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August 19th, 2015 9:38 PM

Dear Friends,
Summer began in the Northern Hemisphere on June 21st. Today is Wednesday, August 19th and statistically we have 5 weeks until Summer ends and Autumn begins on September 23rd.
If you read the previous TeamBlog, I've been taking my time to immerse myself in another world where optimism reigns and being prepared for the inevitable are pathways towards a destiny I must come to terms with. The books I've read this Summer has kept me intrigued and has provided solace, humility and an arduous pursuit for wisdom. To view the circumstances in my life as a continuation of events that have transpired by the force of providence for altruistic objectives, is a revelation for one's calling in a hostile environment. Within voluminous chapters, the eloquent and stark passages of thought, contemplation and accounts of divine intervention, are assisting me towards an understanding that discloses the hidden meanings of a mysterious puzzle. Once all the interlocking puzzle pieces are displayed appropriately, the truth and its intentions are finally revealed


In this modern age, many persons are placed at a disadvantage in outlook or in the value of living a life of abundance in all endeavors, once financial concerns becomes the overwhelming presence that controls one's decisions. For many Americans, myself included, our financial fortunes have remarkably decreased due to policies structured to minimize the contribution of those earning their livelihoods as self-employed or small business owners. Since the crash of 2008, the Great Recession has created tremendous economic damage for those considered to be in the Middle Class of America's working population. In order to make ends meet, many families have no other choice but to ask for government assistance.
Ironically, dependence on government handouts is encouraged by bureaucrats, as America gradually incorporates the procurement of socialism as the solution to end the suffering of financial displacement.
While the vast resources of government continues to misinterpret its role in assisting the downtrodden by policies that discourage the work ethic, America's soul and democratic principles has been placed under a microscope. So far this Summer, there has been a cacophony of decisions by powerful forces along with tragic events that have stricken the conscience of those incapable to comprehend the speed in which the unraveling of a great nation continues unabated.


Most of us have become weary of government policies that has fomented a disruption of liberties known to exist, since the formation of this republic.
Dissenting 5-4 decisions of the Supreme Court during the past several sessions, has illustrated an absence of harmony within this branch of the federal government. It has enhanced its reputation and legacy by mastering an inability to decipher the original intent of the framers of the Constitution. An example of this behavior lies in reinforcing its interpretation of the Affordable Care Act as a tax to be enforced ignoring the outcome of its oppression. The inability to afford escalating premiums, the loss of physicians and health care workers leaving the profession, the decline in the quality of medical care and its rationing, are just a few of the consequences that are inescapable.
The narrow decision by the Court in regards to same sex marriage will indeed change the culture of American society. Since time immemorial the interpretation of marriage between one man and one woman has been the accepted definition. During the past 10 years, a multitude of countries have come to the conclusion that an inequality exists and have accepted the arguments of those seeking acceptance and validation of their lives with their partners. While love always wins whether or not 5 attorneys on the Supreme Court determines this to be so, the evolution of this decision will clash with religious liberties. Forceful attempts to integrate this new definition of matrimony on individuals, religious institutions or business interests that have a traditional, passionate comprehension of Scripture, will begin the dissolution of Judeo-Christian principles over time. Ironically, freedom of religion was just one of the pressing concerns by the colonists in their Declaration of Independence from Great Britain.The First Amendment to the Constitution safeguards the expression of religious beliefs and clearly states the government is not allowed to infringe on these rights. Time will tell if religious liberty will continue its significance throughout the course of American history.

A crisis in one's belief in the sanctity of life, has entered the consciousness of thought provoking Americans since the discovery that Planned Parenthood, has been selling fetal body parts for financial gain. Clandestine videotapes from a Pro-Life organization reveal conversations that purport to show the intentions of those eager to be involved in such transactions. The repulsive nature of the dialogue and its agreements to comply with such requests, has horrified Americans. Concerted efforts to de-fund this organization from receiving tax dollars was defeated in the US Senate. For those members unwilling to do the right thing by ending this atrocity, their removal from office during the next election cycle has become a foregone conclusion by those that value the profound inviolability of God's creation.

Notwithstanding, many intelligent, sober and compassionate individuals in this nation, have witnessed the culmination of political correctness that has enveloped in the thought processes of those unable to confront the illness of their incongruous convictions.
The grievous error that continues to haunt and destroy the soul of America, sustains its momentum to this day. The last two Presidential Elections has elevated the victors and their supporters towards an imaginary mandate to dismantle and terminate the basis of America's cornerstone by its disjointed interpretation of the Constitution and specifically, the Bill of Rights. The debasement of conscience by powerful and demanding forces, has infiltrated all aspects of our society.

The main focus in which one is confronted by the depths of incoherence, is the dangerous nuclear agreement between Iran and the United States with additional nations as co-sponsors. In future TeamBlog entries, I will discuss this agreement along with the tragedy of violence in America, the challenges of irresponsible immigration policies and the circumstances that have positioned anti-establishment presidential candidates as a favored alternative in saving our sovereignty. These individuals owe their surge in recognition by their respect and allegiance for the rule of law without impediments, and the values espoused in the Constitution.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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