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Dear Friends,

The past several weeks has many of us searching for answers as the world has become more violent, uncontrollable and eager to embrace manifestations of democratic principles by any means necessary. It seems as though the nations in the Middle East are seeking an end to all forms of government where a tradition of despotism, oppression and corruption no longer holds the ability to control the masses.

This 'Arab Spring' has in its core a revolution to fulfill the innermost desires of its citizens for freedom and liberty where such values have never, if rarely, ever existed before. Unfortunately, we have seen in times past, the struggle to grasp the ideals of democracy by those never to have known its pure bounty, to become enamored or enthralled by religious extremism. This irony is well known, as the liberty one seeks is placed in jeopardy by demands of a powerful and manipulative minority. This is the sword which troubles the 'freedom rebels' as their fight, while genuine, may offer others the opportunity to transform a society where harsh tenets of a faith considered virtuous by some, will ultimately contribute to the abrogation of basic human rights for all. 

The US has provided a haphazard approach in its recommendations regarding the outcomes required in this region in efforts to reenforce stability. It should be noted however, America in its current passive attempts to muster the courage to express a moral resolve, must come to an understanding. The prevention of killing of civilians by dictators hellbent in securing power at all costs, is a policy which must be pursued.

While I mentioned this passage as a time 'when darkness reigns' let's hope our prayers will propel a favorable conclusion where we are allowed to witness a 'bright light' appearing on the horizon. 

Japan Needs Our Help

We all have viewed the graphic photos and the streaming videos of the triple threat that has hit Japan. The 8.9 Earthquake, the Tsunami and the Nuclear Meltdown, which has created volatile radiation readings harmful to the health of those in the vicinity and beyond. We encourage you to donate as much as you can to help overcome the devastation and give those affected by the destruction a sense of hope for the future.

Please send your donations to the following charities:

Samaritan's Purse

American Red Cross

We thank you for your generosity.

The Last Sale

Federal Government regulations are changing the way mortgage companies and their loan agents will be compensated. Beginning April 1st, 2011, additional requirements and regulations will be imposed where the borrower or the bank will decide at the beginning of any refinance or purchase transaction the amount of compensation the mortgage broker will be allowed to earn. This will be a fee not to exceed a predetermined amount.

In previous TeamBlogs I have mentioned the intervention by the Federal Government in a business that has helped many secure the benefits of competitive mortgage rates and lower fees. I have discussed the ineptitude of government representatives in their desire to relax underwriting guidelines to curry favor with the electorate so others can purchase property with no down payments or with derogatory credit histories. Moreover, I have noted the evolution of the mortgage industry whereby higher loan costs for appraisals, processing and the beginnings of a monopoly where large autonomous banks have acquired the control to manipulate underwriting decisions among other questionable practices. The main focus of the government and the bank lobby is to destroy the mortgage broker as this business entity has been maligned unceremoniously by powerful attempts to blame brokers for the 'sub prime' mortgage mess. This scapegoat effort has been a success as meanspirited members of a powerful elite have agreed to decimate a business that has provided a beneficial service for those seeking to finance a home.

With that said, I have decided to promote our 'LAST SALE' for any purchase or refinance of a Single Family Residence or properties up to 4 units under FNMA - FHLMC - FHA guidelines. Loan amounts will be considered up to $2 Million. Please check our PRICING POLICY for more information. The 'LAST SALE' will commence for only 1 month - April 1st through April 30th. MoneyTeam will continue to offer conventional financing in the future with competitive rates but the fees we charge will be standard and reasonable.

Previous Clients

During the next 14 days, MoneyTeam will be calling or sending by mail to ALL previous clients, an offer to lower their current mortgage rate if possible and fee reductions for either a refinance or a purchase transaction. MoneyTeam will do its best to continue its motto of the past 22 years - "We will meet or beat any advertised fixed rate loan!" I am looking forward to meeting or speaking with you in the days ahead. 

Other Thoughts

I will do my best to devote more time in writing additional entries in the TeamBlog. I've been distracted with an avalanche of paperwork that seems to grow by leaps and bounds. Not to complain, as I'm content to help those in need.

I will finally begin my column 'The Governor Has Arrived' where I'll offer recommendations on how to alleviate the stress many Californians have acquired, due to the incompetence of our elected officials. I'll also delve into the budget and develop meaningful ways in which we can help solve the financial problems that has stymied the economy.

Elizabeth Taylor

Of all the personalities that have graced Hollywood throughout the years, Elizabeth Taylor can be considered an actress which embodied the soul of an era larger than life. Sadly, American audiences will rarely come across or become accustomed to a movie star of such caliber ever again. Her passing last Wednesday reminded us of her wonderful on screen presence in performances which define a generation where Hollywood was an institution unequaled in talent and conviction. Performances in National Velvet, Cleopatra, Butterfield 8, Cat On A Hot Tin Roof and Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf - my favorite - are just several of the noteworthy motion pictures where Elizabeth triumphed!

While pain and torment in her personal life is well known, the celebration of a life well lived was in her devotion to help those afflicted with AIDS. She will always be known as a champion for those eager to conquer this devastating disease and the compassion she gave to those suffering its affliction.

We offer the deepest and sincerest condolences to Elizabeth's family. Her talent will be much appreciated on the big screen up in the Heavens, where performances larger than life itself, gathers no critics!

Thanks Again        



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