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October 5th, 2015 9:29 PM

Dear Friends,
September has come and gone. Life continues in all of its manisfestations. Many of us enjoyed a brief vacation of the mind to escape predictions of terror, gloom and the end of the world, heralded by prognosticators convinced of their clairvoyant abilities. This is not to disparage those that have humble and logical opinions in regards to the state of this nation, the world or signs of the end times. One can fully appreciate the disturbing events that have transpired in our recent past, by adopting a basis for the eventual catastrophe all mankind will eventually encounter. While there are those suffering the effects of decisions orchestrated by powerful forces, the emotional despondency this creates has changed the environment in which optimism scatters and fear expands within our presence.

Recognizing the value one's peace of mind offers and acknowledging the profound importance in understanding the workings of wisdom we enable and nurture in our daily lives, are indeed yearnings to be explored by the suffering many of us continue to endure.
In reviewing last month's events, we are again reminded of the ups and downs of the Stock Market. The main culprit of the Dow's descent was due to the prevalence of disharmony that accompanies China's economy. While the supply and demands for goods and services are at the whim of consumers or a calibration of capital markets by government bureaucrats, the risks involved are all too prevalent. Any investor must value the magnitude of exposure if a crash of monumental proportions similar to years 1987, 2001 and 2008 would ever occur. The 7 Year cycle of the Shemitah in which debts are forgiven or when devastation falls upon its inhabitants did not overtake America or the world in September. Nevertheless, it's a wise option to be prepared and not hold your breath, as a pronouncement such as this ultimately builds towards an inevitable conclusion.

Another event that was viewed by the entire world, were the travels of the Pope in Cuba and the United States. In my interpretation, the Pontiff's journey was the basis to re-enforce declarations of faith or religious convictions never to be misconstrued to harm or abuse others. His homilies also strongly centered on the significance of the family. The family as devised by the Creator, has been accepted by civilization as the only arrangement that has sustenance and integrity in building lives worthy of substance throughout generations. The stability of the family provides a chronological history of birth that offers children the loving embrace of a mother and a father, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grand parents and grand children later in life. Throughout the ages, the family can be viewed as the continuation of the love and appreciation we have for our ancestors, and a sympathetic view regarding the origins of the trials, challenges and triumphs extolled in our backgrounds.
Since his election in March of 2013, this Pope has created controversy by his misgivings of free market capitalism. He is now perceived in accepting Socialism as the method to better the lot of those suffering from economic inequality. The Pope is also viewed by some as too liberal in social issues and fostering the concept of a New World Order. Among other things, he is considered to be the last Pope ever to be elected by the College of Cardinals and a false prophet to boot! While this entire discourse is fascinating, as a practicing Catholic I do my best to recite daily prayers that have an effect in lifting my levels of confidence that all perceptions of disharmony, real or imagined are disclosed, and the truth in all matters are revealed.
We must never fear or lose sight of our contributions to assist others. There are numerous forces in a broken world bound to exploit our kindness and compassion. I am saddened by a dying culture in which the profound value of human life is no longer sacrosanct. The horror of abortion, the selling of fetal body parts for profit by an organization that accepts our tax dollars, and the killing of innocent persons at a community college just last Friday, are examples of the hypocrisy in feigning concern for life, when actions such as these convey the emptiness we have allowed to occupy our very souls.

There are several additional events that I consider worth mentioning that transpired in September. Many of us were fortunate to view the Super Blood Moon on the 28th, and its significance has been debated for some time. The Tetrad, in which 4 Blood Moons occur in a row, is a very rare phenomenon.The unusual Tetrad that began in April of last year, and completed its cycle on the 28th, all fell on Jewish biblical feasts. It is my understanding numerous religious scholars, theologians or those intrigued by the signs of this appointed time, genuinely believe dramatic changes will occur. The end of the world and the return of Jesus Christ are two of the prophecies mentioned in relation to the Blood Moons. While mankind will never know the exact dates when the end of the age is to materialize, the next Tetrad scheduled to reappear will come about in 400 years! We are never to fear these events, for those that believe in life everlasting!

In regards to political fortunes in Washington DC, the Speaker of the House has tendered his resignation, effective October 30th. While this notice was a surprise by all accounts, one can surmise the frustration and the hostility of the electorate, represented by a specific group of Republican members that forced the Speaker's hand. The elections that brought the Republicans a majority in the House and Senate, were never utilized as an advantage to reverse or revoke the policies of the current administration. The Speaker aligned himself and tacitly approved policies that have brought much discord and derision among members of his own party and most importantly, the American people. In his actions, the Speaker forfeited his credibility by lacking the courage to fight, by not supporting the freedoms and democratic principles of all Americans as conceived in the Constitution.

Finally, one of the major events that took place last month, was the decision by the Russian president to begin bombings of ISIS strongholds in the Middle East. To destroy ISIS is of paramount importance. The world will know if these attacks are genuinely focused to eliminate this insurgent element in the region, or a smokescreen to damage rebel forces, whoever they might be, seeking to topple the Syrian regime.

In reviewing several of the events from last month, what do we know now, that we did not know before?
We can say that life continues. Change happens. We are not to fear the unknown. There are anomalies in our lives we do not have the ability to explain. If you live your life by practicing the Golden Rule, you will be blessed beyond measure. By reviewing the substance of one's character, this will go a long way in achieving the piece of mind we all strive to attain. Always be informed and participate in various intelligent activities that allows your voice to be heard. Be cognizant of your environment and those seeking your acceptance by their deeds. Never be discouraged. You will be known by the company you keep.
 Do your best to maintain a positive mental attitude and utilize the simple and basic power of prayer to move mountains!

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on October 5th, 2015 9:29 PMPost a Comment

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