November 26th, 2009 10:23 AM

Dear Friends,

At the outset, I want to wish all of my friends in the mortgage industry and my beloved clients throughout the years a warm and Happy Thanksgiving!

MoneyTeam is celebrating its 20th year in business and I am truly grateful for the support many of you have given me by your patronage and recommending our mortgage services to friends and other members of your family. Affectionately, I consider many of you personal friends even though we may not have spoken in some time. Surely, there's no need to refinance every year just to meet each other again, as this would be an expensive proposition! Perhaps our respectful and sucessful business interactions in the past is the comfort we indeed recognize today.   

As Americans celebrate this time honored tradition of giving thanks to the Lord for the blessings bestowed on our families, friends, our great nation and ourselves, this Thanksgiving is different and in ways similar to ones celebrated in the past. Collectively as a nation, many of us can remember the tragic events in Dallas during Thanksgiving weekend in 1963 and we also grieve for the many lives lost during the 11th day of September, 2001. There will be times that a loved one will no longer be sitting at the dinner table due to one's sacrifice on the battlefield, the passing of a beloved friend or family member from natural causes or from domestic violence. Unfortunately this year, the financial turmoil has taken its toll on many families this Thanksgiving Day. The continued threat of losing one's home through foreclosure due to unemployment and lengthy delays in loan modifications, devised to help solve or alleviate the stress from unaffordable monthly mortgage payments, has elevated a sense of despair and disillusionment among many Americans.

I am invited to Thanksgiving dinner today from a client that I have known since March of this year. On Saturday, she received a certified letter stating her property will go to sale on December 22nd unless arrangements are made to pay the delinquency or to devise other avenues to solve the problem. I am aware of her predicament and confident the loan modification which has been submitted several months ago, will be approved before such drastic measures can occur. This same scenario is a cause for concern for many of us this Thanksgiving. Some are wondering if this will be the last Thanksgiving dinner to be served in the house many call home. Truly the 'stranger has arrived' in many circumstances this year as the incredulity of others in government, business and in journalism has caused harm to the sense of stability and the soul of numerous Americans.

To think of receiving a foreclosure notice during the Holidays is disturbing and fosters the anger and anxiety of many suffering homeowners. These financial institutions have become a disgrace. There should be a delay of such efforts during this time, only to show the nation there's still a modicum of decency which guides business decisions.    

I have always had an optimistic outlook about most matters. You can hear my disposition in my voice or the way I come across in person. There are times that I've noticed a sadness or feelings of melancholy. Such visits are rare and I do my best to rid this 'stranger' from my thoughts by helping others. Many of us are alike as we come from humble beginnings. We hope that in our futures the good Lord will provide us the wisdom we seek in order to fulfill our destinies. While this 'stranger' continues to rein havoc, all of us instinctively know this is temporary as we are learning a valuable and long delayed lesson in the fortunes of our beloved nation and the ones we seek for ourselves.

May You, Your Family & Friends Have A Wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thanks Again    


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