July 1st, 2009 9:00 AM

Dear Friends,

This past week has seen the passing of 3 celebrities, all accomplished entertainers in various roles. Ed McMahon at 86, Farrah Fawcett at 62 and Michael Jackson at 50. Ed, Farrah and Michael were well known  for their talented performances throughout long entertainment careers. By comparison, their personalities and details of their lives were known to many and reserved for a select few. 

We will miss Ed, Johnny Carson's sidekick for 30 years on the Tonight Show. Ed's trademark opening 'entrance' of Heeeee-ere's Johnny! and his deadpan expressions when Carnac The Magnificent appeared, were truly hysterical to watch! I also remember Ed when I bumped into him many years ago at a supermarket in Malibu near the fish aisle. He recommended the halibut!

I remember Farrah as the most beautiful woman on campus! You see, her sexy pose in her red swimsuit was plastered all over the dorms of MSU during my time as a student back in the 1970's. Incidentally, I was surprised to learn the other day Farrah appeared on 'Charlie's Angels' for only one season!

And of course, Michael Jackson. A truly tremendous talent with a soft and gentle voice with dance moves unimaginable nor seen when first viewed over 25 years ago! He was well loved by many devoted fans for his kindness, affection and for his philanthropy. His donations to charities all around the world were genuine and heartfelt. However, he lived a life full of controversy.

Michael for what we know at this hour, was a man unrecognizable from his public persona. Allegations of child abuse, uncontrolled drug use and the chronic financial problems in recent years, were the active stressful components that created a tragic and misunderstood existence which ultimately caused his sudden death last Thursday.

We have been made aware of additional insights which may explain the hidden challenges he confronted since his sad upbringing as a youngster. In adulthood we can surmise the thought processes which led to painful, perplexing and harmful decisions in order to mask an intense struggle for acceptance and for the love of his family and peers.

Attempts to disguise or alter his appearance by plastic surgery and his desire to garner control of his life at all costs, were seen as actions to escape from a past devoid of the innocence and frivolity of a childhood he was never to embrace. Demons of such magnitude can lie dormant or become active at times of anxiety and strain. Michael's aberrant behaviour can be seen as a window to his soul. The disturbing and horrific suspicions of child abuse tarnished his reputation and he was no longer viewed by many with respect nor benevolence. To harm a child in such a manner, is the most egregious and repugnant form of abuse one can ever perpetrate on the innocent.

Nevertheless, Michael will always be remembered. His life was a contradiction, a paradox you might say. While the shock of his death begins to dissipate, we will process in our minds and in our hearts on how best to remember him.

A tragic tale indeed. In Michael's death, we need to remind ourselves again, life is not about the pursuit of money, fame or possessions, but what we do here on Earth to attain the promise of riches waiting for us in Heaven.

One of my favorite songs is 'You Are Not Alone'. Let's pray Michael has found the Peace, Comfort, Love and Companionship he so desperately wanted for himself and for others.

We truly extend our thoughts, prayers and condolences for all 3 families during this time of sorrow and reflection.

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