March 6th, 2019 2:19 PM

Dear Friends,

As I write this post, the rain continues to pound Los Angeles!  California is always in need of rain as droughts continue to plague this state. I do not know if the affliction of 'climate change' is responsible for the recurring drought. Nonetheless, today's heavy showers will provide the cleansing of the environment along with a temporary solution that has created havoc in years past.

'When It Rains, It Pours', is also an expression that denotes circumstances in which misfortunes or favorable events are doubled, or are experienced by additional successive occurrences during a short period of time. Everyone that is alive today has undergone this phenomenon at least once in their lives. I've encountered both good and bad situations that have procured euphoria and despondency at the most perplexing times in my life. The path of synchronicity during these events, has provided a logical interpretation as envisioned by the awesome influential power of the universe - through the actions and the predetermined destiny of the main participants or situations under scrutiny.

In order to discover the direction of one's destiny, I can safely say the Almighty is the entity that has the power to control the various circumstances that we in essence create for ourselves. While this reality is subject to one's evaluation, the events that have transpired in America during the past two years are similar to a mental affliction known as a bipolar disorder. In most conflicts, there are two sides, for or against a certain problem to be resolved. Ever since the 2016 General Election and last year's Mid-Term Election, America is now under a microscope by forces unidentified by a physical presence. The predetermined arranged circumstances that have occurred in this country, have been devised by the intervention of Providence.

 We are at a crossroads. This nation is going through a metamorphosis that will decide if a 'civil war' is imminent, or values incorporated in establishing America as a Democratic Republic are indeed worth fighting for.

I will expand on my concerns in upcoming posts.

 The political events that have occurred during the past few months, has revealed the incongruous and dangerous maneuvers of those willing to dismantle a nation blessed by Almighty God. When the acceptance of Socialism is on the rise - or the inability of a political party to condemn Anti-Semitism - or a 'Green New Deal' is viewed as a solution to control our lives by Draconian government oppression - or a border security crisis that invalidates a nation's sovereignty - while infanticide is considered the moral equivalent of righteousness itself - the transformation of America's character is unraveling before us.

 It's sad and disconcerting to say that when it rains - it pours.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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