July 24th, 2014 7:06 AM

Dear Friends,

This Summer is shaping up as a season in which powerful individuals are displaying their narcissistic personality disorders for the entire universe to see. The dangerous consequences of a behavior that is viewed as destructive and deceptive, has enabled evil and contemptible forces to have an upper hand in world events.
Every day many of us utter a sigh of relief once we enter our homes we perceive as a safe haven. In so doing, we are guarded from the toxic elements of those encircling our lives by graphic reports in the media and eccentric personalities we encounter locally. In this day and age, one would need to be a recluse to overcome the deviation of normal business or personal relationships one may face during any given day. The diagnosis of dysfunctional attachments has increased dramatically, as many discerning members of the population are now recognizing its symptoms.

We do not live in a perfect world. Our lives are affected by those individuals we have placed in positions of authority. The power entrusted by the average citizen to those selected to represent our interests, is a paramount concern to all of us. Consequently, those that have acquired this responsibility will either protect its citizens from harm, or create hardships for complete control of every aspect of one's life.

It seems as though the entire world is suffering from violence, terror and the complete breakdown of the human condition. In the Middle East, one is confronted with disaster as the continued conflagration of despair is made evident by the inability to live in peace. The most current breakdown in Gaza reminds us once again that peace and harmony will rarely, if ever, see the light of day in this region. This is the destiny one can envision, when organizational and government sponsored terrorism seeks to destroy Israel and all of its inhabitants.

 In Iraq, we are viewing a holocaust in the making, as Christians are slaughtered for practicing their faith. The numerous sacrifices of Americans are no longer visible, as the country is engaged in fighting radical forces in areas where a semblance of balance has been replaced by chaos and death. Syria, Libya and Egypt are nations where circumstances have similar results, and we are reminded of the hatred that rarely dissipates.

During the past week a Malaysian commercial airliner was shot down killing all passengers and crew on board in the Ukraine. Intelligence reports indicate that rebels supported by the Russians may have been involved. This part of the world has seen its sovereignty compromised by powerful elements, plotting to resurrect a past in which tyranny was the main focus of domination.

In this country, we have a crisis of confidence, competency and the inability to follow the rule of law. The ambivalence of those in government, big media or business interests to embrace democratic principles or logical concepts has unraveled our sense of security, and the freedoms in which we are entitled. From the head of this government to both political parties, the destruction of America from within is gaining steam, as powerful, corruptible forces are encouraged to 'transform' a once great nation, into a socialist compact unlike those of failed societies throughout past generations. There's no need to revisit the trials Americans currently face, as the 'broken record' continues its circular path that never seems to end.

The events of despair around the world this Summer, can only bring sadness and discouragement. For many of us that have a caring spirit, this is truly a season of grief, as pain and suffering comes to fill our presence by all devices designed to inform the masses. While we lament the harm that has encircled our lives by those that have acquired a disorder manifested by mental illness, the sociopath or narcissist will never show remorse nor compassion. Their inability to allow the human graces of contentment, peace or solidarity for a benevolent cause larger than themselves, will rarely, if ever, be understood or accepted for its inherent value.

In America, it is truly unfortunate that we have individuals in power and influence that devote their time and energies, in making our lives difficult. Their shrewd master plan is to make everyone  miserable and to revive the hell they've suffered as youngsters. As adults, their false charm and empathy is truly dangerous for a population unable or unwilling to see the true colors of their origins and proclivities.

The American people are frustrated about the direction of this country, and rightly so. As a nation, we are perceived as weak and unwilling to meet the responsibilities of governance at home or abroad. The support for our allies is questionable, as our words and motivations no longer have the effect of respect nor accountability. The inclusion of those afflicted with this disorder in government, media and business, has enabled the manipulation and deception of its citizens on all matters of public policy. The scandals that never cease is the handiwork of minds overreacting to facts and figures that recognize the truth.

Going to the beach, having a barbecue at your home with family and friends, fishing at a nearby lake or stream, enjoying the passion of baseball at the park, reading a book, attending an outdoor concert and participating in prayer or church services to replenish one's soul, are all activities which offer an 'escape' from powerful outside interests that subtly propagates our thoughts and actions. The powerful, in their attempts to control our lives and define the boundaries of our freedoms, are doing their best to disrupt democratic concepts in which our rights are forfeited. The America of today has no resemblance to the nation many of us have known and loved as children. For the past several years, the constant desire for upheaval of our values and convictions, has truly made this, The Summer Of Our Discontent.

But wait.
 There is a 'light at the end of the tunnel'. The awesome power of prayer, can release the healing that is necessary to turn around all inequities, and lift us from despondency. The 'transformation' of our minds can be renewed and our perseverance for the truth, can be restored.
It's never too late!

Thanks Again

I Vow To Thee My Country

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