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The other day while I was driving around town, I happened to scan the channels on the radio and I came across a familiar tune that I haven't heard in years. "Too Much, Too Little, Too Late" a duet by Johnny Mathis and Deniece Williams was released in February of 1978 and topped the Billboard charts that year. The lyrics were memorable as it tells of a sad demise to a loving relationship and the eventual end of a marriage. The melancholy words conveyed by husband and wife in their desire to move beyond the suffering and pain is a chapter that many of us have come across in our own lives.

While the love we have for our spouse is sincere and genuine, there are times the emotional turbulence of outside factors places a deep strain in a relationship which unravels the sacred bonds of commitment.

The long-suffering of Americans during this deep and agonizing financial meltdown, has polarized and affected the structure of a nation in its beliefs. The usurpation of our heritage by the government we elected to protect the interests of its citizens, has begun the silent cascade to deny basic liberties and freedoms.

How is it possible the lyrics to a love song written in 1977, can be transposed to the circumstances we as Americans are experiencing today? Well, let's see.

As a reminder, Congress approved and the President signed into law a $787 Billion Stimulus Bill earlier this year in which only $70 Billion has been spent to this day. It is my understanding a good percentage of these funds will be released for spending in 2010 and 2011. I'm wondering if the US Government in its erratic plan to resurrect the economy, approved TOO MUCH, spent TOO LITTLE and by so doing, has lost its ability to do any good by administering these funds TOO LATE. 

I'm also fascinated by other lyrics in the song which mention 'The Chips Are Down'. For many Americans, this is a fact of life and the prospects for the future looks bleak at best. With the unemployment figures close to 10% nationally and with other states approaching 15%, the 'official' Recession we have witnessed since December 2007 can be considered the 'Great Recession' or just simply a Depression today.

While many in our nation are bewildered by the intensity and the quickness in which the economy has destroyed the lives of many, there are forces eager to take advantage of this situation. The desire to control and change the manifestation of democracy is evident. Government in its willingness to advance its power, has begun the unraveling of sacrosanct principles to the detriment of its citizens by the loss of our sovereignty. The path taken by all Americans this year, will decide our destiny and those of our children and generations to come. 

We Are Watching

Let me explain further.

We are living in momentous times. When government interferes in the affairs of publicly held companies or corporations by outlining and strongly suggesting approaches in business, this is a troublesome development. An open discussion by government to impose salary caps on those in the private sector, the suggestion that a partnership with Bank Of America and Merrill Lynch was a necessity and the encouragement of bankruptcies as demonstrated in the workings of Chrysler and the takeover of General Motors, we are watching.

When the media is no longer capable of pursuing its responsibilities in a democracy by employing ethical journalistic principles in reporting by providing the true facts without obfuscation, we are watching.

When government insists on passing measures of 'cap and trade' where a convoluted nonexistent device construed in thin air to raise the costs of energy in a manner to curry favor with a favored special interest, we are watching.

When government is on a reckless course to pass health care reform to the detriment of everyone with its exorbitant costs, the inability to choose one's doctor and the eventual loss and rationing of quality care in later years, we are watching.

When government spends Billions to fund 'pork barrel' projects to curry favor of corrupt interests, we are watching.

These are just a few of the activities of powerful government and private envoys seeking to control the lives of Americans by 'redistributing the wealth' of its citizens. A classic Marxist or socialist experiment is now descending on this great democratic nation, by the imposition of drastic changes in which government intervention will have a clear and present danger by the chronic intrusion in our daily lives.

How Are We To Pay For All Of This? 

The plan to pay for this is very simple.

Government intends to TAX us to DEATH!

Levity aside, there are reliable sources stating taxes will be imposed on everyone. For those with incomes over $250,000, the tax brackets will certainly rise the most. With local, state and federal taxes one can pay up to 55% on earned income!

These additional burdens is the flawed prescription for the change in the manner we as Americans will lose the freedoms past generations have sacrificed their lives for. Becoming beholden to Washington for all of our needs from cradle to grave is NOT and NEVER has been the intention for the formation of this Republic. We are now beset with a conglomerate of destructive powerful elements eager to impose gargantuan taxes on everyone, to pay for government programs designed to end our independence. 

There are additional lyrics to the song we discussed earlier. Let's hope that 'Too Much, Too Little, Too Late To Ever Try Again' & 'Too Much, Too Little, Too Late We Knew It Had To End' are not the lyrics to a swan song in which Americans end the fight for its liberties, gives up on democracy and ends a marriage we've loved, sacrificed and cherished throughout our entire lives.

In Other News

Walter Cronkite


We have learned of the passing of the most trusted man in America, Walter Cronkite.

Above is the photograph of his reaction reporting the news that fateful day on November 22nd, 1963.

There is no individual in media nor in government today that has the humility, the substance nor the integrity of this precious man. He will be missed.

 Our thoughts and prayers go out to his beloved family and friends.  

Thanks Again




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