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April 25th, 2015 9:57 PM

Dear Friends,
In over 59 years of accomplishments and disappointments, i am truly fortunate to have known individuals that have devoted their lives with the selfless conviction as Mother Teresa's compelling tribute and love for life. While many of us have a common knowledge or an intrinsic perception that our surroundings and experiences have an ingredient of synchronicity, I am amazed by the comfort one can find in a warm gesture or a smile.
The most simplest example of life in abundance can happen at any given moment or setting. Just the other day I had lunch at a diner, and it seemed as though I was the only patron. The waitress had a big smile for me along with her co-workers, as I sat down and ordered from a lengthy menu. I was enthralled by it all, as it's been awhile since I've felt so much love - at lunch!
While we know the entire world is upside down and our nation has been swallowed by grifters and malcontents of harmful persuasions, to have a moment where madness does not have the ability to enter your personal space, is indeed a time for celebration!

While serendipity is a sign of good fortune, I was encouraged to view a film that premiered on Friday. I was invited to view 'Little Boy' before its premiere, and I was so glad that I attended the screening.
In essence, the story is about a boy and his father during World War 2. The father enlists and is sent overseas. His son believes in the impossible, as he will do anything imaginable to have his father come home. From the very beginning of the story set in the 1940's, you will believe in the profound love both father and son have for each other. During this anxious time for the youngster, his family and townspeople, there will be 7 suggestions that will affirm one's faith in the goodness one can embrace, to assist those in need or despair. To comfort others in their time of loneliness or despondency is a work that calls all of us to do the right thing, without hesitance or a sense of reluctance. This beautiful film reenforces the calling many of us have, to lift the human condition, with 'words of encouragement' to triumph over adversity.
I'm not a professional movie reviewer, but after viewing this film, you will be inspired by the power of faith that can move mountains!

Today I was able to attend mass at Blessed Sacrament Church (www.blessedsacramenthollywood.org) in Hollywood.
Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez presided over the occasion by celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Blessed Sacrament School. The boys and girls in the choir were on their best behavior, as they sang and shared 'words of encouragement' for the entire congregation. These youngsters may one day recognize, in the not so distant future, they are the newest generation to uphold and believe in a profound presence, and that life offers ample opportunities for an exploration of one's deep and abiding faith.
 In the audience, the producer of 'Little Boy', Eduardo Verastegui was in attendance.

During the course of any given day, we will come across persons that are homeless, are ill or have a financial crisis facing their family. Many of these poor souls are in need of encouraging words to help them face their current circumstances, with a dose of optimism for the future. Facing foreclosure, financial ruin, a medical prognosis or the inability of a culture or a society to end a cycle of selfishness, these trials are just several aspects of a civilization in need of healing. The truth that has created this turmoil is being revealed, and in our heart of hearts we know this to be true!
This nation continues to suffer from its inability to face the truth in all matters of importance, as ethics are discarded for delusions of more money, power and influence. After much suffering, one acquires the wisdom of discernment from within. This revelation has the capacity to expose the lies or distractions of those that dwell in pernicious attempts at destruction. I would hope Americans have seen the light and proclaim in unison, 'enough is enough' as a restoration of one's inherent common sense.
A smile, a wink, a hug, a peaceful resolution to our grievances, are all expressions of a loving presence that we need more of in this nation and the entire world. When we are able to communicate in this manner, we can truly appreciate the universal 'words of encouragement'. 
In a future post, I will recommend several charities that are doing the Lord's work and a youngster that I know, who has overcome challenges many of us take for granted.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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