October 18th, 2013 9:26 AM

Dear Friends,

I've been self-indulgent by enjoying adventures around town during the evening hours ever since I celebrated my birthday last week! I do not know what has brought about this display of serendipity or euphoria. Perhaps the news of a government shutdown, a stagnant economy and in some respects the burdens of living in a society that has lost its ability to reason, can only be construed as the catalyst to block all aspects of negativity from my humble surroundings. Nevertheless, I consider myself responsible when called to perform the duties of my profession.

At this time I have a temporary writers' block. This has prevented me from researching or devoting the time required in highlighting several topics I will bring to the surface during the next several weeks. I'm also dismayed by the chronic crisis of living in a nation where Americans are relieved, that another day has passed without the sky crashing down around us!

We all have been made aware of the surveillance that has become our 'friend' to protect us from ourselves. While this newest element of social engineering is a factor in the loss of one's privacy and freedom, the effects of this experiment in regards to the growth of personality will one day be ascertained. Scholars, psychologists and politicians will undoubtedly offer their opinions into the Orwellian benefits and detriments of a civilization under a 24 hour watch. Truly, it does not take years to convince discerning individuals the effects of government encroachment on a nation. The effects are noticeable at this hour. 

One can easily witness the empty countenance of those we've become to depend on. All of us are dependent on others at different times in our lives. From childhood through our later years, for food, shelter, clothing and companionship there is a recognition that we are in need of assistance. However, after a litany of trials and tribulations, there is only one person we can depend on, in order to endure and persevere in a broken world. 

The America of 2013 has lost its benign character to help those in need due to the overwhelming influence and examples of greed, corruption and ineptitude of those we've trusted to represent our interests. The source of compassion will never originate from government. Many have lost sight of this fact, as the influence of secularism has risen as a cause celebre. Only when this nation appreciates the magnificent concepts of liberty as written in the Constitution and an eagerness for a spiritual reawakening, the unraveling of this once great nation will continue.  

Thanks Again

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