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Before I begin my remarks, the TeamBlog had a tremendous amount of Page Views from around the world in regards to the last post entitled, "The Mess In Los Angeles". The post mentioned the numerous challenges the city faces, in order to begin the process of implementing proposals to end the scourge that has infiltrated its citizens and their surroundings. As a resident of Los Angeles for over 38 years, I have witnessed a good number of changes that has diluted and disparaged the environment and has made this city a mecca for the abandonment of sound judgement by its inhabitants. When one views the desecration of the human condition on a daily, monthly and yearly basis, there has to be a realization that whatever course of action local or state governments have executed, their efforts have not worked. 

On the MoneyTeam website opening page, there is a quote by former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill as he mentions, "However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results." It is no wonder that everything proposed and implemented by government entities has not been effective. With this in mind, all residents of Los Angeles must come to terms with unproductive results and take a different path to end the unraveling. The solutions can be considered Draconian by those unwilling to solve the numerous problems this city has confronted over the years. The solutions listed below will, in my humble estimation, begin the 'angelic' healing this city requires to 'live' once again.

1. A change in the political party that has allowed the devastation of Los Angeles to occur, must be dealt with. The residents of this city must be pro-active in choosing either a registered member of either the Republican Party or an Independent, to help solve the various problems as the newest members of an administration will provide common sense proposals to help end the scourge. While endorsing a different political party to be responsible for the agonies that confront Los Angeles, one must understand the basis for this recommendation, as logical, conservative concepts will enforce remedies that have not been tested and are destined to work. I also believe City Council members must realize their limitations or be defeated in a clean sweep, in order for the new Mayor to be granted the power to govern successfully,

2. The Sanctuary City designation and its enforcement of policies that are designed to ignore the Rule of Law, must be disposed of. Los Angeles has allowed the criminal element to prosper and the migrant population to exist unencumbered, by identifying groups of individuals as worthy of our undivided concern, by neglecting the law abiding citizens and tax payers in our community. We have Veterans, the poor, residents of this city suffering various drug and mental afflictions that are American citizens. For a city to implement policies that disregard its residents, in favor of becoming disenfranchised to assist others with criminal records, or entering the country without the legal documentation required - is unacceptable. The Sanctuary City concept allows an influx of individuals that lack respect for the laws, guidelines and procedures of a nation to exist without enforcement by local authorities.

3. The citizens of Los Angeles and the State of California, have been hampered by the implementation of taxes that never seem to subside and are rarely itemized or accounted for. It would be a novel idea for a non-biased Commission to review the income generated by the taxes enacted by the City of Los Angeles. If this is to occur, we can ascertain where and how the funds in various departments were allocated. Once this is known, if there are supplemental funds that are discovered, the City can decide to utilize these assets to assist the homeless population.

4. Another goal is to have mental health and drug clinics throughout the City to help those in need. Also, institutions that are able to offer these services, in which those afflicted can live on their premises, will alleviate the scourge of those suffering its effects from living on the streets. The opening of mental health and drug hospitals or wards will cost money. The funds can be procured by the City or the State from the monies already received from the imposition of countless taxes. The change of priorities to help the homeless is a foregone conclusion.

5. It is my understanding there are several nations that are resolving the homelessness problem by a program entitled, 'Housing First'. The concept revolves around the idea that no one can solve their particular problem, be it homelessness, mental health or drug addiction by living on the streets. The stress and the complications of living in this manner are prohibitive. 'Housing First' will locate a vacant residence owned by the City and will grant the applicant the procurement of the unit as a method to solve the challenges he or she faces. By having a residence to begin with, this situation alleviates the chronic distress of looking for a safe place to live among other problems a homeless person must go through. I would imagine the City of Los Angeles has vacant residential properties or commercial buildings that can renovated and/or remodeled for living purposes. This program has a common sense approach in solving the homelessness problem. The cost and the availability of vacant properties for this endeavor must be determined by an unbiased concerned Los Angeles citizenry eager to help their suffering neighbors.

6. As an incentive, the City can offer its residents the ability to adopt a homeless person or family to live in their home. The City can either agree to provide a monthly stipend to the homeowner or even lower their property taxes as an inducement. Section 8 housing also provides rental housing assistance to landlords.

 Compassion is always considered a virtue we can embrace when one's desire is genuine and sincere. Through prayer, Our Lord is able to 'move mountains' and do the impossible. There are charities in Los Angeles that help the downtrodden with food and shelter. We also have philanthropists donating their time and income in assisting the poor and homeless.

While these suggestions can have a beneficial effect, the elected officials representing this City and the region must roll up their sleeves and strive to eliminate these ongoing problems. In all seriousness, the human condition in Los Angeles is in need of repair.

Thanks again for your continued support.

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