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Dear Friends,
It's a shame to be reminded the world is upside down and there are times we just shrug our shoulders and ponder what the future of our lives will become with all the burdens we must face. Many of our deep frustrations deal with confronting anyone in our sphere of influence that has acquired an ingrained inability to tell the truth. I still consider myself an eternal optimist however, in regards to the circumstances one must confront to live life to its fullest. To survive without exasperation or oppression by a tumultuous culture that has thrived in the US and throughout the globe where unethical methods are devised to manipulate one's moral compass is a challenge. The indoctrination of tendencies that are developed by an environment lacking moral or loving support from authority figures both public and familial, creates sociopathy, narcissism and bouts of dementia. A diagnosis of behavior with these elements, has become a daily disturbance by the revelations of conduct within government, it's media and business interests. This 'triumvirate' has continued its attempts to fashion an existence where freedom of thought is an inferior concept, once it is considered contrary to their beliefs and must be conquered by any means necessary.

Health Care Ambivalence
Americans are witnessing this trauma of mental illness by the daily peripatetic coverage of negativity and disdain in everything the 45th US President has devised to assist its citizens. Just recently, advice to promote a health care bill from his own party 'establishment' was excoriated universally by discerning conservative members, and in so doing, has disclosed the true motivations of those seeking this man's destruction.
When 'repeal and replace' was promised to the American people; when the House of Representatives passed numerous 'repeal and replace' bills in the past and when the bill that was constructed by the current 'establishment' was deficient in its contents to 'repeal and replace' the Affordable Care Act after 7 years without a current consensus in its formulation; Americans are witnessing an entire mechanism of governance that lacks integrity and is plagued with incompetence.

Should We Be Concerned?
A perplexing confrontation by the President to disparage conservative members of Congress in their opposition of a health care bill that increased premiums and had no pretense of 'repealing' the current law, was ill advised.
I remember reading the 'Art of the Deal' many years ago. This book highlights negotiations and interactions required to 'win' in any financial endeavor. Unfortunately, the contents of this manuscript are questionable when a formidable group of House members are discredited by the book's author - the Chief Executive. Ironically, this caucus of conservative House members supported the President's election and by a sense of camaraderie, promised the American people to 'repeal and replace' the Affordable Care Act. If I was writing an addendum, I would include an old axiom to 'not bite the hand that feeds you' nor discard the trust this specific group of Congressional members and the American people gave for the elevation of the current occupant of the Oval Office to the Presidency.

The internecine conflicts with advisers in the administration adds intrigue, as we will become privy to the true convictions of the current President in details that are publicized by those eager to divulge the true manifestations of how America is to be governed. The truth is the only value that I can trust, as this nation continues to be mentally and conceptually abused by behavior that is disconcerting.

At a moments notice, events can change our perception of the human condition. When children are exterminated by chemical weapons in a region unable to cope with deep hatred, divisions and the onslaught of evil by powerful forces, America's problems are considered minuscule by comparison. When there are personalities disturbed by the actions taken by America in response, one can harken back over 2000 years when Pontius Pilates 'washed his hands' during the 'Passion of the Christ'. Anyone who possesses an ounce of compassion was gravely troubled by the photos of death and suffering disseminated throughout the world. Regrettably, any action to counter this tragic event must be methodical in nature, as the entire world must have credible and verifiable evidence of the entities or the nation responsible for this crime, before a military strike is  launched. We are reminded once again that we live in a dangerous world when treacherous regimes possess nuclear weapons. Every action and every word uttered by the leader of this nation and other governments will be dissected for its veracity.

There are numerous 'transgressors' within our daily lives. We might not know their names or where they live. Unfortunately, their crime has several accomplices. This 'triumvirate' has an incessant manipulation in reporting false stories by a press unwilling to decipher the truth, or by business interests eager to defraud respectable and reputable individuals, and by political indoctrination of the masses to control all aspects of life in which the absence of the human spirit for good is a baseless concept. To have individuals in a society accept this mode of behavior or unable to comprehend and grasp simple concepts of logical discernment, also known as common sense, is a tragic loss for justice and freedom.
The power of prayer is the only practice that I know where these circumstances can be resolved by providence.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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