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August 30th, 2015 7:33 PM

Dear Friends,
I've exhibited brief bouts of melancholy after writing blog entries that can be interpreted as truly depressing in content. While one can come to the realization that all hope is lost in overcoming obstacles that plague one's piece of mind, this scenario is only temporary. Having an active and pioneering life where one's ethical convictions are alive and thriving for all the world to embrace, is the force that will ultimately prevail in spite of demanding adversities.
This Summer, America has been deeply saddened and shocked, by the ongoing violence in all private and public locales throughout the country. The disregard for the dignity of human life from conception to adulthood, has become an insipid message that has traveled throughout the world in the consciousness of those in which evil resides within their presence.
Examples of contempt for human life are found in numerous examples. The entire globe is witnessing the scourge of ISIS in its beheadings of the innocent; the killing of babies and selling of fetal body parts by Planned Parenthood; the graphic verbiage of influential individuals in sponsoring hate and divisiveness within minority communities and the proliferation of attitudes that oppress and disparage devout members practicing their Christian and Jewish faith. The plight of those unable to defend themselves from harm and abuse, is the 'inequality' that expresses the correct definition of a term, only to be politicized as a form of imposed financial hardship by misguided elites. 'Inequality' is rampant as a penultimate objective for control of our lives, by powerful dishonorable forces manipulating events to assure one's compliance in their objectives.
This is the environment that has been promulgated by shrewd power structures within all spheres of influence. The dismantling of law and order by intimidation, has led to a rise in murders, assaults and criminal activity throughout the US. This sustained approach to nullify the liberties and the sovereignty of its citizens, has also led to the elimination of sound immigration policies.

As of now, America no longer has an immigration policy. The literal invasion of illegal immigrants from all over the world without documentation or medical supervision, has created an onslaught of challenges and burdens on the infrastructure of communities forced to comply with these efforts.The thrill of chaos by those that hate this country; a plan for cheap labor or the influx of new inhabitants to infiltrate political voting districts by intentionally changing its demographics; are the motivations of special interests in the disruption of democratic concepts, the rule of law and the avoidance of rights vested in the Constitution. The time has come to end this attempt of 'transformation.' The desire to review and debate the 14th Amendment by law abiding Americans, is a sign that having porous borders is irresponsible and places our lives in jeopardy by the infiltration of terrorists in our midst.

These realities has given rise to presidential candidates that have never held elective office, in voicing their contempt for establishment politicians unable to speak the whole truth and professionally pandering to audiences for votes and recognition at any cost. While these anti-establishment candidates have gained favor with supporters that are frustrated with the current direction of a nation in free fall, one wonders if the voices of intelligent and discerning Americans can make a difference. From a distance, any observer can see an emergence of a gradual increase in optimism. A diverse spectrum of candidates that includes the likes of a real estate tycoon, a retired neurosurgeon or the former head of a major business enterprise, are answering the concerns of the electorate. There are no entanglements by the demands of special interest donors or operatives in their campaigns. If all indications are true, this can be the refreshing atmosphere in which all Americans can support. This new face of interaction can be considered the path in which America can be saved from professional career politicians, no longer viewed as trustworthy or have the nation's future at heart.

The American people are seeking the respect they deserve and the truth in all matters that affect their lives. With this backdrop, we find ourselves in a quandary regarding the Nuclear Agreement with Iran negotiated by this government with other nations as co-sponsors.
After reading the various news reports detailing the pros and cons of this agreement, I am convinced America has made the wrong decision in accepting the assurances of a nation rarely known to keep its promises, let alone behave in a magnanimous fashion alongside 'The Great Satan' of the United States. One needs to fully understand the capricious relationship America has had with Iran since the late 1970's. The hatred for America continues to this day, as 'Death To America' and 'Death to Israel' can be heard at full volume on any given day in Tehran. What motivates the US government in assisting to devise an agreement, that ignores the preoccupation of terrorist activities by a regime that has made it abundantly clear their intentions, to annihilate the country that is sitting just across the negotiating table? While it is a given peacemakers are blessed for their devotion to elevate the human condition, the diplomats enabling this agreement are unable to construct a pact that prohibits the development of nuclear weapons on a permanent basis. In essence, the agreement restricts Iran in its enlargement of nuclear capabilities during several intervals in a span of up to 15 years. After this time has elapsed, Iran will no longer be susceptible to the restrictions mandated in the agreement, thus allowing the capacity to construct nuclear weapons. While a sigh of relief is the perception of those that have negotiated this agreement, the inevitable catastrophe will eventually come to pass. In the interim however,
1. Iran will have at least 24 days to comply with any requests by inspectors, to review the premises where reactors are present or where secret facilities are discovered. In reality, it might take months before inspectors are allowed to enter these facilities due to bureaucratic delays. This gives more than enough time for covering up any evidence which shows the continued implementation of nuclear devices. Moreover, all soil samples will be provided by Iran and not procured by the inspectors themselves. A method has not been agreed upon where inspectors are allowed to take soil samples to ascertain if activity of a nuclear concern has occurred.
2. Financial sanctions will cease once the agreement is approved and ratified. This action allows the sum of $150 Billion to be released without delay into the hands of Iranian authorities. While we've heard these funds will benefit the inhabitants of Iran economically, one can intelligently surmise these funds will be utilized to promote terrorism and to complete the work required for the advancement of nuclear capabilities.
3. Israel is our ally in the Middle East. This agreement places an extraordinary burden on a society suffering the hatred of its neighbors. Since its founding in 1948, Israel has been America's stalwart friend and the only democracy in the region. Many Christians and Jews have come to the sad conclusion that America has abandoned its role in its defense of Israel. However, the unusual circumstances of America's role in this reversal has made former enemies respect Israel's plight as their own. The proliferation of nuclear weapons will begin in earnest, as the balance of power has made Iran a nation to be feared and reckoned with, if this agreement is ratified by Congress.
4. It has been reported there were 'side deals' by the international inspectors in its negotiations with Iran. This clandestine understanding will not be divulged and will remain secret. The US government is aware of the contents to this agreement and will not discuss the details with the American public.
When you hear 'you know', 'transparency' and 'by the end of the day' in one sentence, one can truly comprehend the nomenclature specifically designed by government officials, politicians and their supporters, to deceive the American people.
5. Iran has 4 American hostages suffering in their prisons. Will they be incarcerated for another 5, 8, 10 or 15 years? Why was it so difficult for US negotiators to demand their release within the framework of this agreement?
The entire world will know in September the outcome that will shape the destinies of those living in the Middle East. Americans will also come to grips with the realization that our lives are also intertwined by this agreement. Better solutions can be explored if America was willing to use its influence from a position of strength, not weakness. We will know soon enough the consequences that will arise, when we turn our backs on Israel, a nation that only wishes us the very best.
When will we ever learn?

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on August 30th, 2015 7:33 PMPost a Comment

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