April 26th, 2019 12:25 PM

Dear Friends,

Many of us that love life around the world were shocked, when terrorists bombed hotels and churches in the nation's capitol of Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. It is logical to assume this date was chosen for the attacks, as the celebration of the Resurrection is truly the most inspirational event members of the Christian faith embrace during the year.

It's true that we live in dangerous times. Satan prevails in the minds and hearts of those eager to perpetrate evil by destroying the peace we all require to live life in tranquility. This method to destroy human life in order to accommodate one's political or religious views, is catastrophic. The response to the bombings from world leaders was evident, as anyone that has a discerning spirit fully recognizes the disastrous affliction of those unable or unwilling to respect the life of others.

Unfortunately, there is a presumed underlying temperament of insincerity in the responses to the attacks by leftist political activists here in America. When one is unable to mention that Christians were the true victims and decide to use 'Easter Worshippers' as the term to define those that were killed, the response disparages the followers of our Lord Jesus.

On a personal level, I am a Christian. I was baptized over 63 years ago in Havana. I am not ashamed of my faith and I do my very best to live a life as a servant for those in need. I live plainly, speak the truth without imperfections and offer my loyalty to those in my life that have warranted my respect. What happened last Sunday saddens our very souls. This post is to remind us to pray unceasingly, so violence and the destruction of the human spirit can end in our presence.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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