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January 8th, 2013 3:52 PM


Dear Friends,

Whenever I hear Andy Williams sing 'Its The Most Wonderful Time of the Year',( http://youtu.be/gFtb3EtjEic ) I smile and remind myself of the excitement and the lift of visiting family and friends. The sparkle of bright lights, the aroma of pine trees and the giving of gifts offers magnificent memories I will come to cherish for years to come.

Unfortunately, due to the events of the past several weeks, my ability to offer an optimistic and uplifting message has been thwarted. For some time I have been unable to collect my thoughts in a coherent manner, as the devastating news of another tragedy in Conneticut, has undermined my ability to rise from the sadness all Americans have come to experience.

For many of us, we are in a season where we celebrate the love we have for one another, exemplified by the birth of Jesus. One can only begin to imagine the origins in which evil has incorporated the psyche of the young man who fired round after round at defenseless children and teachers. Similar occurrences in other situations where the perpetrator has been known to exhibit peculiar instances of mental illness, can be construed as signs of a culture requiring introspection.

The daily observance of violence on television, in cinema and in video games, along with the moral decline in which America finds itself, are the main exhibitors of a civilization losing its capacity to do good. Consequently, the corruption, greed and avarice fostered by government, business and the media, has fueled the disruption of decency, respect and tradition. America has become a nation transformed by the prurient nature of those seeking its demise. I have written about this scenario on many occasions and my discernment of the current state of this country is truly depressing. 

We are at a crossroads, where the America we have known and loved is going through a metamorphosis, unlike those of previous governments throughout history. Change of any kind is always a factor in terms of direction. The kind of change others are forcing Americans to accept today, is dominated by philosophical concepts that have never been known to work on any scale.

While the Newtown tragedy is a wound that requires our patience to heal, additional forces that have disturbed the moral compass is the lack of compassion for those unable to find work and the inability to recover from the scourge of foreclosure or financial ruin. Families thrown out on the street, the inability to feed or clothe one's children and the general condition of despair, haunts those directly confronted with these challenges.

While I have always considered myself an eternal optimist, my state of mind does indeed recognize the suffering of those unable to come to grips with their status in a life full of lamentation. I struggle to understand the foreboding atmosphere of a nation that has lost its anchor. For the past several years many of us have come to dread another year where our values are ridiculed and decency is no longer acceptable in a discourse where fundamental doctrines worthy of respect are directly challenged. At this stage of my life, I know full well the pendulum will eventually swing towards the high ideals of those that have sacrificed their lives for liberty. Prayer is the only remedy we can utilize for our peace of mind and our lives, to be faithfully restored.

I am of the generation tremendously fortunate to have splendid memories of Christmas and the holiday season celebrated with loved ones, years ago. While the holiday season in today's America can be considered a melancholy trial of anxiety, we have the ability to believe our despondency will one day leave us for a happier future. I wish an outcome just as this for all Americans.

May you, your family and friends have a prosperous, abundant and Happy New Year!

Thanks Again


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Posted by Jesse Dorado on January 8th, 2013 3:52 PMPost a Comment

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