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June 7th, 2015 9:13 PM

Dear Friends,
I would surmise that in today's world, all of us can truly agree 'these are the times that try men's souls.' If Thomas Paine were alive today, he would call for a passionate discourse in regards to the desires of a sustained minority conspiring to unravel a nation from the influence of democratic principles.
It has taken several weeks to pen my thoughts, as events have conspired to drown independent voices like my own. One can be overwhelmed from the unraveling of sanity that has been demonstrated by a government without competent direction, a culture without substance and a world or a region unable or unwilling to progress from unrelenting methods of tyranny.
In this country, those in the asylum are running this nation to the ground, by its ability to confiscate the contents of what we hear and see by repetitive attempts of cognitive dissonance.

You might have heard about the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement mentioned in the news recently. This agreement will enable the head of this government to devise trade pacts on a 'fast track' basis. This will allow the President to have additional powers to formulate and implement trade agreements without the participation of Congress in several steps once an agreement is underwritten. A simple majority is required for passage. Many members of both parties are against this agreement as it provides additional powers to the Chief Executive, which has never been viewed as an entitlement by the framers of the Constitution. Moreover, the details of the agreement are so secret, the text is under lock and key in the basement of the US Capitol. To make it worse, no member of Congress can mention the actual details of the agreement to anyone.
Unfortunately, we have members of both parties that are doing their best to garner the votes required for passage. Many of these members have not read the agreement themselves and are willing to approve the trade pact by trusting the government that its provisions will elevate the US economy. I harken back to the days when the former Speaker of the House illustrated an all encompassing wisdom by her passion in seeking approval of the Affordable Care Act by stating, 'we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.' When history repeats itself by such a display of ineptitude, is there any hope that America has to end its slide towards a bottomless pit?
The leadership of both parties have become indistinguishable. The November elections of last year was a decisive victory for Republicans in name only, as promises to energize the hopes of discerning Americans weary of chronic crisis, divisiveness, corruption and incompetence has not been realized. Many Americans as of this date, are chagrined by the deep and profound dismantling of a democracy that is becoming an enclave for powerful interests. In regards to the trade pact, we have presidential candidates willing to vote for a secret agreement they've never read, and does not allow the American people to view its contents. 'Transparency' has become a worthless adjective and has become a pejorative, when politicians use the term to instill a presence of sincerity when such attempts are coercive and deceptive in nature.

In January of 2014 I had a concept for a book to have been published before the November 2014 elections. The concept was to grade those seeking reelection with demerits if a member voted for or against legislation that minimized one's sovereignty or personal liberties. I shelved the idea for the book, as I and many Americans were extremely confident that government excesses would be curtailed. This was not to be. Therefore, to show our displeasure with events transpiring in Washington since the Mid Term Elections, I would recommend to you, any member of Congress that decides to vote for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and is not compelled to make its text known or unwilling to debate its provisions in public, should be voted out of office during the next election cycle. America needs to know the details of an agreement of such major importance that impacts our very lives. With this said, many Independents and knowledgeable Americans are now able to whittle down the scorecard of those running for President, once their votes are revealed. This trade agreement has become an invaluable resource, as one can concentrate on candidates that have this country's future at heart. Not surprisingly, it has been reported the agreement does damage to the plight of working Americans.
We will soon come to understand 'the devil is in the details.'

Thanks again for your continuous support.
Speaker of the House
Senator Elizabeth Warren

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