April 8th, 2012 12:16 AM

Dear Friends,

This weekend my focus is strongly devoted towards replenishing and highlighting my faith, where values and convictions which I have strived to emulate throughout my life, are now recognized by my peers.

This month commemorates my 50th year as a permanent US resident. When I left Havana in April of 1962 with my two brothers, I had no idea of the circumstances which contributed to our family's separation. No child should suffer the devastating trauma of losing one's parents due to the repugnant ideologies and whims of a petty dictator. The damage of a lifetime continues its effects, when many children of this generation are tormented by emotional scars which relates to a sense of abandonment, even though the escape to freedom from a despotic regime was its main purpose.

Fifty years later, it is truly ironic to witness the gradual change of Cuban government policy where a hybrid form of capitalism is encouraged and religious freedom is tolerated in its acceptance of Catholicism. Pope Benedict's visit last week and the warm reaction of the islands' citizenry, offers the hope that one day I can visit knowing full well that freedom and liberty has returned in full measure. While these activities were reported in major media outlets, government crackdown of Cuban dissidents began the moment after the Pope's departure was evident. Even though there are mild manifestations of life in self proprietorship and religious liberties in Cuba, such examples are degenerating in the US.

Any well informed and competent economist can appreciate the misgivings of imposing voluminous government regulations on business owners. The harm created by such attempts, reduces the ability of business concerns to post a profit. Moreover, the encroachment of government in its efforts to infiltrate the workings of a religion is unwarranted. Both of these circumstances compromise the concepts of capitalism and religious freedom. 

The continued desire by this government to denigrate the checks and balances devised by the Framers is baffling. Political scientists and others well versed in the workings of the US government have concluded there has been a gradual and extraordinary acquiescence of power by the legislative branch. The beneficiary of this power vacuum is the executive branch, where last week the chief executive reminded the Supreme Court of its role as 'unelected' members and to refrain from 'judicial activism'. Such verbiage denotes the inability to grasp the historical concepts in which 'separation of powers' and 'judicial review' is derived.


It is no secret I was a rebellious and boisterous young man at the University I attended. I was affectionately nicknamed 'The Cuban Bombshell' and my thoughts and actions in some cases, did have aspects of skullduggery. Certainly, I have no strength to dredge up the past in order to expose the 'skeletons in my closet' where such occurrences are best left to the imagination. Just the fact that I was an undergraduate during the 1970's, is a clue unto itself.

While circumstances from our past can be considered as a learning experience in regards to the decisions we make, we need to be reassured these lessons are not detrimental to our thought processes but offers us the capacity to acquire the spirit of wisdom.

I still maintain a healthy outlook in trusting others, however I do so gladly when I'm convinced and verify that any suspicions of impropriety or dishonesty are put to rest. This is the unfortunate reality one must endure in a society where culture does not allow recognition of one's authenticity. At this stage of my life I am cautious in embracing new alliances until such time when my intuition and ability to discern the promise of one's character is revealed.

Any endeavor where I am undecided in which way to turn, I spend my time in prayer. I seek the Lord's guidance and the path where I am to lead or follow is revealed. In Scripture, Mark 4:22 mentions that 'for whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed, and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought up into the open'. While I am profoundly affected by the decisions I make, many of us are equally affected by the power wielded by the US government, the media and business interests.

It is painfully apparent there are volumes of undisclosed travesties, hidden by those seeking to harm the soul of this great nation. The complete dismantling of America's basis for its exceptional altruistic force in the world, has been usurped by activities contrary to democratic principles. Every day Americans are subjected to chaos or a crisis in waiting, where intimidation, debasement of the values fostered by the Constitution have become harbingers of our nation's destruction. For the past several years America's apostasy has earned the allegiance of powerful unscrupulous individuals in their desire to control every aspect of our lives.

There are many Americans that truly understand and notice the direction in which this nation is headed. As I mentioned in my previous thoughts, I seek the ability to trust in my relations with others. When I utilize the gift which allows me the ability to discern, I no longer embrace with open arms the releases of information from government, media or specific business interests, notably banks and financial institutions. 'Trust but verify' was the 40th President's response in arms negotiations with the Russians. The scoundrels seem to be everywhere, but I for one still consider myself the 'eternal optimist' and by daily prayer know in my heart the intervention of the Good Lord will begin to heal this nation from the evil forces within. 

On this most Holy Day in which the Resurrection of Our Lord is celebrated, we pray and seek the ability to ascertain the path towards a destination where our nation's burdens can be resolved - once revelations of those we have entrusted with our security are no longer concealed.

May God In His Ultimate Wisdom Continue To Bless The United States Of America!

Happy Passover & Happy Easter To All Our Beloved Brothers & Sisters!

Thanks Again 


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