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Dear Friends,
Tuesday, September 11th, 2001
As you know, it has been 14 years since America was attacked from evil forces, most notably in Manhattan with the destruction of the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center, the attack on the Pentagon and the crash of a commuter plane in Pennsylvania.
Up to 3000 innocent lives were lost that day.
In remembering this tragedy, we recognize the pain and suffering of lives lost and the scourge of unbelief that continues to plague the bereavement of a society, unable to access the true damage of this atrocity in their daily lives. I dare say, through the basis of logical minds, in depth investigations and revelations of the circumstances that occurred on that tragic day, the American people continue to harbor a sense of denial and seek comfort whenever 9/11 is spoken. Irregardless, a mental state of cognitive dissonance is reinforced through prolonged bouts of lamentation.
The family and friends that lost their loved ones, will always be profoundly saddened by the hatred and the lingering traumatic aftermath of what happened on that day. The horror continues to manifest itself, by the decisions we have empowered the government to implement during emotional weakness. Certainly, emotions of revenge immediately after the attacks were universal and understandable. Since then, a methodical approach in curtailing civil liberties over time has created an outcome contrary to basic principles of integrity expressed in the Constitution.

What have we allowed?
We've been involved in two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The entire Middle East has been immersed in conflict, by the haphazard infiltration of foreign policies that have created a much more dangerous and evil component, by the name of ISIS.

This nightmare continues as America is now abandoning Israel, our ally since its founding in 1948 by a nuclear agreement with Iran that will reward a nation known for its terrorist activities.
In this agreement the US government and other nations as co-sponsors:
1. Will allow an agreement to end sanctions by the release of $150 Billion
2. Will allow Iran the capacity to continue its efforts in manufacturing nuclear capabilities
3. Will allow self-inspection of its several property sites if requested by international inspectors
4. Will allow at least 24 days to comply with a request to inspect the sites in question
5. Will allow 'side agreements' with international inspectors to remain secret
6. Will allow 4 American prisoners to continue to be in captivity
7. Will allow an understanding that after 15 years time, all impediments will cease, allowing the manufacture of nuclear weapons
8. If Israel attacks Iran, America will use its forces to defend Iran from Israel

                                                 What have we learned?
This agreement can be considered an evolution on how we currently see ourselves in the trials we've endured during the past 14 years.
A discerning observer can come to the sad conclusion, the American people have withdrawn from its profound egalitarian principles and has relinquished its moral grounding by its acquiescence to forces of tyranny. We have become a society that has allowed powerful elements in government, the media and big business the authority to implement strategies that run contrary to civil liberties we all know to exist in the Constitution.
The loss of privacy, the ever increasing inability to have all three branches of government address the concerns of its citizens and the loss of trust in all relationships, has taken its toll. The manner in which Americans view those in authority and the communities in which they reside, has alienated many. For those that love this country, this nation is on a collision course with an understanding of what America has become, and what it was never meant to be.
In this nation's desire to alleviate its fears, insecurities and burdens, what kind of therapy allows us to forsake our friends and place the lives of its own people in jeopardy?
The attacks on America occurred 14 years ago. Time has gone quickly.
The Iran nuclear agreement is set up for a 15 year period. Time will advance quickly.
 In 15 years, are we allowing history to repeat itself?
 Will we witness the destruction of America and Israel by those that cry "Death to America" and "Death to Israel"?
 Only time will tell.
Let's pray that God may continue to bless America and have mercy on us all.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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