December 19th, 2008 11:35 PM

Dear Friends,

There is much activity taking place around the country and in our own lives. The Holiday season is upon us and we are eager to forego the gloom and doom outlook just for a short while, for the frivolity and gladness we encounter with our family and friends provides joy.

While many of us have encountered painful circumstances and are suffering from a loss of a job, a home and focusing on constant financial challenges, there is the Christmas season where we try to put aside these reminders and look forward to our hopes for redemption and prayers to provide us sustenance. Many Americans have been humbled from the pain and suffering of so many tragic events which seem similar in scope as those written in the Scriptures. Many of us are gregarious and have personalities of iron which distinguishes us from others in the same predicament, as we never give up! We continue to yearn for the day that our economic condition will one day improve and become a source of comfort for our families. We all strive for this day to become a reality.

Mortgage Rates   

This past week has brought about an overwhelming influx of refinance activity in our office. Interest Rates are at 50 year lows! Now is the best time to refinance your home loan! We've extended our office hours and will accomodate those in need of a quick turnaround. Please check our rates and do not hesitate to call our office at 323-936-3232 for more details.

Loan For The AutoMakers

President Bush approved a rescue loan for GM and Chrysler today for $17.4 Billion. Ford did not request any monies at this time.

The President had no other choice to provide these funds as the consequences of not helping the auto companies would be devastating. The loss of jobs in the millions would have been a legacy Mr. Bush would have been associated with, if he did nothing. One is reminded of the economic ineptitude and inaction by Herbert Hoover on the way towards the devastation which led to the Great Depression. In those days many Americans lived in homeless shelters which were called 'Hoovervilles'. Certainly President Bush had no desire to have 'Bushvilles' all around the MidWest where the auto industry is a major presence. A history lesson is finally understood and tragedy avoided. In the end, common sense prevailed.


My good friend Jacqueline Butler sent me photos of her much beloved dog, Archie!  Archie's birthday was on Thursday, December 11th, exactly 10 years to the day Jacqueline took her home! In her email, Jacqueline says 'He was a tiny little puppy. I took him home with me - rescued him with the intention of finding him a home. Well, he did find a home that day and 'he rescued me'! Archie is "the sweetest, lovable dog with a big personality who is obsessed with playing ball, rain or shine! It does not matter we play ball everyday! It's what he lives for!"

We encourage you to send photos of your pet as we will enclose it on our TeamBlog as one of our TeamDogs! Please email to and your dog will be recognized for your good deeds!

Thanks Again

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