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October 8th, 2019 7:55 AM

Dear Friends,

If you were able to read a previous post in which I detailed several predictions that involve political matters, I have come to the realization that America is going through a profound crisis that will affect the destinies of its citizens, for a long time to come. The attempt to 'impeach' the President under 'any means necessary,' has divulged the truth for those eager to destabilize government by actions designed to destroy a democratic republic. A concerted plan reminiscent of another coup attempt on this President has begun and a discerning majority of the American people will not stand for it. Therefore, the current 'rush to judgement' by Congressional Democratic Party members, will never be construed by impartial Americans as justifiable under 'corrupt' and questionable circumstances.

You may have heard the old adage where wisdom is truly pronounced, when we believe that 'God is in control' in all situations. This President was victorious in the 2016 General Election, as he was chosen to help end the corruption and the secular cancer that America has experienced for decades since the early 1960's. His victory has become the change this nation requires, in order to overcome the evil that has transpired within its government that has spread exponentially throughout the nation.

It is my contention the Republican Party lost its majority in the House of Representatives in the 2018 Mid Term Elections due to Our Lord's involvement. It is true that 'God works in mysterious ways', as the loss of the House has given the American people the 'wake up call' of an incessant evil embedded in the population determined to destroy this nation from within. We are noticing the powerful players, whether public or clandestine, that have conspired to destroy the will of the people in their efforts to 'impeach' a duly elected President and vilify a government administration and the supporters that voted for him. The American people are learning the ways in which Satanic attacks have infiltrated this nation, and this 2 year education class in Misery 101, will assist a majority of the electorate to vote for the sanctity espoused in the Constitution.

What happens next? I strongly urge Americans to pray for the President, so he can overcome the vicious plans to overthrow our system of government, orchestrated by a group of conspirators eager to gain oppressive power at any cost. We are living in dangerous times. However, there are encouraging news that will emerge at a predetermined time that will allow the workings of Our Lord to be revealed. The information that will be displayed will be shocking, as the truth will counter any form of deception.

This President is being protected from harm by a Supernatural energy. This is why the numerous attempts to disarm his ability to govern by leftist activists has backfired, as many Americans appreciate the policies that have assisted their financial strength. While he has an overall unorthodox nature in his expressions, his 'unfiltered' approach has accumulated a resounding success in various accomplishments. Americans that are blessed with the gift of discernment or an 'open mind' know full well, that he truly loves this country with his entire being and will never allow America to become a Socialist nation. I am convinced this man was 'chosen' to end the despondency, corruption and the cruel attempts at a 'transformation' attributed to the previous government administration.

The Spiritual Whistlebower  is in our presence. Due to the madness and mental disorders in the nation's capital, a monastic approach to alleviate such convulsions of the human spirit may be appropriate. Many of us that have faith and believe in the delightful benefits of solitude, are enlightened!  When in isolation, we can encounter the ascendancy of our character though introspection, as we will discover and recognize the Divine entity embracing our souls. The results of the 2020 General Election will determine America's outcome - as a nation willing to be governed by the virtues espoused in the Constitution - by moving forward from chronic episodes of distress, hypocrisy and double standards.

Thanks again for your continuous support.


Coincidentally, I was in Church on Sunday and one of the readings in the Bible was truly fascinating, as it detailed the works of the prophet, Habakkuk. He is distraught and frustrated the Lord has not answered his prayers due to injustice. The Lord mentions to employ patience and faith, as this will provide a resolution of his concerns at a most opportune time. Here in the US, the truth is fast approaching and discerning Americans will thank the Lord for its manifestation in regards to 'impeachment'. The corrupt and deceitful politicization of all aspects of our society has become a chronic tool of subversion. This circumstance will force a major political realignment  - that will banish the disorders of leftist dogma once America 'drains the swamp'.

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on October 8th, 2019 7:55 AMPost a Comment

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