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July 21st, 2019 4:23 PM

Dear Friends,

For the residents of Los Angeles, the quality of life has decreased dramatically. The cost of living by any measure continues to increase, while the surge in homelessness, population density, violence, poverty, traffic congestion and other concerns has created a storm that has unraveled its designation as 'The City of Angels'. It is truly unfortunate the 'Angels' in this city have left for sights in other communities, where its inhabitants appreciate the rule of law and fundamental qualities of discernment.

While the human condition in Los Angeles has contributed to a sense of despair and sadness, many of its citizens are troubled by the incompetence of city and government officials that have allowed this ongoing tragedy to continue and flourish.

One can drive throughout the city and you will encounter men, women and families living in tents or in vehicles to survive their current shortcomings. There are reasons for these circumstances as the inability to rent an apartment due to accelerating monthly lease payments, drug abuse and its addiction and the mental health of those in the streets are just several of the challenges facing residents. Furthermore, the skyrocketing appraised values of properties in the region, has contributed to problems middle class home buyers have in qualifying for a purchase money loan.

 The rise in income, property, city and gas taxes along with the proliferation of a migrant population in a sanctuary city that is unable to cope, has created a medieval incongruous environment. Concurrent to this situation, it was reported that Los Angeles has acquired a devastating health outbreak similar to the Bubonic Plague in the Skid Row area. Moreover, the increase in the rat population and the proliferation of human feces in this area has infiltrated the city to such an extent, a typhus epidemic spread by fleas is another hazard Los Angeles must contend with. All of these factors and the chronic aftershocks of several earthquakes during the past several weeks - Los Angeles and its environs has become a metropolis under Satanic attack.

How does a city known throughout the world as a glamorous and breathtaking destination, solve these problems?

 In an upcoming TeamBlog post, I will provide proposals that can help alleviate the suffering and the devastation of a city in need of 'angelic' healing. Many of us are truly concerned, as there are other cities in America that are encountering similar challenges. Our prayers are for those suffering the consequences of a situation that is so distressing, the loss of one's human dignity must never come to pass.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on July 21st, 2019 4:23 PMPost a Comment

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