June 17th, 2017 4:55 PM

Dear Friends,
Throughout my entire life, my Father was affectionately known as Pipo and my Mother was known as Mima. It has been 17 years since my beloved Father left us to be with Mima, in a Heavenly location that my family and I will eventually call Home. I have intermittent thoughts about Pipo every so often, but I instinctively know that he is currently spiritually involved in my life. His advice on all matters of importance was always sincere. Even though my Father was a disciplinarian, his strict parental guidance and involvement with problems that I encountered or were created in my naive assessments by the behavior of others, was truly helpful in my upbringing.
I have also known my father by his integrity, in always telling me the truth. Pipo never misled my brothers or myself and assisted financially when I needed his help. While I remember his sacrifice in working over 12 hours a day to assist our family in providing the comforts of home, he will always be remembered fondly for his efforts. One of the most profound decisions that Pipo made, was his insistence that my brothers and I be sent to America from Communist Cuba in 1962. He understood the ramifications if our family stayed in a country with a despotic ideology that had no future. As of today, his compelling voice resonates through the lives of my brothers and I, as we've become successful in our experiences by fostering the work ethic he exemplified. As well, the families of my brothers contributed to the life of their communities by their presence.
I also recall long conversations about politics in general. He would remind me of the cruel and oppressive regimes of Franco and Castro in which he was affected. As a man born in Spain, he recognized the abuses of governance during the Franco years. Leaving Spain for Cuba, it is my understanding his past trials and knowledge were so compelling, his determination was for the entire family to leave the island without ever looking back.

My father truly loved America. He would tell me on numerous occasions that America is the greatest country to exist in the world! His appreciation for the US was genuine. Pipo had a tremendous amount of gratitude for the assistance he received when he and Mima entered this country penniless. Pipo's patriotism for his new country was revealed when he would purchase big ticket items that were specifically made in America. He purchased his first car along with other major appliances, electronics, furniture and televisions that were all manufactured in the US.
On a side note, as a teenager, I will always remember the reaction both of my parents had when I told them that I considered myself a Democrat. Their expression was priceless! They considered themselves Republicans. So many years later, I fully understand why!

On this Fathers Day, I will think of my Dad as a man who loved us more than I could ever imagine. The courageous actions of my parents in saving the lives of my brothers and my own life from oppression, is the ultimate gift that I will always treasure.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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