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August 9th, 2019 11:06 AM

Dear Friends,

Before I begin my remarks in regards to San Francisco, coherent and well balanced Americans are exasperated by the verbal assault focused on disparaging anyone and everyone of 'racism' for voicing opposing views not their own. This type of admonishment has a villainous and contemptible disregard for the truth. The polarization of a society under 'any means necessary' is a dangerous affront towards maintaining the rule of law in all circumstances. It's time to offer the respect and dignity for others that we would embrace for ourselves.

There are times I wonder if Washington is reading the TeamBlog, as several of the posts that I've written were discussed recently by the President, members of Congress and the news media. While my observations of the pain and suffering of residents in Los Angeles continues unabated, there are many large cities governed by one party rule that are recognized for their inability to resolve incessant and devastating problems.

Another city in California that is tormented by its challenges and has forfeited its designation as a destination where love can be discovered without impediments, is San Francisco. When Tony Bennett sang 'I left My Heart In San Francisco' so many years ago, the entire nation believed in the romantic ambience of a town that was truly enchanting and endearing. The love Americans had for the 'the city by the bay' was all encompassing by a sincere welcoming of tourists from around the world, and the spectacular panorama of its surroundings.

Unfortunately, San Francisco is no longer viewed with the romantic allure of previous generations. I traveled there during the 1980's to visit with my good friends from college days. They moved to the Pacific Heights area and I was fascinated by the architecture, fine restaurants, the Embarcadero, Lombard Street, Pier 39 and the Golden Gate Bridge among other attractions. I'll always regret not visiting the San Francisco Opera, as I've never made the time to enjoy a performance on several occasions while I was there. I rarely went back to the city once my friends left town. As a Bank Branch Manager in Los Angeles during this period however, I would visit the main office of the Savings & Loan where I worked for mandatory conference meetings every so often.

On impulse, as a tourist seeking a brief vacation to see the sights, I traveled to San Francisco once again. It has been 14 years since my last trip, and I have not contemplated on returning. I noticed the uncleanliness even then, and all told, the environment lost its appeal after my brief stay.

Today, San Francisco has come under intense scrutiny, as a noted section of the city is covered with human excrement, hypodermic needles and the plight of homelessness among other dilemmas due to mental and drug afflictions. You can also see a preponderance of tents where entire families live on the streets, doing their best to maintain a sense of human dignity. This situation has become so disturbing, that pedestrians must use a map to navigate the streets, so not to encounter stepping on feces or discarded needles strewn about on the sidewalks or in public parks. This situation is similar to the circumstances that has gripped various neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

In my previous posts of July 21st and the 28th, I focused on Los Angeles and offered solutions to help end the scourge of incompetence and devastation that has smothered the city. These same solutions are in need of implementation in San Francisco as well. I can say without hesitation, the residents living in both cities, the State of California and America as a whole, have come to the realization that politicians specifically elected under one party rule in large cities, do not represent the true interests of its residents. Notwithstanding, I can truly mention the Speaker of the House whose district encompasses San Francisco, has abandoned her constituents by not focusing her efforts in resolving the 'Mess' that continues to transpire in her community. It is my understanding she lives in the Pacific Heights area and her office is nearby.

In my estimation, the American people are gradually acquiring the logical reasoning of discernment - and the value of basic common sense. It is common sense to change political parties that have been governing major American cities to the ground for decades! The time has arrived to dramatically change course.

 We must begin a conservative approach that truly cares for its residents, by ending their burdens in an organized and systemic method that will alleviate one's misery. The solutions to resurrect major cities across the nation are available and can be implemented. For those in power to allow these circumstances to remain as it is, can only be construed as a sign of harboring a mental ailment devoid of morals that can be cured abruptly at the ballot box by city residents. For those enduring the hardship of living in tents, vehicles and on the streets, one's mental health has suffered greatly. The healing can only begin when the votes are counted to remove the oppressors from power.

 It's time to try new solutions and elect new members of the community that care.

In upcoming posts I will continue the 'Mess' series. as I focus on California and America.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on August 9th, 2019 11:06 AMPost a Comment

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