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April 11th, 2008 9:42 PM

Dear Friends,

I attended a seminar a few weeks ago which focused on the effects the human mind has in all of our thoughts, which eventually determines our daily actions. This was a mortgage seminar that had numerous suggestions for uplifting one's desire to strive for success. By outlining clear goals, you can attain success by eliminating the downtrodden preconceived notions of failure and low self-esteem many of us have dealt with since childhood.

Well, I was mildly surprised to hear this at a mortgage seminar, nonetheless, many of the suggestions the speaker noted were truly worthwhile for the situation Americans face today. Depression, agony and anxiousness has settled in the hearts of this nation as the mortgage meltdown continues its destructive effects on all of us.The current circumstances are slowly and effectively nurturing a loss of hope for the future and elevating thoughts of melancholy throughout the population.

Just today, the University Of Michigan in its monthly Consumer Confidence Survey mentioned its findings by stating our attitudes for the future are at a 26 year low.

Economically, the pain of foreclosure, the falling dollar, the higher costs of commodities, job losses and the peripatetic status of the stock market notwithstanding, has created a cauldron of despondency which has historical similarities to other past eras.

Any student of history knows full well this time will surely pass. These economic patterns are cyclical and there will be a time these current events, will be a distant memory. In order for us to start picking up the pieces we must reenforce our ability to overcome these circumstances. By strengthening our resolve to end this quagmire, we must have the desire to overcome, to become an optimist, to build confidence, to focus on solving the problem before us, invigorate one's faith, visualize the victory, end the procrastination and envelop your life with purpose.

This is truly a prescription of patience and perseverance. It will take time for the economy to turn around but most importantly you must create a blueprint of unlimited belief that it will!

Be prepared by sitting down and reviewing all of your accounts. Eliminate as much debt as you can. Refinance your home to a lower FIXED rate. Purchase a home you can honestly afford. Keep 3 to 6 months mortgage payment reserves in your savings & always appreciate the value of your decisions as this will affect the status of your economic life today and in the future.

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Remember Van Cliburn, the pianist? Well, it was 50 years ago today that a 23 year old delighted the Russians by his superb mastery of the piano by winning the First International Tchaikovsky Piano Competition in Moscow. During that time, the height of the Cold War, the Russians nurtured their belief of cultural superiority and technological prowess in its launch of Sputnik the previous year. As an American, the winning of the competition in such an environment was an amazing feat!

After all the turmoil in our enconomy today, I'm glad to say there will be a time once again in this country where success in a competition or in other avenues, will begin the process of resurrection we so desperately need.


Thanks Again

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