November 4th, 2012 9:31 PM

Dear Friends,

The last 2 posts in the TeamBlog have outlined the depressive aspects of a nation in decline. Today's entry also attributes the rise of circumstances which has led to the despair many Americans believe is their plight.

The General Election is just hours away. The future of this great nation will be determined by the electorate's ability to discern the direction in which we as a people, will allow the hand of others to formulate our destinies.

The scourge of America's current trials can be considered a testimony or a harbinger of events, similar in scope, where pain and suffering becomes its reality. In other words, simple logic affords any intelligent observer the view, that future vicissitudes are forthcoming from outcomes promulgated in the past. While the leader of the free world has been entrusted by our votes to represent our interests, we know full well this fiduciary contract has been broken on many occasion.

The power of the Presidency is well documented. The integrity of any individual that seeks the Presidency and is elected by their countrymen, is truly the highest honor a nation can bestow. This is why the character of the individual must have the humble attributes, the attainment of wisdom and the qualities of judgement, which instills confidence throughout the nation.

While we look to our elected leaders for guidance in solutions to problems which need resolution, we also seek unbiased, sound reporting by those that have the responsibility as journalists to report the facts on all concerns Americans confront daily. Unfortunately, the media has squandered their role and has censored information and events in a manner which obfuscates 'the freedom of the press' by its blatant disregard for the truth. 

Lack of Responsible Journalism

It is obvious we rarely encounter journalists of high esteem as Edward R. Murrow or Tim Russert. Today, we are subjected to a sliding scale of newsreaders calling themselves reporters, to talking heads, delusional and vulgar in nature. Their performances on cable networks resemble a mysterious mental illness only 'Howard Beale' could appreciate!

While television has its personalities, there are those in the print media that have succumbed to their own perception of reality by twisting basic information in efforts to mislead. This concerted effort has propelled the inability to solve America's problems by never encouraging debate or highlighting facts or information which are necessary for discussion. A participant's incompetence or negligence is not to be mentioned or investigated if this person or entity has the allegiance of the media. Americans are reaping the consequences from actions of an apathetic and biased press.

While the main street media is considered by many as irresponsible and untrustworthy, there are avenues in which Americans can find unbiased and fair reporting. A commitment to seek the truth in a society where the veracity of the written word in newspapers, periodicals or via television was once a paramount concern, one's 'due diligence' is a necessity.

The Deficit

With a $16 Trillion deficit, America must come to terms on how to solve this major financial problem. The past several years has seen the rise of red ink without any meaningful negotiations to end a fiscal path towards insolvency. As mentioned in a previous post, January 1st, 2013 will begin drastic Draconian accounting measures which will automatically allow tax increases on everyone. The choices made by the electorate in the General Election will decide the financial health of this nation and the consequences of debt upon our children and grandchildren. It is unfair to place a burden of such magnitude on future generations. Their entire lives will be devoid of freedoms we have taken for granted. Throughout this entire ordeal, the lack of courage by those we've entrusted to guide this nation's financial health, has become an unsustainable burden for all of us.

The Role of The Supreme Court

The next President will have the ability to appoint at least 1, 2 or more justices on the Supreme Court. This course of action depends on the health of an aging justice, where the capacity to uphold the duties of such an office are impaired and resignation is an only option. Or the simple desire of a justice to retire from years on the bench. The President has the power under the Constitution in his recommendation to the Senate, to choose an individual he believes has the wisdom, knowledge and experience to become a member of the court.

The importance of the Supreme Court was reenforced this past Summer when the Chief Justice in his opinion regarding the Affordable Care Act, upheld the law as constitutional. His interpretation of the law as a tax, offers a  mechanism for its repeal, if we so choose. The prospect of additional taxes, the rise in insurance premiums, the harm to quality health care and the gradual dissolution of Medicare as a source for medical benefits are consequences of decisions made in haste and without bipartisanship. The decline in health care can be attributed to these pronouncements and the future of the medical industry will be decided by America's participation at the polls.


I have never considered myself pugnacious by nature. However, in my daily excursions by person, phone or email, I have encountered attempts by others to be hostile and boisterous. Without question, the atmosphere in which Americans find themselves emotionally are ridden with chronic stress and the dissolution of civility. I can only surmise this latest avenue of discontent is a direct result of a nation unraveling before our very eyes. The tragedy for all to witness, is the turmoil of constant trials and tribulations that has become a mainstay of one's daily life. In order to endure, one must recognize the power of prayer, in which the good Lord is the source which offers patience, perseverance and compassion.

There are powerful individuals that seek to transform America. This transformation is having its effects on our health and peace of mind. We need to be reminded once more, the faith of the Founding Fathers in establishing a Christian nation. Before you cast your vote, contemplate the privilege and the responsibility you have been afforded by the sacrifices of past generations.

Thanks Again

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