8:32, "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." I will attempt to implement my good graces to be 'a voice in the wilderness', as my time to rise towards this occasion has finally arrived!

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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January 14th, 2018 6:12 PM

Dear Friends,
It seems as though by all credible accounts from economists and government officials, this is the year many Americans will increase their income substantially from years past. The Middle Class earners of this nation will notice less deductions for taxes in their paychecks. Notwithstanding, a rise in wages is viewed as an inevitable outcome due to the Tax Cut signed by the President last month.
All of us have noticed a Stock Market that is booming towards unprecedented heights, while business income and the value of personal investments in 401K plans has surged since the 2016 General Election. This activity has assisted many Americans in securing employment opportunities. Moreover, the decline of seeking Food Stamps to make ends meet has been reported as a credible result of the current financial boom. Construction, manufacturing and a conglomerate of business ventures has risen the Gross Domestic Product to over 3% Growth during the past several quarters. This entire scenario is truly an optimistic one, as labor officials mention African-Americans have secured the lowest unemployment rate in many years along with our Hispanic citizens.
For many of us, we remember the stagnant economy that destroyed the lives of families by the loss of homes through foreclosure and the surge in personal and business bankruptcies. The contempt of capitalism by the previous government administration, was to transform America's free market system towards a socialist economic model. Socialism never works. Hard working, law abiding Americans have come to appreciate the optimism of self reliance by the turnaround that has taken place.
For those that have suffered greatly economically during the 8 years of the previous government administration, a lesson has been learned. Those years has given us the ability to become wiser in our monetary pursuits as we acknowledge the value of the dollar. Many discerning Americans have become frugal in their approach towards spending when purchasing foodstuffs or major ticket items. Comparison shopping and taking advantage of bargains and store sales, have become a practice since the Great Recession. To save more and have less household expenses, is a prudent approach to achieve financial security. On a spiritual level, tithing at least 10% of your earnings will provide additional income benefits that will astound you!

As a mortgage loan originator for many years, this is a great opportunity to purchase property as interest rates are still competitive. While mortgage rates are still low, the rise in rates has begun, due to the upsurge in economic activity. It's best to refinance or purchase a property during this time if all possible.
There are other worthwhile and prudent investments one can consider in gold, silver or companies that have sustained their net worth through the recent past. My humble advice is to increase your ability to become knowledgeable in any commodity before investing. There are qualified and credible personal financial planners that can assist you. I'm confident this will be the year many Americans will work and do their best to leave a past ridden by poverty, for one of profound abundance.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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January 7th, 2018 5:14 PM

Dear Friends,
Today is the 7th day of the New Year, and I'm contemplating on several resolutions I will enthusiastically begin to embrace! This is the year that I will do my very best to prioritize a well thought out personal agenda, where my determination for growth exceeds all of my doubts or frustrations.
Since I was a youngster, I've been overweight. My weight would fluctuate during times of profound stress or boredom. Nevertheless, I've had years in which this problem was resolved, but not for very long! I currently weigh 243 pounds and my height is 5'10. I am considered 'obese' by the Body Mass Index (BMI) as my total calculation is 34.9. While my health has suffered with back aches and indigestion, I've decided to instill discipline by ending the roller coaster effects that has impaired my overall well-being. Beginning today, I will begin a 21 Day Fast where I will rely on liquids and prayer to restore the vigor that has decreased over time. With the assistance of the Lord above and the encouragement of my dear family and friends, the time has arrived to end toxic devices that can permeate one's physical or emotional fitness. To this end, I will approach the next several weeks determined to lift my spirits, as a remedy to end impediments considered oppressive for my personal growth. In this vain, I will be reviewing Pastor Jentezen Franklin's guidance in Fasting. He has been assisting members of his congregation and followers everywhere in focusing on the health and spiritual benefits Fasting is able to offer.
In upcoming posts I will mention other commitments tied to an increase in financial stability and the encouragement of living a blessed life.
I wish you the best of health in 2018!


Thanks again for your continuous support.

