July 13th, 2014 9:48 PM

Dear Friends,

Last weekend our neighborhood was inundated with crackling sparklers and the sights and sounds of fireworks at our doorsteps! I was unable to rest comfortably as I heard intermittent sounds of fireworks just outside my bedroom window, until the wee hours of the morning. All in all, it seems as though this year was not as disruptive as in previous celebrations, but I'm content many neighbors and myself included, enjoyed a show that was truly remarkable!

Notwithstanding, this Independence Day was a memorable one, as I've decided to do what I can as a civilian, to dispel any notions that our nation under its current contrivance, is governed by magnanimous or amicable individuals. Since I recited 'The Oath Of Responsibility' as mentioned in a previous TeamBlog, I encourage all Americans to become members of a fraternity in efforts to cease the wicked displays of indifference of powerful elite interests. Leadership is rarely exercised in Washington DC, as procrastination, slothfulness and devious attempts to manipulate legitimate concerns, are marginalized by disrespect and contempt for its own citizens.

In my travels around town the other day, I went to the supermarket to purchase groceries and I observed several couples and other adults congregating in the produce section. At a glance I noticed the splendid display of cabbage, spinach and cauliflower but my eyes did a double take. There was a tall man with a petite woman and a large big busted woman with a skinny man. Since I can remember, the fascination of attraction by opposites is no surprise. There are relationships in which a man or a woman might consider themselves shy or withdrawn, seeking companionship with someone that is popular or gregarious. Many of us understand this attraction, and how one appreciates the physical or the personality traits of another.

In regards to the effects opposites have on our daily lives, I was reminded of an old Seinfeld episode in which one of the characters, down on his luck, decides to completely change course in his decisions, by doing everything the exact opposite in what he would have done otherwise. George Costanza decides to utilize this method and he's successful in his desire to meet a beautiful woman at the diner he congregates with his friends, Jerry, Elaine and Kramer on a regular basis. The effect of synchronicity develops, as George is no longer unemployed as he's hired by the New York Yankees front office with a generous salary, enabling him to leave his childhood home for his own apartment, away from his quarrelsome aging parents. All of these desirable circumstances became reality the minute George decides to end his life of drudgery and escape from the doldrums by taking control of his life. While this opposite effect was a success in the short term, one can only imagine the consequences of living in this state for the rest of one's life. 

Unfortunately, for the past 6 years or more, this nation has been living not under a Cloward - Piven or Alinsky strategies of chronic chaos, but under an episode of a situation comedy from 1994!

This sitcom episode explains the thought processes of all 3 branches of government, the big media and its surrogates in business. The unimaginable, deleterious and delusional effects of those guiding the events that have a profound direct effect on our destinies, has unraveled the peace of mind and liberties of all discerning Americans. While 'make believe' is an avenue of expression for loving and at times precocious children, this behavior among adults in which we volunteer our trust to those we've elected to represent our basic interests, can only foster feelings of ineptitude and distrust once such actions of incompetency and malfeasance are revealed.

The opposite approach is amusing in TVLand, but this fantasy incorporated as policy in real life has disastrous consequences.
When common sense or sound judgement is no longer a concept incorporated in policy initiatives, the opposite effect thrives exponentially.

In regards to the overwhelming influx of illegal immigrants, the prudent and intelligent solution is to secure our Southern border and enforce outstanding immigration laws. The opposite effect is not securing the border, and in so doing, thousands of Central Americans and other aliens of other countries are taking advantage of the situation.
While the prudent and advisable approach to this immigration problem is to strongly suggest to foreign governments, that all immigrants will be turned away at the border. Unfortunately, the opposite effect comes into play, when the head of this government and its surrogates, are conflicted or hesitant to express forceful verbiage universally interpreted, that the flow of immigrants must cease. The rumor widely attributed throughout Latin America and the world, is that America does not have the desire to enforce its borders. This policy is dangerous as terrorists, drug smugglers, gang members and those with a criminal past or intent, are invited to join the crowd and seek passage in this country.

While this is an ongoing crisis, Americans are compassionate and will do their best to assist those in need. The truest character of the American people will never harm the most vulnerable group of migrants seeking a better life. Consequently, to suffer or be manipulated by powerful interests with ulterior motives, is the pain that has created divisions in the righteous and virtuous approach of those genuinely seeking to solve this problem, discussed at length, by the citizens in this country that are enjoying its vast rights and privileges. While it's true we are a nation of immigrants, the method in which past generations of Americans were allowed to enter this country by those assisting in their endeavors, was not under the guise of secrecy, gag orders, the fear of imprisonment or acquiring a disease. The opposite approach created this problem and we as Americans must become familiar with the circumstances that allowed this scenario to happen.

There are other noteworthy policies that have opposite effects.
The rational and most intelligent approach for one to obtain health care is to have a plan with lower costs, the ability to keep your own doctor and having your physician nearby. This is a prudent approach as mentioned on numerous occasions by the head of this government, before, during and after the Affordable Care Act was signed into law, and was deemed constitutional by the Supreme Court in June of 2012 as a tax. The opposite effect has transpired where the American people were misled, as this Act has raised health care costs by much higher premiums, deductibles and the inability to keep one's doctor.

In an upcoming TeamBlog, I will offer additional examples, far too numerous to detail at this time, in which the opposite effect has already changed this nation's trajectory towards inconsistency. There's always hope this condition is a temporary aberration.

 Whatever happens, may God's will be done!

Thanks Again


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