July 4th, 2010 3:58 PM

Dear Friends,

The other day I was flicking channels on my remote control and I came across a PBS special featuring a performance by James Taylor and Carole King at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. Both artists have been friends for many years and you can sense the warmth and love both have for each other. Carole was a song writer before she began her solo singing career. In the beginning, James encouraged Carol to perform on stage. In turn, James was able to inspire a generation by verbalizing the words of 'Fire and Rain' from Carol's passionate lyrics. Throughout the years when we hear either James or Carol sing, we can 'close our eyes' and know we have a friend eager to help us, when the need for our comfort is greatest.

It goes without saying that many of us long to be embraced and appreciated for the value we offer our family and friends. Sometimes our works and our sincere intentions are not recognized by circumstances or design. While we strive to always do the right thing, there are situations where our involvement is misconstrued as hostile towards the beneficiary of our altruism. During this time in our nation's history where all good deeds are suspect and where trust among a vocal minority of mischievous members of our population is no longer a virtue to be valued, America has slowly become a vessel without an anchor. The men and women chosen to represent our interests to uphold the laws of this great nation from tyranny, have decided it would be best to forego their entrusted responsibilities and seek redemption in corruption.

Americans are aware of the animated vitriol of the power elite and the scourge of incompetence at all levels of government, big business and the media. Napoleon uncharacteristically was able to offer a few words of wisdom by mentioning that one should 'never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence'. While this may be true in regards to the oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico, there are others who lament the inevitability of additional events waiting to be 'dredged up' for all Americans to discover. Anyone with at least a 3rd grade education knows full well it does not take up to 77 days to plug an oil leak! Who are we to believe? Is this tragic event where 11 crew members lost their lives becoming a pawn in a chess game of political correctness or additional fuel for government control of the oil business? While these situations continue to add anxiety to a bewildered nation, one wonders when relief and common sense shall finally come to pass.

On this 4th of July many Americans are enjoying their vacations at parades, at the beach or barbecues and viewing of fireworks this evening with family and friends. The main reasons for celebrating America's Independence is becoming a blur for many. There is a gradual attempt by those in government to gradually alter the nation's culture in order to obfuscate the fundamental bedrock principles of a democratic republic. The generational failure of the educational system in teaching history to our youngsters is evidently apparent. The Marist poll of adults released a few days ago mentions 26% of those questioned are clueless in regards to which country America gained its Independence. 20% do not know if this occurred and 6% believe its a country besides Great Britain.

Most enlightened Americans recognize there is a drift. A drift where powerful forces are hellbent in taking advantage of the hard work and the sacrifice of its law abiding citizens. The onslaught of increasing taxes and the economical consequences of uncontrolled government intervention has raised the specter of chronic unemployment, foreclosures, bankruptcies and continued suffering. With the additional participation of the media, banks, corporations and the frenzied vocal protestations of incoherence by socialist sympathizers, we are headed on a course towards the permanent loss of our sovereignty.

Many of us that lived under socialist and communist regimes know America to be the greatest country known to man. Many of us who suffered persecution at the hands of despotic regimes are instinctively blessed to have the power of discernment. Our collective suffering has become an educational and bonding prerequisite for the anxiety we believe is inevitable, unless America comes to its senses and appreciates the freedoms so many generations have lost their lives in defending. Suffice it to say, we know and understand the direction this country is headed.

Today is an important day for many Americans. Just as Memorial or Veterans Day replenishes our faith in which the sacrifices of our armed forces upholds the virtues of liberty and freedom, we must come to grips with the disgraced daily diatribe of a theology foreign in concept and nurtured by those seeking to flaunt its power and influence on others.

In our quest to accept the destinies we have encountered, many of us are very lucky to have a true friend.  At times, we are in need of a friend for guidance and comfort. Words of encouragement, reassurance and just the sound of a friendly voice is all one needs to be worthy of one's care. Unfortunately, there might be an acquaintance or a 'friend' that might steer you towards a wrong path, not knowing their sincere or self-indulgent beliefs will eventually cause more harm than good.

While James and Carol are considered good friends as they've had a splendid relationship for many years, we cannot say the same of those harboring thoughts or attitudes which differ wholeheartedly from basic tenets espoused by our Founding Fathers. 

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is revered as the living testament in which government of the people will exercise its commission. I and many others still believe in this nation. To those you meet along the way during the next 121 days to come, you are invited to take solace in the values of our forefathers that another day of independence from the madness we are living today is coming soon. With all deliberate speed, you are truly welcomed with open arms as 'You've Got A Friend' indeed!

May God In His Infinite Wisdom, Continue To Bless The United States Of America!

Thanks Again   




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