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August 1st, 2018 6:32 PM

Dear Friends,

The politicization of everything under the sun in this country has created a tremendous amount of stress that has created a turbulent escalation of mental distractions. We are now living in a nation that has lost it's bearings. Journalism is no longer credible, vulgar expletives are utilized to promote and defend scurrilous policies, as the support of these disconcerting activities can only logically be construed as cognitive disintegration. I mentioned this condition in my last post regarding the unethical performance of a discredited FBI agent and various responses of approval from Congressional admirers when this man was questioned. When individuals give credence to the forces of evil, the consequences are demonstrable and destroy the harmonious fulfillment of the human condition. The intensification of collective unprincipled patterns of behavior is alarming. The inability by a percentage of the American people to recognize the truth, before, during and after once a circumstance is impartially scrutinized, has created conduct that lacks accountability, integrity and respect.

As a staunch anti-communist, I am viewing the slow, gradual unraveling of liberty when the truth is no longer viewed or recognized as valid. The complete, unadulterated attempts in dismantling the presence of common sense, has become the fodder for individuals that have lost their capacity to reason and have unwittingly incorporated patterns of behavior that can only lead to cognitive dissonance. Socialism, Communism, Marxism and Fascism are dangerous concepts that destroy the human condition. When discerning Americans are confronted by a young Congressional candidate from New York espousing socialist dogma without reason, with the enthusiastic support of her political party and the promotion of a disgraced media, the revulsion of this message affects those that truly love this country.

The incivility Americans witnessed by numerous members of the main street media denouncing the Chief Executive in the press conference with the Russian Premier in Helsinki, has disturbed the basic homogeneity of respect one affords those seeking peace. The continued chronic revelations of corruption by establishment law enforcement agencies against the current President and the administration, has imposed a vicious deportment of conduct that has created a volume of consequences.

Truly, this President does believe in his team of members, chosen specifically to assist the American people in resolving age old problems. It is prudent that a dialogue with governments that have a propensity to disrupt the internal workings of a democratic society are required - to end their clandestine involvement in our internal affairs. At the Helsinki Press Conference, his presumed hesitation in demonstrating confidence of federal law enforcement agencies, are due to chronic sustained attacks since the General Election in regards to his competency. The 'elite' high echelon officers of the previous administration and holdovers within these agencies along with a disgraced media, have a disdain for this President that has created a sustained pandemonium.

The time has come to end the neurosis that has infiltrated a percentage of those unable to approach challenges with a rational, logical or discerning mind. The truth is the main concept that is a necessity in order to resolve America's problems.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on August 1st, 2018 6:32 PMPost a Comment

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