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Dear Friends,
God willing, we have the capacity to choose or control our destinies through the procurement of wisdom and various options that are presented to us by works associated with Providence. When we have the freedom to decide our path and the foresight to see the aftermath of our pursuits, we can reasonably conclude our lives have a congruence of success in our aspirations. Our efforts and convictions are understood and acted upon without uncertainty.
While this path holds tremendous promise for those of us when we seek the best for others compared to our own desires, the goodwill of our Lord offers us the blessings we have accomplished by bestowing His mercy on us. The sacrifices we make for our families, friends and altruistic efforts to lift the human condition by peaceful measures, is an undertaking that fulfills the temperament to accomplish the purpose we are compelled to complete.

During the past several weeks however, the American people have begun to learn of disparaging revelations of character, general conduct and ineptitude in decisions made by the former Secretary of State. A former Secret Service agent during his time at the White House with the First Family, has divulged repugnant activities within the confines of the Oval Office by the 42nd US President and coarse expletives in behavior utilized by the former First Lady in verbal attacks against the support staff and the Chief Executive himself.

Moreover, the House Committee reviewing the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi, Libya on September 11th, 2012 have concluded the former Secretary was irresponsible by not requesting assistance to save their lives. We also learned the attack was planned by terrorists, as the US Ambassador asked for additional security on several previous occasions and the State Department never responded.

The Ambassador was killed along with 3 Embassy associates.

In order to tone down the effects, a story was concocted in which a video that included negative comments pertaining to current Middle Eastern concerns was blamed for the uprising. The entire higher echelon in the US Government, misled the American people by its assertions the video was the main force in the deaths, as a pretense to substantiate their efforts in fighting terrorism effectively before the 2012 General Election.

 The House Committee has come to the conclusion, the American people were deceived.
The former Secretary also deceived the family members of those killed, by stating the video in question was responsible for the spontaneous violent confrontation at the Embassy. This contrivance was mentioned to the family members at a ceremony in which the caskets of the victims were draped with the American flag at an airport hangar.
The truth has been revealed as the House Report plainly states the former Secretary did not lift a finger to save the lives of these men.

Americans have also been negatively affected by another scandal that has many of us losing confidence in justice and the rule of law.
The Secretary began her appointment in 2009, in harnessing another method of communication by installing a private server at her home where a separate email system was utilized. Presumably this was used exclusively for personal correspondence and convenience. In retrospect, this decision was deemed irregular, as State Department employees are mandated to use the email system provided by the government. The unusual circumstances in regards to this situation created a stream of inquiries which resulted in the Secretary answering questions under oath by members of Congress. Concurrently, the Federal Bureau of Investigation conducted their own exhaustive investigation.
The truth was revealed as the FBI Director concluded the former Secretary of State did not tell the truth in regards to classified information being disseminated on this personal email system.

It looks as though all the statements made by the Madame Secretary about emails not sent as classified were all lies. If the findings by the FBI Director were correct, why was the Secretary not indicted for the mishaps that compromised America's security?.
I can only state the FBI Director's decision is similar to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court's convoluted approval of the Affordable Care Act.
When you appreciate the benefits and blessings of logical discernment, you will know the answer to this question.

For many of us, this situation resembles all of the previous scandals that Americans have been subjected to since 1992. There are so many of them it can be exasperating! While the former Secretary and her husband have a foundation that presumably helps those that are downtrodden, they've become millionaires in record time by private speeches to governments and corporations with undisclosed promises. The foundation will now be under close scrutiny, as there are members of Congress who believe the Madame Secretary was involved in a 'pay to play' scheme to generate monetary rewards as a method to garner millions in income.

As I digress, this scheme resembles a 'pay in advance fee' scam that has claimed many trusting borrowers seeking monies for development projects from international 'lenders'. MoneyTeam has had clients forfeit hefty 'processing fees' through this type of deception. We will have an upcoming post detailing their clandestine activities in thievery.

In all seriousness, I was raised by parents that always told me the truth. I lived in an environment where one's honesty and integrity formulated your reputation and respect among one's peers. I personally do not like to be lied to. Nobody wants to be misled. I believe when dishonesty is introduced in a personal, business or a public relationship, one's trust dissipates and a barrier is constructed.

The American people must decide its destiny. Must we continue to suffer the abuse of deception and incompetence that has plagued this nation for the past 7 1/2 years? Will the continuation of similar destructive foreign and domestic policies become the death knell of America and the devastation of the entire world? The violence that surrounds this nation and the terrorism that confronts Europe, the Middle East and the US will only increase, if America becomes self-absorbed with its own decadence.
Must we suffer another 4 years of this madness?

Justice was denied by the established authorities of the US Government as the Secretary was not indicted by her actions. Justice will be served if the American people fully understand their responsibility in upholding the rule of law - for all of its citizens.
When the substance of one's character resembles ethical disorders diagnosed as thriving within the conscience of the former Secretary - America will no longer exist.
The life or death of this nation will be known on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016.
Will justice prevail?

Thanks again for your continuous support.


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