March 27th, 2019 2:46 PM

Dear Friends,

From the very beginning of this peripatetic indulgence of an alleged crime that never occurred, I knew the President and his campaign did not 'collude' with the Russians in order to win the 2016 General Election. Many of us that have acquired the gift of discernment through the awesome power of prayer and the intelligent grasp of human nature, understood the basis for the treacherous personalities willing to destroy the presidency of an innocent man, the reputations of his family and advisors. I can surmise there are those in government, the mainstream media, the entire membership of the Democratic Party and leftist activists and their supporters that are disappointed by the vindication and exoneration of the Chief Executive. Many Americans are truly gratified and relieved this entire chapter of American history is on its last legs. The final end of this travesty is forthcoming, once Americans are able to read the report that has taken over 2 years by the Special Counsel to accumulate and complete.

We live in a society that continues to be divided by an inordinate amount of hatred for those that have the maturity in embracing ethical behavior. Concurrently, the majestic ability to incorporate common sense in all circumstances is a logical procurement of anyone with a modicum of intelligence and intellectual integrity. While the concept of forfeiting the 2016 General Election through the participation of clandestine agents from a foreign nation is fascinating, such an endeavor is inoperative. Notwithstanding, when the American people learn of the masterminds that developed the strategies that fomented a 'silent coup' to destabilize the US Government, our understanding of the dangers in forfeiting our liberty and freedoms will be too obvious and offensive to ignore.

The entire truth of this contrivance will be revealed after the Special Counsel report is made public at a time and place, predetermined and designated by the supervision of an Almighty God.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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