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October 31st, 2014 5:33 AM

Dear Friends,
For some time I've been a viewer of the British soap Eastenders. Once you identify with one or several of the actors or the plot lines, you can be hooked as though the characters and the story have become a part of your lives. I have no cause for concern, as my confidence in the ability to differentiate from fantasy and reality is reflected by a sobering outlook, that has lifted my journey towards a final destination.
After so many years, my departure in this life will only be known by my Creator.
Perhaps, this show and other specific forms of entertainment, provides an escape from daily trials and the worthwhile appreciation of the many rewards we have in our own lives, never to be taken for granted. When one compares the lives of fictional characters that surrender to temptations worthy of thriving in hell on earth, one's thirst for the reality of life can never be measured.
Many episodes of Eastenders can be truly depressing, as everyone portrayed in the fictional town of Walford are unable to cope as a result of foregoing actions of its protagonists. The out of control consequences of selfish desires leads to anguish and despair. Unfortunately, in this example when art imitates life, the experiences gathered from years of intimate histories comes crashing down.

One of the most dramatic exits in the soap occurred several years ago, when Peggy left the Village Square when her beloved bar, The Queen Vic was burned to the ground by her son Phil. Peggy in her exasperation decided it was best to leave and start life again in another location, away from the madness. 'I need a fresh start' was Peggy's response when confronted by family members, unable to accept her decision to leave the Square. One can juxtapose Peggy's decision with the evolution that is taking place within America. The old script of voting for a political party that shows up every 2 years to line their pockets begging for contributions, while the entire neighborhood is crashing around its constituents, has unearthed its deception after years of loyalty with nothing to show for it.
Many Americans pray for a 'fresh start' by leaving a political organization devised to foster failed hopes, dreams, promises and a deluge of disappointments. Therefore, if this dissatisfaction is real and all consuming, a political realignment may have just begun.
One can theorize that our lives are involved as extras in a drama, where we are manipulated around the wishes of the powerful in securing their lofty aims. Either for good or evil, circumstances begin to take shape from seeds planted in the minds of those in control.
Our lives in the modern world are full of stress in every level of interaction. Whether the distress is health, financial, work, religious or family related, the responsibilities and obligations required to be a respected member of a community can be a daunting task.

Regrettably, we have a situation in America, where the overwhelming aggravations inflicted by those within our nation, has undermined the peace and contentment required to live meaningful and productive lives.
There is a constant fight by law abiding citizens to end the derangement of a disorder, only known to create division and disharmony. Americans are finally coming to a realization, personal independence and the freedoms we've enjoyed, are beginning to be determined by powerful forces seeking to end our way of life.
It is disconcerting to state the head of this government along with devious members of Congress, a much maligned media, and business interests employing corrupt methods to advance their interests, are the relentless thieves doing their utmost to dissolve the rule of law.
It saddens me greatly to say these things, as my love for America is genuine and sincere. This nation helped our family as refugees from Communist Cuba. Our lives are enriched by the outpouring of love from those that cared for us, so many years ago. Our family is eternally grateful, and will always believe in the kind spirits that enabled our parents to live in harmony during the last years of their lives.
Today however, there is a disruption that has enveloped the soul of America towards destruction of values known to compliment our lives, and the strength of one's convictions for what is right.

I have devoted the month of October in writing about the plans authority figures and their surrogates have for Americans.
All of their desires are anathema, to everything that our brave men and women from past generations have fought and died for. I can continue to voice opinions in a public forum such as this, until my high blood pressure forces a collapse. If this is the consequence that I must bear, I would suffer this affliction without concern. Perhaps, I'll notice the erstwhile recommendation that America must enter the path that leads towards the narrow gate, has finally become a reality.
On Election Night, everyone will acknowledge the direction that will either elevate or vanquish one's destinies, and the future of their families for years to come.

This evening many youngsters and adults will be celebrating Halloween.
While dressing in costumes for one night in order to escape the doldrums of the many problems and trials we encounter in our daily lives, is well-understood. Fantasy is a great motivator for inspiration, as we are allowed to view our circumstances in an unrealistic light. But for tonight, this capricious sense of fleeting optimism or the denial of painful events that have overwhelmed our sense of security, is forgiven. Just as though one might suffer the effects of a hangover, the next day one can smell the coffee and come to terms with a rat race that never seems to end.

The major problems that continue to unravel the country, will be there today, tomorrow and days to come until Americans decide that 'enough is enough'.
On Tuesday, November 4th, will the same old manuscript be discarded and fresh episodes incorporating optimism for the future, be replaced within its newest passages?
One can only hope America's appointment with destiny and its results, will be revealed soon enough.
May God in His infinite wisdom, continue to bless America.

Thanks Again
Peggy Leaves Walford 
Chicago Activists

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on October 31st, 2014 5:33 AMPost a Comment

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