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Dear Friends,

With the 3 Washington scandals in the headlines, I was compelled to revisit the time in which this nation was under siege by daily events which brought down a Presidency. The burglary of the Democrat Party headquarters at the Watergate in June of 1972 began the slow, methodical, relentless 26 month ordeal that ended in August of 1974, by a President resigning in disgrace.

While there are similarities in regards to the criminal activities of the events we are witnessing today, law abiding and discerning Americans are angry. The entire government apparatus is no longer viewed with respect, as the trust many of its citizens once had for these institutions is at a nadir. This nation is coming apart at the seams, as we have accomplices in government and the media that have covered up clandestine activities detrimental to the values of a freedom loving society. 

Many citizens are becoming instinctively aware of the individuals one can consider true and real Americans. Notwithstanding, trust in the media has become non existent due to a sustained deferential relationship with government and a political ideology undeserved, if one is to respect the works of a journalist. Without exposing the egregious and moral vacillation of those in power, the press is useless. The press was thoroughly engaged in uncovering the crimes and misdemeanors of government officials during Watergate. Ironically, the 'hands off' approach by today's establishment media, has helped nurture the destruction of our liberties by rogue elements in government. By allowing the coverup of scandal to flourish, specifically in the Benghazi death of an Ambassador and 3 Americans, the fight for the truth will never end.

Concurrently, the investigation of the IRS and its attempts to harm conservative leaning citizens and the loss of privacy of AP reporters continues. When law abiding citizens are asked to divulge the 'content of our prayers' as a requirement for approval of a tax exempt application, the abyss in moral standing has been met. Moreover, the attempts to infiltrate the conversations of reporters can be construed as the penultimate oxymoron, when the behavior of the media has allowed government hubris to propagate. We can only speculate if other damaging scenarios such as these will ever see the light of day.

Unfortunately, Americans are now revisiting a period in time, similar to events some 40 years ago, where the preponderance of the news will include the testimony of those involved in the intrigue and culture of deception. At this juncture, it may take months or years before all the facts and evidence can be ascertained. Congressional investigations will begin to extract the truth from placating witnesses. Perhaps, one can perceive benefits from these scandals. Americans will once again be involved in a daily civics lesson, transmitted by C-SPAN and other integrity based media outlets. As a result, the appreciation of our freedoms will be duly recognized and the motivation of those seeking to forfeit our rights will be exposed.

Accountability for these excursions from the values and rights espoused in the Constitution, comes from the top. On the last day as the 37th President, words of wisdom extrapolated by unwavering dissent and captured by the unvarnished truth, a nation's agony ends and healing begins:

"Only if you have been in the deepest valley, can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain. Remember, always give your best. Never get discouraged. Never be petty. Always remember, others may hate you. But those who hate you don't win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself."

Let's hope this newest chapter in American history will come to a rapid conclusion. Let's be comforted in knowing that 'our long national nightmare' will eventually come to an end.

Thanks Again

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