May 20th, 2019 4:19 PM

Dear Friends,

There has been a tremendous amount of discussion in regards to the tariffs America has imposed on China and vice versa. Since the opening of trade markets with China years ago and its involvement in the WTO - World Trade Organization, China has continuously chosen to disregard the guidelines and procedures that allow fair trade to proceed without impediments. Previous Republican and Democratic administrations have allowed the Chinese the ability to enrich their nation with profits derived from a voluminous trade imbalance. This deficit has seen the US dramatically forfeit up to $500 Billion per year on a regular basis without the US seeking to address this problem. The current President has decided unequivocally to represent America's interests by demanding a 25% tariff on all incoming goods to the US from China. While negotiations of both trading partners are ongoing, it is assumed that China will eventually decide to employ a sense of integrity in the future. Even though China has imposed a 10% tariff on American goods, a trade war will sink the Chinese economy, while farmers and other entities here in the US, will be impacted in the short term until this situation is resolved.

The Chinese also purchase a good amount of US Treasuries. Without the purchases of this valuable commodity, higher interest rates would result and in turn a Recession in the US could become a foregone conclusion. While this is a possibility, the Chinese in essence would like to avoid the dismantling of the American economy, as this nation under the circumstances would be unable to purchase their goods.

Americans must be willing to understand the Chinese are Communists and will do everything imaginable to invoke their interests under any and all circumstances. By their unwillingness to demonstrate an ability to be fair in trade, they have become an economic power by utilizing their deception on an American public eager for bargains. The Chinese have oppressed their own people and recently we have noticed their disdain for religious liberty in both Christian and Muslim denominations. Moreover, it is ironic to note the trade imbalances have assisted the Chinese in their production and acquisition of military hardware. The power to use these assets against the US and its allies in the future, is of grave concern for anyone that has the discerning ability to comprehend the status in which the world awaits.

As a staunch Anti-Communist, I've been affected by an ideology that destroys the human spirit. As an American citizen born in Cuba, I can grasp the pain and suffering where oppression is the evil component that neutralizes the hope in one's quest to live in freedom. While trade with China and other Communist nations is a reality, Americans must open their eyes and fully recognize that saving $1 in purchasing a Chinese made product does not escape us in doing the right thing. When America hears a Presidential candidate say the Chinese government is not competitive with the US and offers an opinion by stating 'their not all bad folks', this is considered a mental affliction known as cognitive dissonance.

 As a nation we must support this administration in its efforts to assist the prosperity we so richly deserve.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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