November 16th, 2013 4:17 PM

Dear Friends,

If you lay all your cards on the table, you have come to realize that nothing seems to be going right in this country. It seems as though there is a haze which has infiltrated the atmosphere and has disrupted an equilibrium that has sustained actions throughout the notable triumphs of American history. A polarization of concepts in which simple desires, as maintaining one's freedom by keeping a health insurance plan that you like, are no longer viewed as a contribution for one's comfort in the present or a sense of stability for the future. The ability to meet simple tenets of behavior and abiding by the rules of law in the establishment of one's peace of mind, has evaporated. 

Many of those in the US Government, the main street media and business interests have all unwittingly determined to undermine the inherent values in which this nation was founded. The fostering and implementation of a jaundiced view of a society without merit, is the main commandment that drives the motivations of those in power. The 'transformation' of a republic is essential, in order to extricate the benevolent Judeo-Christian ideals that have originated since America's founding. This all powerful 'elite' has and continues to damage the fabric of a nation by its circumvention of the Constitution and its blatant attempts to feign compassion in order to promote their interests. This self absorbed, condescending 'elite' is now viewed as an extreme element in any discussion of a righteous approach in governing.

There's no need for one to be a scholar or a professor in Constitutional Law to surmise there are attempts to harm Americans, by a fraudulent interpretation of a document inspired by Scripture. You now have a cadre of the powerful seeking to unravel the laws and values of generations in order to impose their destructive concepts upon Americans,

The debacle of the Affordable Care Act, a misnomer by definition, is an example of deception which has ruined and decimated the trust any sane American has for their government. To those in all 3 branches, the affliction of corrupt and unethical behavior has been rediscovered. This 'shake up' can be considered a 'blessing in disguise' as we will finally come to know who the 'real Americans' are. For those scrambling to save their hides by pretty explanations devoid of candor and/or the truth, the elections in November of 2014 is the denouement many have been waiting for.

Thanks Again 

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