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December 31st, 2017 4:44 PM

Dear Friends,
It's New Years Eve!
I'm truly excited 2018 will be a year when my natural optimism for the future will indeed come to pass! While my confidence in the future is sincere, I will sing Auld Lang Syne this evening, as I remember friends and acquaintances that graced my life for a season and are no longer in my presence. A tinge of melancholy will be in my heart, but I recognize this is a part of life as I will be blessed with relationships that will enrich my soul. This coming year, I will look up and pray that I'll be in the right place at the right time in all of my magnanimous endeavors! While these are my thoughts, I suspect many Americans can sympathize with my heartfelt desires.
I wish you, your family and dear friends a Joyous, Prosperous and Happy New Year 2018!

Thanks again for your continuous support.

Old Lang Syne sung by Susan Boyle
Old Lang Syne sung by Julie Andrews

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December 30th, 2017 8:57 AM

Dear Friends,
In a few hours many of us will celebrate the coming of a New Year! There will be resolutions made to better ourselves in various ways as we renew our commitment to live life to its fullest! We pray and hope that our desires will come to pass emotionally, financially and spiritually. The strength and the impact of our character, will determine the success or failure of our aspirations. The pursuit of wisdom is truly recognized as the main component required to elevate the human condition.
After 8 years of abuse in every concept held in high esteem by discerning Americans, the electorate chose the Republican nominee for President in November 2016 to end the damage inflicted on democratic values. When one steps back and reviews the pros and cons of any situation, the correct and wisest choice to proceed without hesitation is the best decision.
On January 20th, the 45th President will observe his first year in office. His achievements are noteworthy. The flourishing financial strength of this nation, is just one of various accomplishments due to his aggressive approach in resolving obstacles or disputes that have hampered economic growth.
While his efforts to restore logic and reason in decisions regarding trade, immigration, health care and foreign policy are judicious, there are entities eager to destroy the mandate of a duly elected President.

The opposition party, among other members of a militant progressive ideology, have conspired to demolish the voice of reason through vicious attacks of conservative governing principles in the main street media. Moreover, a hoax investigation to undermine the integrity of the 2016 Republican campaign is still ongoing. Due to an honorable attempt to be impartial, the Attorney General recused himself as the Russian 'collusion' description for the Democratic loss became a sensation. A Special Counsel was appointed to scrutinize Republican campaign activities to determine complicity with Russian operatives, to pilfer the results of the General Election. As of now, nothing of any consequence has been revealed whereby 'collusion' with the Russians ever occurred.
However, the tables are being turned, as objective investigative reporters have released documentation and information which divulges a string of corrupt activities within the Democratic Party, its 2016 Presidential nominee, the bias media and a volume of 'deep state' attempts to harm the Chief Executive and the America people. A concerted effort to invalidate the results of the General Election began in earnest.
It is alleged a repulsive 'dossier' of lewd conduct devised by a research firm and paid for by the opposing party to eliminate the legitimacy of the Republican candidate has been discovered. Notwithstanding, false, abhorrent, contrived tales of mental illness, the advancement of dementia, not to mention Articles of Impeachment were submitted by a cadre of adversaries - as weapons to undermine the power of the President to govern effectively.
Frankly, this entire activity is truly disturbing, as it further divides our country by deception and hatred for the will of the American people.

I am not a clairvoyant, but during the Summer of 2015, I knew the current occupant in the White House would become President. After 8 years, America required new leadership in which the degradation of the Constitution was a mainstream pursuit. While the current occupant in the White House may be considered boisterous, self-absorbed or aggressive among other adjectives, he is a fighter and will do his utmost to protect and defend all Americans. As I mentioned in a previous post, he was selected by providence to shake up Washington from the fraud, dishonesty and evil that has been revealed since he took office.
There will be more revelations that will surface this coming year, as the truth in various aspects of our society will be disclosed. But not to worry, as a methodical effort to restore the righteous interpretation of the Constitution has begun.
With that being said, I wish you, your family and friends a Prosperous & Happy New Year 2018, while the Lord above blesses the United States of America!

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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