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July 27th, 2012 10:31 PM

Why? We Ask

Dear Friends,

I had planned on submitting the post - located below - last Friday. I wanted to share with you the books I've set aside to read, before the fun and frolic of Summer becomes a memory. My thoughts were of a time when one day, I would have the opportunity to enjoy my immersion in the works of one of my favorite authors, as a desire for comfort and joy.

Unfortunately, America was stunned exactly 1 week ago today, by tragic events in Aurora, Colorado where a delusional young man killed 12 movie patrons and injured countless others by firing an automatic weapon directly at the audience. The movie premiere of 'The Dark Knight Rises' is the 3rd installment of the life of a comic book hero, Batman and the trials in which he defends Gotham City from crime and the pursuit of evil among its inhabitants.

I do not portend to be a movie reviewer. Generally, I do know the likes and dislikes I have for the actors portraying the main characters in the film, the composition of the storyline and if there is violence or other activities which envelops the viewer in activities of a prurient nature. This film in which wanton violence is portrayed as an ongoing necessity to reenforce its veracity, is a motion picture that I would never develop an interest in viewing. Films of this genre do harm to the sensibilities of all those who desire 'blood and guts' unremittingly, as one's soul erodes the ability to comprehend right from wrong and the compassion for others that builds from within. The chronic association of violence in American culture, 24 hours a day on hundreds of channels, is destroying the moral and virtuous fabric of a once decent nation.

While I can pontificate for days in efforts to obliterate the fall from grace of those that have contributed to the conditions which allowed the deaths of innocent men, women and children to occur, one wonders what is happening to this country?

The Framers in their prayerful convictions to end the reminders of suffering by a British monarch, understood the significance in which the Second Amendment of the Constitution is derived. The right to bear arms, where its main function is to defend one's life, property and liberty from governmental tyranny, provides the security required to uphold one's sovereignty.

One should never advocate the relinquishing of guns as a solution for the violence which permeates throughout our society. The culture in which we find ourselves during this period in American history, has created the conditions and/or the circumstances of our own demise. What we as a people have allowed to flourish and have failed in our response to deny, are the harbingers of a civilization where the desolation of the soul is painfully apparent.

We know full well, the voices of those seeking to circumvent the will of the governed. There's no time like the present to begin a new path, where our children and future generations can bask in the glory of an America in Renaissance. A General Election in November is a beginning and offers hope. When its all said and done, the destiny of this nation is truly in our collective hands.

Our prayers and condolences go out to those that have died, the wounded, their family and friends. Our prayers are also with the family of the shooter, as grief and sadness has now become a part of their lives.


Summer Reading 2012

In reviewing past TeamBlogs, you may have noticed I rarely take the time to view television, as my desire for such a medium is no longer a basis for remedial entertainment. I also have come to acknowledge my desire to eliminate the chronic prurient headlines of a culture in decline. In as much as I have the capacity for enlightenment in my ability to use all of my faculties, I will devote a certain percentage of my waking hours to enjoy the wonderment of reading a good book.

At present, there are 3 books which I have had in my possession for a period of time that I have not opened, due to work and personal responsibilities.

The first book is entitled "The Most Reluctant Convert", written by David C. Downing where he explores C.S. Lewis's adventure of faith from childhood through his early thirties.

The second book is entitled, "The Beloved Works of C. S. Lewis". This book includes 4 of his precious writings:

Surprised By Joy

Reflections On The Psalms

The Four Loves

The Business Of Heaven

I am thoroughly excited at the prospect of reading this wonderful collection, as a well earned gift to myself.

The third book is entitled "Oscar Wilde's London" written by Wolf Von Eckhardt, Sander L. Gilman and J. Edward Chamberlin. The reader discovers London during a time when the city and its main character are intertwined. While London is the host to the 2012 Olympics which begins its festivities today, one can only speculate how the games would have been presented over 100 years ago.

I'm looking forward to spending time in the past where places and events and individuals in these books will grasp my inclination for discovery! While Messrs. Lewis and Wilde are exact opposites in their lifestyles and philosophies, one can only hope such a convergence of personality can be extracted from the tribulations of their respective lives.

If you are so inclined, please do not hesitate to be my companion this Summer, as I enjoy the books just mentioned. Please email your thoughts to:


as I am eager to hear from you, my newest TeamBook Pen Pal!

Thanks Again

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